Rush Limbaugh Affiliates Losing Millions As Advertisers Flee

When Rush Limbaugh called law student Sandra Fluke a slut he may not have grasped how expensive his despicable misogyny would be. Yesterday Politico reported that the CEO of Cumulus Media revealed that…

…the advertiser boycott against Rush Limbaugh cost his company millions of dollars in revenue for the first two quarters of the year.

“It hit us pretty hard,” [Lew} Dickey said during a call with financial analysts yesterday. “A couple of million bucks in the first quarter and a couple of million bucks in quarter two.”

Thirty-eight Cumulus-owned radio stations currently carry Limbaugh’s show. The public admission that the cost of the advertiser exodus has reached into the millions directly contradicts Limbaugh’s transparently phony assertions that the defections have had no effect on him. Limbaugh is broadcast on about 600 stations nationwide. If the loss at 38 stations runs into the millions, extrapolate what the losses must be across the whole Limbaugh network of 600 stations.

Coincidentally, the same day that news broke of the costly repercussions of Limbaugh’s beastly behavior, Limbaugh announced the launch of his response to the controversy. In an attempt to prove that he does not hate and disparage women, he created “Rush Babes for America.” That’s right, Limbaugh’s way of demonstrating his respect for women is to start a self-promotional campaign that disparages women right in the name. Perhaps we should be thankful he didn’t call it FemiNazis for America.


4 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Affiliates Losing Millions As Advertisers Flee

  1. Rush has about as much imagination as a pet rock. His mental illness has gone untreated far too long, he desperately needs to have some mental health treatment!

  2. Call me cynical, but as soon as the heat dies off (should be another month at the most) those advertisers will be fleeing right back to Rush. Furthermore, Rush knows it, because they share the same outlook on life. Principals might make good press, but in the end its all about the Benjamins.

  3. As far as I can tell from the actual occurrences that have taken place, Rush was totally right in saying that Sandra is a slut. With the ‘behind closed doors’ meetings that she has had with Nancy Pelosi prior to her so-called “testimony”, she most DEFINITELY is a slut… a political slut and prostitute. What else would it be? Anyone that thinks a college should financially support birth control needs their head examined anyway!

    • You’re as repulsive as Rush. Thank you for making it clear what a bunch of pigs there are on the right.

      And by the way, Fluke was testifying in congress for birth control. She was testifying about the other medical uses for contraceptives. Try to learn something about what you’re talking about and you won’t sound so stupid.

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