Fox Nation vs. Reality: Ugly For Obama In Ohio

Continuing the “Fox Nation vs. Reality” series, this episode has the Fox Nationalists declaring that things are “Ugly For Obama In Ohio.”

Fox Nation

And to support their declaration, Fox Nation referenced a poll by Quinnipiac University that shows Obama out-polling every leading Republican challenger. Obama beats:

  • Cain: 47 – 39
  • Romney: 45 – 41
  • Perry: 47 – 36

I can see why Fox thinks that’s ugly.


One thought on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Ugly For Obama In Ohio

  1. This are the sorriest bunch of bastards I have ever seen to claim to be running for the prize. Their only chance is to steal it. Btw, Ron Paul took a big wet crap on the myth and grave of St. Reagan on Iran-Contra. I love it.

    * up the OWS rebels! Lift Obama/Biden ’12!

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