Will Bill O’Reilly Demand An Apology From Glenn Beck?

Last week, Bill O’Reilly, Fox’s Father Coughlin, ranted riotously about the “vile hate site”, DailyKos, because of what he deemed an offensive picture that he found there.

I wonder if he’s going to spend this week lambasting Glenn Beck for this obscene swipe at Helen Thomas.

Keep in mind that no one affiliated with DailyKos posted the image that angered O’Reilly so much. It was posted by one user in a comment thread that never appeared on the site’s front page. The image here was featured as the Picture of the Day on Beck’s home page.

O’Reilly wouldn’t turn out to be a hypocrite, would he?

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24 thoughts on “Will Bill O’Reilly Demand An Apology From Glenn Beck?

    • Sorry about that. Sometimes exposing hypocritical smut-peddlers is ugly.

  1. Poor Beck…So attention starved. “Look at me! Look at me! Muslims will bring apocalypse! Look at me! Look at me! I’m outrageous!”

    He’s like a twelve-year old, and the very fact that he’s juvenile facilitates his life as a propagandist. No critics treat him seriously; to take on Beck is to lower one’s self.

    It’s Mad Magazine meets Mein Kempf, and nobody really knows how to react to that…

    • Are you accusing me of lowering myself for taking Beck on?

      Guilty, but somebody’s gotta do it.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That is freaking hilarious! Glenn Beck is such a hatemonger. Maybe his Zionist Masters told him to have one of his minions create that pic. It is still pretty funny.

  3. Wow. That Glenn Beck sure is a force of pure evil.

  4. I think both pics are fairly amusing. Beck would laugh at O’Rielly if he gave him crap for this brilliant piece of satire.

    Now lets talk about that horrible Mexinol parody…..;)

  5. Who is Glenn Beck? That pic IS sorta funny.

  6. That’s the best Helen Thomas has ever looked!

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!! Beck is pure evil.

  7. OMG…
    that is so funny… something some nobody on the net made and they blame beck for it…
    going to blame beck or any other “neo-con” talkshow host for creations by people on the net…

    • Like so many of those commenting in this thread, you are all missing the point.

      I have no problem with this pic or the juvenile humor it displays. I have a problem with O’Reilly complaining about liberal satire but remaining silent when conservatives do it.

      It’s called hypocrisy, and you Beckoids have it in spades.

  8. Beck did not do that pic….I saw it during the 2004 elections. LOL like Beck does good photoshop…sure….

  9. BTW….Helen really is homely….but I would think she would even get a kick out of it!!! LOL

  10. I seen the other day….he had a poor little beagle on the his page that was being eaten by an alligator….where is PETA????

  11. HA!!! Lighten up you over-dramatic mental midget liberals. That picture is funny. Try to grow a sense of humor while we still have reasons to laugh at life.

    Nice Photoshop work… I wonder what photoshop work would Pay. All in a days work I guess. šŸ˜‰

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! amazing picture! i can’t believe someone would get so upset over that!

    • That gif you posted is offensive.

      I’m going to try to get this site shut down for it.

  13. Did these people display similar outrage at the near pornographic magazine cover a few weeks ago featuring Rudy, Hillary and Barak in erotic poses?

    At least it’s plain that this one IS a joke!

    Get a life people! While you’re at it, get one that has a sense-of-humor feature with it!


  14. Hahahahahahaha…. Looks like someone hit PayDirt!! šŸ˜€

  15. What hate!

    I can’t believe that you guys don’t think Helen has the freedom to pose in whatever magazine she wants!

    It’s HER body!

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