Bill O’Pedia: Journalistic Standards

Bill O’Reilly describes his ethical deficiencies, in his own words, far better than I ever could. From yesterday’s Factor:

“There are few journalistic standards left these days as we’ve proven on this broadcast again and again.”

You certainly have proven that. I can’t think of another program that proves it more conclusively, day after day. The complete absence of journalistic standards that you exhibit is truly a valuable lesson by example of what not to do in journalism. And it shows real courage to point out this lack of standards when the company you work for is one of the biggest media enterprises in the world and one of the worst offenders.

Thanks Bill.


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  1. I blogged almost the same thing, without the cool graphic:

    Bill O’Reilly Gets It Absolutely Right

    Some of my reader(s) may think I’m a biased, left-leaning dogmatic ideologue—and they may be right—but I think it is only just and fair (or fair and balanced) to point out when someone with whom I disagree gets something right. Especially if it is someone with whom I disagree with as often and as consistently as the good Bill O’Reilly. I offer this quote from his show on Monday, without comment: it seems to me to be as accurate as anything he has ever said, and as accurate as anything he ever will say. Fair is fair.

    There are few journalistic standards left these days as we have proven on this broadcast again and again.,2933,314923,00.html

  2. Each and every day this man and the others as well, continue to prove how ill informed, and without ethics of any kind they are. The fact is Jefferson did think that a free and objective press was necessary for a Democracy. In fact given the choice he thought it was nearly the most important.

    At one time O’Reilly was a teacher. If you can believe that. But I am never surprised at anything that comes out of that group of brain dead entertainers.

    What amazes me more, is that he is quoted even as a sources of amusement and scorn. Used to point out just how far news has sunk. This station like all of Fox does not deal in news. Why is he quoted for any reason? It does make us all feel superior in contrast, but not worth wasting time. As long as this man and the others make money for Murdoch, nothing will change. Let’s hope the pendulum swings the other way one day, and Fox will disappear.

    • I hate to think of the generation of school kids he corrupted.

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