$7 Million Dollars In One Day For John Edwards

Last night I posted a diary on DailyKos that proposed a campaign to raise $7 million dollars in one day for John Edwards: John Edwards: $7 Million Dollars In One Day – Make It Happen

The point of the diary was not just to fill Edwards’ campaign coffers, but to jerk the media into paying some attention to a candidate that is still viable but is being shut out of the process. Some pollsters and news organizations have stopped including Edwards in their surveys. This is way too early for the press to be making irresponsible proclamations about the race. They have plenty of time to be irresponsible in March or April.

Ron Paul has managed to stir up respectable levels of exposure despite his low standings in most polls. After being excluded from a Fox News-sponsored debate in New Hampshire, he has now been invited to participate in a Fox debate in South Carolina. That reversal on the part of Fox didn’t occur due to some crisis of conscience on the part of Fox editors. It occurred partly because Paul’s supporters were pissed and they let it be known, and partly because Paul had validated himself in terms the media can understand – fund raising. Having drawn in a record $6 million dollars in one day went a long ways toward forcing the press to pay attention.

Edwards has far more support than Paul in the electorate and within his party, but the press won’t cover him based on rational criteria like that. So if Edwards wants to receive the coverage to which he ought to be entitled, he could either engage in a high speed police chase with Britney’s kids on his lap and a missing white girl in the trunk, or he could set a new record by raising $7 million dollars in one day.

When I posted the diary at DailyKos it received some modest support and good wishes, then scrolled off the page into oblivion. Or so I thought. This morning I awoke to find it featured on the DailyKos “Recommended List” with almost 200 comments attached. So maybe this idea has legs after all.

I believe this is an ambitious but achievable goal and hope that everyone who reads this will participate in the effort. Feel free to use the the graphic above to get the word out. Post it on your blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Send it emails to all your friends and family. To embed it on another site, copy and paste this code:

$7 million dollars is a lot of money to raise online, and 5 days is not a lot of time to organize. But if Ron Paul can do it, fer gawds sake, we ought to be able to.


10 thoughts on “$7 Million Dollars In One Day For John Edwards

  1. This is a great idea! Thank you for doing this. Is there any way you could set up a page just for this so we could post it all over the web, like the RP folks did? Maybe add one of those fund-raising thermometers?

    I love what you are doing. Thanks again! I’ll definitely donate again on Friday and will do whatever I can to help you create some buzz for this.

    • Thanks.

      I’m pretty much unleashing this into the wilds of the InterTubes. I considered making a fundraising page on Edwards’ site (with a thermometer) but decided it would be better to leave it totally open to let everybody promote it in their own way. It doesn’t really need its own page if ten thousand pages spring up from the netroots.

      • That’s cool. I’ll do my part to spread the word. Thanks again for the great idea.

  2. Don’t throw your money away. Edward is a CFR/Bilderberg puppet. He will do whatever “THEY” tell him to do. Just like most other Dems and Reps. Do your own research and vote for honest candidates only. You’ll sleep better at night.


    Obama, Edwards, Hillary are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations bought and paid for, as are almost all other candidates on both sides, and who have been, including their cabinets going back to Wilson.

    The Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group,
    Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones of BOTH parties use
    corporate news to tell lies to your children. The
    Fourth Branch of the govt (lame-stream media) have
    spent a century spinning away from their crimes!
    Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian
    Grove, Skull & Bones, Project for the New American

    Teachers and Professors blind you to the true History
    of America and how it was retold by the winners:

    (Google: federal reserve jekyll island, prescott
    thyssen, ibm nazi)

    These evil puppet masters do the
    bidding of their corporate paymasters who are so
    afraid of the average American realizing they have
    been stealing not only our FREEDOM but our hope of
    providing a better life not only for our children but
    also for mankind as a whole. These are the real
    terrorists that are trying to take away our freedom
    and democracy!

    Ask your grandfather how hard work used
    to be enough for anyone to live the American dream.
    (Americans work longer hours and are more productive
    yet wages do not increase to match the rapidly
    increasing cost of food, energy, housing) Soon this
    could become only a dream that will go from the
    average American to the elites and their families
    while the population is enslaved by the murdering
    despicable thieves of liberty and the people’s money:
    7 months ago
    Michelle Obama (Barack’s Wife) – CFR
    Hillary Clinton – CFR, Bilderberg
    John Edwards – CFR
    Bill Clinton – CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Bohemian
    Dick Cheney – CFR, Bohemian Grove, PNAC
    George W. Bush – Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones
    George H.W. Bush – Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones
    Prescott Bush – Skull & Bones
    John Kerry – Skull & Bones, CFR
    Condoleezza Rice – CFR
    Paul Wolfowitz – former President World Bank, CFR,
    Richard Perle – CFR, PNAC
    Zbigniew Brzezinski – Trilateral, CFR, Bilderberg
    Henry Kissinger – Trilateral, CFR, Bilderberg,
    Bohemian Grove
    Alan Greenspan – CFR, Bohemian Grove
    George Shultz – president of Bechtel, CFR, Bohemian
    James D. Wolfensohn – former President World Bank,
    CFR, Bohemian Grove
    David Rockefeller, Jr. – Trilateral, CFR, Bilderberg,
    Bohemian Grove
    John D. Rockefeller, IV – Trilateral, CFR, Bilderberg,
    Bohemian Grove

    • Sorry, My tin foil slipped off. Could you repeat that?

      • a homo says what? repeat that?

        • Sorry Abe, you have to be 13 or over to post on this blog – at least mentally.

  3. I found out about your little project from someone who logs on to Dem Underground and Daily Kos daily. I live in Mass. and had been volunteering in NH for Edwards and contributed a bit to the campaign. This is a GREAT idea. When I went to an Edwards Meetup last Tuesday, I mentioned the “Donate to JE Day” and everyone already knew about it. We decided to save our usual meeting donation for the big day. This morning, I donated $100. Judging by the comments on DU, Blue Mass Group, Daily Kos, etc., many others did, too. Having my humble donation doubled with matching funds is an added bonus.

    Thanks for thinking of this.

    • That’s great news. I am continually surprised at how far this has spread.

      Thanks for your participation.

  4. Yes, pick on the man for being a nut, not with responsible evidence but childish rhetoric that has no teeth. I agree with most of that list, yet, I have not come across evidence showing Edwards is apart of that list. In fact google john Edwards and CFR and trilateral, this I’d the first link to appear with those words lined up, from remarks obviously. All I’m saying is prove him wrong, that our national sovreignty isn’t close to slipping away?

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