Stalking Points Memo: Kos & Effect

Bill O’Reilly: “Many of the Democrats running for president will speak at the DailyKos convention next week. That is a major mistake.”

So says O’Reilly, the renowned Democratic analyst. Listen as he generously contributes his learned advice to the party he dismisses as radical loons.

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7 thoughts on “Stalking Points Memo: Kos & Effect

  1. You leftys are crazy. O”reilly, if you would actually listen for a minute, knows his stuff. You do not like him because he asks hard questions that your heroes cannot answer. I hope Barak the Articulate wins the Dem nomination , he leans so far to the left that the tower of pisa is standing straight to him. We will clean his clock in the election. He is not only naiive but dangerous.

    • I listen to O’Reilly every day, and I hear more lies, misinformation, and vitriol than the collected works of Joseph Goebbels.

      If you really believe he knows his stuff, I have nothing but pity for you. Enjoy your dementia.

    • Jamie, I voted for George Bush in 2000 and thought of FOX news as the only reliable source for honest news. 7 years later, after a long struggle of questioning and listening to both sides of the argument, I see that I was lost in a world which made perfect sense when I limited my exposure to all viewpoints.

      When I started to allow myself to sincerely listen to those who disagreed with my faith-based political philosophy, I realized that it was I who was believing those intentionally trying to distort truth for their own gain. O’reilly continues to this day to make shameless plugs on his program for overpriced, high profit margin T-shirts with a screen printed “No Bloviating”, unless you are of course Bill O’Reilly, who admittedly bloviates for those he asks to be silent, such as you, so he can speak your opinion for you.

      Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, is not American but a Multi-National billionaire with no allegience to America. You can bank on the fact that his allegience is to monetary capital and NOT to America. Those who have worked under him are fired if they do not advocate his viewpoints on the air. And he’s not even American. So why all the bold stars and stripes and bright reds and blues all over the screen? When you are truly patriotic, you need not embellish of boast that you have patriotism.

      If you watch other TV programs that O’Reilly smears, like Bill Moyers Journal as a prime example, you will be shocked at how civil and uplifting the discourse is. It’s a breath of fresh air to see people use logic and reason and history to examine the events of today for the benefit of the public.

      I say this not to convince you that I’m telling you the truth, but to politely ask that you take the opportunity to listen to the other side and give it a fair shake. I would encourage you, at your discretion, to watch the other side’s perception of FOX by watching on the movie “OUTFOXED”. Examine to see if and what the agenda is behind both OUTFOXED compared to that of FOX NEWS. Who has more to benefit from manipulation, because frankly, one must be mostly lying and one must be mostly telling the truth.

      It’s not comfortable to put long time beliefs into the refiners fire, but its necessarily to see if our ideas are indeed truthful and durable. They very well may be, but we must test them from time to time for the sake of the country so that we will not allow ourselves to be misled en masse.

      I don’t want you to change your mind because I or somebody else you don’t know says so. You know that would be ridiculous and naive to listen to me or anybody else’s opinion. But it’s important to allow yourself to know all the facts because I think in the end it goes further than simply duty to yourself, but duty to your family, duty to your community, and duty to the country to learn the lessons of today from a historical perspective, so that the next generation doesn’t need to learn from history the mistakes of today that we make out of a, perhaps, naive certainty.

      • Thanks for this, Dave.

        Your story is an inspiring expression of the value of an open, inquiring mind. And I admire your patient persuasiveness – something I can’t always achieve.

    • I have one word for you: IDIOT!

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    Listen, whoever is making the Stalking Points Memo….
    You are a f**king genius.
    I must have watched each one at least 10 times.
    I have never laughed that hard in a long time.
    Stephen Colbert has nothing on you.
    Please don’t stop!
    That charlatan O’Reilly needs to be constantly put in his place.
    May the sun never set on you’re sarcasm!

    • Thank you.

      I truly appreciate this feedback. I figure I deserve something after having had to watch that O’Reilly clip 50 times while I was working on it. 🙂

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