Fox News Fiasco: Pollsters Forget To Lie

Heads Are Gonna Roll. When Roger Ailes gets a hold of the polls just published by Fox News you can expect to see blood in the hallways of the Fox executive suites. There will be outrage at the pollsters who permitted the results to be released without first twisting them to reflect the Fox viewpoint. And there will be fury at the anchors and editors who botched their mission to infect public opinion with their distortion of reality.

Take a look at these results from polling data this week:

On the question of favorability, President Obama scored higher than any of the top candidates for the Republican nomination:

Obama 48% Romney 40% Cain 33% Perry 23%

On the question of which issues are most important, it was the economy by a mile. Social issues barely registered:

Economic issues, such as taxes, government spending 76%
National security issues, such as military, foreign policy 8%
Social issues, such as abortion and gay marriage 6%

On whether the respondent would be enthusiastic/pleased with the election of each candidate, again Obama trounced the Republicans:

Obama 37% Romney 21% Cain 23% Perry 17%

On the question of tax tax reform, a graduated tax was preferred by a wide margin over a flat tax or a national sales tax:

Graduated Tax 39% Flat Tax 35% Sales Tax 12%

On the question of immigration, respondents favored allowing citizenship for immigrants who came to this country as children:

Allow citizenship 63% Oppose citizenship 31%

It’s starting to look like the American people aren’t as repulsed by this Kenyan, Marxist administration as Fox wants them to be. From the same poll (released the next day) these results painted a similar picture.

On the question of Obama’s approval compared to that of Congress:

Obama 43% Congressional Democrats 29% Congressional Republicans 22%

On the question of support for the President’s jobs bill that Republicans filibustered:

In favor 48% Opposed 44%

On the reason for the economy not improving under Obama:

His ideas are good, but he hasn’t been able to get them implemented 52%
His ideas are bad, and too many of them are being implemented 37%

Imagine that. The American people are pretty well informed despite Fox’s attempt to mold them into cretinous zombies. These are not the sort of numbers that Fox News has been working so hard to manipulate in order to cast the President as an incompetent socialist bent on destroying everything America stands for. However, the pollsters did work in a few questions that only Fox would ask. The overt bias in these inquiries is exceeded only by their utter stupidity. And even on these the responses did not follow the Fox line. For instance:

How concerned are you that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations will eventually turn into street riots? (Did Fox ever ask that about gun-toting Tea Baggers?)

Very/Somewhat concerned 47%
Not very/Not at all concerned 51%

Do you think the Occupy Wall Street movement is anti-capitalist, or not? (Way to spike the punch, guys. The Occupiers are not anti-rich, they are anti-corruption)

Yes it is 37% No it isn’t 46%

Would you rather see your child grow up to be a Wall Street executive or an Occupy Wall Street protester? (Does Fox think that’s an actual career goal?)

Wall Street executive 48% Occupy Wall Street protester 26%

And to top it off, Fox asked what Obama should do about his stolen TelePrompter: Replace it with another, use note cards instead, speak off-the-cuff, or stop giving speeches? Now that is a question that really gets to the heart of the nation’s concerns.

Who are Fox’s pollsters? They must have scoured junior high schools across the nation looking for Nelson Muntz types to lead their research department. And after putting in all that hard work and expense that can’t even get a good “Ha ha,” out of it.


4 thoughts on “Fox News Fiasco: Pollsters Forget To Lie

  1. They’ll just tout how close to being in their favor the numbers are. They’ll find a way to spin it, and their audience will eat it up.

  2. You liberals are all the same. If you have ever watched FOX, you know that they have liberals on as well as conservatives. You also should note that some shows indicate their political views (Hannity, O’Reilly), but most are reporting the news. They report the good and bad of conservatives as well as liberals. Polls do not make a difference as to their attitude. What I find interesting is that you don’t go after the main stream media for the same thing you blame FOX for.

    • I do go after the mainstream media. What’s more mainstream than Fox? Plus, I have criticized both MSNBC and CNN, as well as the broadcast networks, newspapers, etc.

      The “liberals” on Fox are mostly a joke. People like Pat Caddell do not represent the views of ANY liberal or Democrat. And poloitical views are just as rampant on Megyn Kelly and Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier, as they are on Hannity.

  3. @ya de ya de, Of course they have liberal guests on their show. It wouldn’t be fair and balanced then would it. Now you say polls don’t matter…right…The point is even with their liberal guests they still distort the truth.

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