The Fox Frame: Propaganda Is Job One

Readers of News Corpse know that I work tirelessly to persuade Democrats and progressives to decline to appear on Fox News. See Starve The Beast for a detailed analysis of why such appearances are not only pointless, but are in fact detrimental. See below for what you can expect if you do appear.

Former Democratic representative Harold Ford is now a Fox News Contributor. This allows Fox to have a face on screen with a “D” after his name and a derogatory swipe at a leading Democratic presidential candidate in the text below him. “Burgler” is Fox’s pet name for Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor.
Ford also has the privilege of gracing the screen on the day Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. Fox takes this opportunity to slam Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” with a headline about a British court ruling that the documentary contains some inaccuracies. That ruling, by the way, was widely misinterpreted and does nothing to discredit the film’s overall conclusions.

I wonder if Ford knows how Fox decorated the screen during his broadcast. These examples vividly illustrate why Fox News should be shunned by serious people who don’t want to be taken advantage of by this disreputable purveyor of disinformation. This particular tactic reeks of recess in elementary school when a goofy friend stands behind you making faces. Ford should be ashamed for allowing himself to be used in this manner.


4 thoughts on “The Fox Frame: Propaganda Is Job One

  1. How the hell would a judge know whether or not there are inconsistencies in the film? If I want an expert opinion on appendicitis I don’t go to a civil engineer. If I want an oppinion on climate change I’ll go to a scientist who studies the climate. Not a judge.

  2. I recently saw a clip of Hannity and Colmes in which the guest was visually and angrily reacting to the chyron on the screen, so yes, if they take the time to look into a studio monitor it appears they can read what is appearing under them on screen.

    • That’s not always the case. Some remotes have monitors for the guest and some do not.

      Recently on Your World, Neil Cavuto was interviewing Laura Ingraham about the use of gratuitous sexual content on news programs. The whole time she was on Cavuto was running the Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. ad in the box next to her. At the end of the segment she even asked if he had done some thing like that. He smiled and so no. Obviously, she had no idea.

      But Ford was in the studio, so that’s another matter. There must have been monitors for him, but that doesn’t mean he was looking at them. In any case, this is what can be expected, whether you are aware of it or not.

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