Fox News ‘Doctor’ Attacks Stacy Abrams for Fetal Heartbeat Comment that He Later Admits is True

Fox News has never been a particularly good source for medical information. To the contrary, with respect to COVID-19 they have a long record of disseminating crackpot conspiracy theories and fake cures that resulted in the deaths of untold thousands of people. They were literally killing off their own viewers.

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Throughout the pandemic, Fox News was instrumental in spreading disinformation. When they weren’t denying that there was any serious public health issue at all, they were promoting quack cures like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. And among the most frequent distributors of deadly misinformation was their “Medical A-Team” “doctor,” Marc Siegel, who insisted that COVID was no more dangerous than the common flu.

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On Friday Fox News brought in Siegel again to dispense his unique brand of bullpucky. The segment was about comments made by Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacy Abrams, on abortion and one argument in particular that anti-choice activists cling to. Abrams was addressing claims that a fetal heartbeat can heard in ultrasound exams. Host Dana Perino played a clip of Abrams saying that…

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

That’s a factual statement that credible medical professionals will attest to. The ultrasound machine actually inserts sounds when it encounters certain fetal activity. It is a product of the machine itself, rather than amplification of any existing sound. But that isn’t how Siegel portrayed it in this interview.

Responding to Perino’s question, “Can you hear a heartbeat at six weeks in a pregnancy?” Siegel hedged at first, calling Abrams’ comments “outrageous,” followed by a short historical outline of how ultrasound was invented and it’s contribution to medicine. He seemed to be implying that Abrams was criticizing the existence of the machine, which is absurd. He eventually circled back to the question and his reply actually affirmed what Abrams had said (video below):

“I gotta tell you that you can see at six weeks that a fetus is forming. There’s no heart there, there’s no valves, but you are seeing a fluttering, a flickering of electrical activity. That’s the beginning of a heart. So you can debate all day when an actual heart occurs, but that is the beginning of flickering, of fluttering of life there where the heart is gonna be.”

So Siegel is acknowledging that there is no heart present at six weeks, and thus no heartbeat. He tries to contort his response into the Fox News narrative by talking about some future fetal development that hasn’t yet occurred. But the fact remains that Abrams was right and Siegel is reluctantly, but expressly, concurring with her.

That’s the sort of disreputable blather that Siegel has made a career on on Fox News. He was, after all, the guy Fox News turned to to interview Donald Trump about his infamous cognition exam where he claims to have correctly identified an elephant and recalled the five words “person, woman, man, camera, TV”

Siegel never bothered to interject that Trump’s assessment of that test was preposterous. He stood there and nodded blankly as Trump proclaimed that the test revealed his extraordinary mental prowess. It’s a moment in the media that exposed both Siegel and Trump as mentally deficient and brazenly dishonest.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News ‘Doctor’ Attacks Stacy Abrams for Fetal Heartbeat Comment that He Later Admits is True

  1. Fox Spews isn’t a good source for anything!!! They are though, the main source for right wing propaganda, misinformation, and a good steady stream of outrageous lies to the extreme. Why any sane, reasonably intelligent person would watch this is a huge mystery to me… I wouldn’t watch 3 minutes of it if someone offered me a pair of one hundred dollar bills. I have been bombarded with the equally anger inducing ads on TV lately telling outright lies about Stacey Abrams and Rapheal Warnock.. I immediately turn the TV off when they come on. They tell the biggest whopper when they say Abrams and Warnock voted to raise taxes on the ”Middle Class”…. There isn’t a shred of truth to anything they say on those misleading and lying ads…I am DAMN sick of these lying ass GQP assholes and sick of what the United States has became because of them.

  2. There’s just a tube at six weeks which will become 4 chambers of the heart much later on. The electrical sound comes from the ultrasound machine. And Donald Trump is stupid.

    • I had an ultrasound on my heart and carotid arteries in my neck before my triple by-pass heart surgery 8 years ago and it made electronic sounds. I had a good laugh when i read that article and thought to myself, how in the hell can someone be so dumb as Donald TUMP? These ignorant idiots are pathetic….. and this bufoon was Dictator of the USA from 2017 to 2021. 3

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