Donald Trump Adds New Wing To His Mansion To Accomodate His Massive Ego

TrumpneySometimes it is just too easy to mock Donald Trump for being so full of himself. This is a man who claimed that he would be the best VP choice for Mitt Romney; that his GOP debate (which he never pulled off) would get the highest ratings; that his businesses exceed everyone in his field despite the four bankruptcies over which he presided. Now Trump is taking credit for an alleged rise in Romney’s polling:

“I think he got the headline on a day where I did get a lot of press, and interestingly, since then, his polls numbers have gone up very substantially.”

First of all, Romney’s polling has not gone up “very substantially.” His numbers increased a bit following the effective end of the primary. What Trump is referring to is the day he appeared with Romney that was supposed to celebrate Romney surpassing the number of delegates he needed to clinch the GOP nomination. That was also the day the Trump actually stole the spotlight from Romney by reignited the delusional birther conspiracy. The only thing that Romney got from that appearance was ridicule and inquiries as to how he could continue to associate with a moron like Trump.

Trump also complained that the media has been unkind to Romney. He said that “the biggest thing Mitt Romney has to fear is the press. They don’t tell the truth.” But shortly thereafter, Trump contradicted himself by saying that “I really think, and he really thinks, that the press has helped and it’s been good.” Obviously Trump has trouble with cognitive consistency. Perhaps his ego is so large that it simply takes to long for a message to go from one end of it to the other to inform him that he’s being idiotically hypocritical.

Whatever the explanation, I just hope that Romney keeps Trump front and center in his campaign – along with the rest of the Romney brain trust: Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson, etc.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Adds New Wing To His Mansion To Accomodate His Massive Ego

  1. Trump is also considered “a very smart guy,” according to Trump himself. Don’t ask by whom; he never names names.

  2. I wonder how much taxpayers had to pony up in Trump’s bankruptcy and other business misadventures? The same needs to be asked of Romney’s Bain Capital vulture capitalism days.

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