How Stupid Are The Fox/Tea Party Nuts Who Want To Impeach Obama?

In case anyone is still wondering how stupid the Fox News/Tea Party crowd is, they have announced that they are trying to raise money to fly a banner over the Super Bowl that will say “Impeach Obama.”

Fox Nation Impeach Obama

That’s right. The Super Bowl, over which it will be illegal to fly. The Super Bowl, which will be held in a covered stadium. These geniuses are plotting to hire an airplane to fly in restricted air space, pulling a banner that no one in the stadium would be able to see, that advocates a criminal procedure for which there is no legal basis. And presumably there are dimwits willing to donate to this quixotic scam.

The video above was posted with their pitch for contributors. It proudly displays a prior banner overflying of the Rose Parade which, due to weather and a late takeoff, they missed all but the last half hour. That ought to convince their victims, I mean donors, to dig deep.

I’ve gotta come up with a really dumb idea to fleece these morons. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m missing a rare opportunity to bank some coin before the Tea Party is over. Any suggestions?


26 thoughts on “How Stupid Are The Fox/Tea Party Nuts Who Want To Impeach Obama?

    • That’s right. There is no Tea “Party.” But there are a bunch of ignorant dupes of AstroTurf billionaires who are really just grumpy Republicans and are making the GOP look more like idiots than they would have on their own.

  1. Lets see, people have to go INTO that enclosed building, and they have to LEAVE it….

    BTW, to your suggestion…I have one….Get your money back from WHATEVER school you went to because you got screwed–that or YOU are too dumb to see what is happening to America right in front of your eyes…IF you can say for ONE MINUTE that Ovomit has HELPED Americans….either you are in a bubble or out of touch–and DON”T use the BLAME BUSH crap, we are over 4 TRILLION more in debt in THREE YEARS and he wants ANOTHER TRILLION….

    Do you not understand that is about 15K for every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD in the USA? Had THEY had the money HANDED to them instead of paying off the BIG Unions and Wall Street guys that he rants against, the economy would not BE in the shape it is…OVOMIT OWNS THIS and will LOSE because his past and lies are catching up with him. The rats are bailing ship on him as we speak.

    • BEFORE you make a comment on the 15K…that is the TOTAL debt…but Ovomit’s share is 1/3 of our TOTAL Debt….A family of 4 would have enjoyed about 6K of what he has spent..I think that is quite a chunk of change that would have helped out drastically instead of paying off those that got him elected.

    • Yep. People have to enter and exit the stadium – which is still under restricted air space for 30 miles. Please go donate some money to those guys.

      Also, someone who uses juvenile words like “Ovomit” shouldn’t criticize the schooling of others.

    • Obama has let you wing-nuts talk yourselves into a corner. You cannot sell one of your cock-eyed ideas to the American people in the general election. Check and mate. Begone with your hate, hate, hate!

      • I would agree with you except for one thing: You’re completely wrong.

        Every poll shows that the American people support the President’s agenda. Protect Social Security and Medicare; raise taxes on the rich; provide funding for infrastructure, education, and fire and police services.

        I do, however, concur with your desire to eliminate the hate. By which I’m sure you mean stop calling people libtards; stop calling the President Ovomit and a Kenyan socialist; end discrimination against minorities; and let people marry who they want.

        • wow, Mark, I see the troll infestation is thick on this post. Wonder who sent them.

          Funny thing is ’11 was the year of catching on to conservative charlatans, in which a number of state elections and referendums reflected voters finally deciding no longer to serve as willing tools. Apparently these naysayers either are yet to come to their senses or believe, if they can only hang on and put their efforts into further eroding our culture, someday they’ll join the ranks of the exploiters.

          • Yeah, there must be a Tea Party blog that dispatched these guys.

        • One item you mention in your list is such bull it needs a response – specifically “end discrimination against minorities” I’ll take the comment at face value and assume you suggest the republican party and conservatives somehow support discrimination. Just because we don’t support “special” treatment of minorities doesn’t imply support for discrimination. That lie has been thown around a lot and is total nonsense. You fit right in with current mainstream media types you attack frequently.

          • So you are not against ending discrimination against minorities? I rest my case.

            • So, if I understand you, NOT supporting “special” treatment for minorities is the same as supporting discrimination – correct?

            • All I said was “end discrimination” and you went off about “special treatment.” I think that says something.

            • Mark, I really do want to understand your definition of discrimination and how we conservative types fit your definition. I may misunderstand your meaning, but it’s not intentional on my part.

  2. Mark… are an a-typical libtard without a clue just like all of them. Your lack of intelligence shows by your post. You libtards are desperate now because your ship is sinking and fast! We can see November coming,and it looks bad for you moronic libtards!

    • Have you got that out of your system? Maybe you’d like to say libtard one more time. By the way, you need to look up “atypical.” It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  3. If I believed in God,
    I’d say God put Republicans on Earth for our amusement

    • I would agree except for the millions of people who are hurt by policies that cause them to starve, suffer health calamities, and die in wars started because of lies.

      Other than that, they are pretty hilarious.

  4. What is it about politics and religion that summons all these inner demons? Sure, we can disagree with each other, but we cannot argue the facts. Requesting a plane to fly in restricted airspace to display some puerile advertisement is not only dumb but completely demented.

    I do not see the logic in getting defensive over some childish act somebody else did. Scribbling some inane comments about Mark being a “libtard” or socialist, etc. when the only thing you dislike about him is his opinions is rather telling of your personality, especially when you rise up in defense of people you know even less about.

    • There is a good reason you do not see the logic. 😉

  5. Gee Mark, it doesn’t take much to rile up and inflame the entire “tea party”, all three or four of them.

  6. The Taliban wing, er, I mean, Tea Party wing of the Republican party keeps rearing its ugly head. This does not bode well for them in 2012. Their insanity keeps percolating to the top and they are being exposed for the lunatics they are.

  7. Use of the unoriginal “libtard” multiple times. Check!
    Change the subject to a talking point not even mentioned in the article. Check!
    Change Obama’s name into something derogatory. Check!
    Misspell AND misuse a word that actually means the opposite of what you meant (a-typical). Check!
    Miss the ENTIRE point of the article, namely that no one near the domed/enclosed stadium or in it will see the banner and no network camera would show it on TV. Check!

    What cunt-ERRR con-tards!

  8. Before the tea party is over? The tea party will never be over – it’s just the latest manifestation of organized Religious Right wingnuts who never go away no matter how effectively we play whack-a-mole with them. They simply change costumes and rebrand.

    Hint: want to make major bank off these loons? Simply make it known that you have a direct line to God, that you’re a registered Republican, and beg for money in exchange for a get-out-of-hell-free card and you’ll be livin’ the high life in no time flat.

    • A get-out-of-hell-free card! I like it.

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