Robert Novak Is Losing His Grip!

Robert Novak, demonstrating his legendary prescience in all things political, is now challenging The National Enquirer for top credibility status.

From Novak’s 10/16 column:
Possible indictment not keeping Rove from fund-raising
While colleagues express concern that presidential adviser Karl Rove could be indicted in the CIA leak case, he continues to be scheduled for private fund-raisers by the Republican National Committee.

From CBS News 10/18:
Rove Cancels Fund-raising Appearances
Rove canceled plans to attend two Republican fund-raisers, the national party confirmed Tuesday. And he did not give his scheduled speech to the conservative Hudson Institute think tank on Oct. 11.

It only took two days for Novak’s proud assertion – that Rove is still the administration’s cash magnet – to go south. Thus exposing the growing irrelevance of both Rove and Novak.

The CBS report further stated that…
Republican National Committee spokesman Brian Jones said that Rove, who is Bush’s top political aide, currently has no plans to appear at upcoming RNC events.
“Once considered an ‘A-list’ guest for any Republican, special-interest fund-raiser, it seems that Karl Rove has now become a liability for the Republican Party,” said DNC spokesman Josh Earnest.

Novak does, however, point out that the president’s magic is also questionable:
President Bush is scheduled to raise money at a reception and dinner in Los Angeles Thursday. That ignores the request by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that the president stay out of California prior to the Nov. 8 election on several propositions favored by the governor.

All of this raises the question of, who can the Republicans depend on to finance their campaign efforts in 2006 and beyond. With Bush, Cheney, Schwarzenegger, etc., becoming pariahs, and Rove, Frist, DeLay, etc., getting fitted for striped pajamas, that pretty much leaves Laura and Barney. Consequently, they will either have to go on the road without any stars, or just concentrate their efforts on the true-believers from the 700 Club. The latter solution would surely result in the Republican agenda stretching even farther outside the mainstream. Which may be Novak’s secret plan.


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