The Fox Frame: Distorting Reality

For lack of a better hobby, I collect Fox News screen grabs that demonstrate their unfaltering commitment to obfuscation, misrepresentation, propaganda, and plain old garden variety lies. These were all snagged last week from “Your World” with Neil Cavuto. Cavuto has been tapped to be the managing editor of the new Fox Business channel which debuts October 15. This should give you all a pretty good idea of what to expect from the new network which claims that it “Means Business.”

In a discussion of the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007, Neil Cavuto and company described the bill as shielding “leakers” rather than reporters.

CBS News: The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday advanced a bill to shield reporters from being forced to reveal their sources in federal court.

The Cavuto Crew implies that a Hillary Clinton presidency should scare Wall Street. They apparently don’t know that Wall Street traditionally performs better during Democratic administrations.

“…the Dow Jones industrial average has returned an average of 6.4% under Republican presidents and 9.1% under Democrats since 1901.”

Are Democrats using kids as props? Gee, I Don’t know. Let’s ask President Bush who has made a habit of it throughout his presidency.

And Fox wants people to take them seriously as a news network? How many viewers will take this sort of twisted proselytizing seriously. For rightwingers who so often complain about activist judges, they obviously aren’t too concerned about activist journalists.


4 thoughts on “The Fox Frame: Distorting Reality

  1. Foxaganda wants people to believe believe believe its coterie of pundits and “journalists” really are peeling back layers of liberal lies to expose the core truths. But Foxagandists know full well their true mission: being the most free-flowing conduit of rightwingery they can, which is a lucrative biz.

    • I wonder if it will be just as lucrative at the new Fox Business Network on which Neil Cavuto is the managing editor. Investors may have a higher standard for news that impacts their income, than other TV viewers.

  2. If someone could crack this nut…Why do you only hear Bin Laden identified as Usama, not Osama, on Fox Noise? Could it be that they all have been ORDERED to use this pronunciation? How else might they be GUIDED in their production of the news?

    • I noticed that too. I wonder why they are the only ones to use Usama.

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