The Mutt Romney Blues

For your entertainment pleasure:

The whole story of this animal abuse includes the fact that Mitt Romney’s Irish Setter, Seamus, suffered fear-induced diarrhea that ran down the sides of the car. Romney pulled into a gas station and hosed down the car and Seamus, then put Seamus back into the cage on top of the car and proceeded down the highway for a 400 mile trip.

The video is courtesy of Brave New Films and Ry Cooder.


2 thoughts on “The Mutt Romney Blues

  1. But Seamus is an animal. It’s ok, see, cause god told us it was ok to do whatever the fuck we want to animals. 10 to 1 that would be what it boils down to here.

  2. Hey don’t be so hard on Mitt. He has the same amount of sympathy for his dog as he does poor people, maybe more!

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