Fox News Reports: Obama Birth Certificate ‘Definitely Fraudulent’

Here we go again, people. If you thought the birther conspiracy was over, or at least confined to the dementia-addled fanatics at WorldNetDaily, you will be sorry to hear that Fox News is continuing to flail this rotting corpse of a long-expired horse.

Fox News Birther Arpaio

The highly non-anticipated investigation by Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, into President Obama’s place of birth has yielded indisputable new evidence that the birth certificate Obama presented to the media is a forgery. Correction: …indisputable new evidence that Arpaio is a screaming, shit-faced lunatic.

The ground-breaking new information apparently consists of the testimony of a 95 year old former clerk at the Hawaiian registrar’s office who claims to have deciphered secret codes embedded into the certificate. Neither the clerk, nor her allegedly recorded conversation, nor any documentation of the code was revealed at Arpaio’s press conference. However, the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office issued a statement affirming that the certificate is valid. Of course the registrar’s office, the hospital, doctors at the hospital, local newspapers, and family friends, have all said the same thing. Nevertheless, holdouts like Arpaio and Donald Trump continue to have faith in their delusions.

Arpaio may have an ulterior motive in releasing this phantom evidence at this time. Later this week he will be in court defending himself against allegations that his department engaged in rampant racial profiling of Latinos. This is just the latest stain on Arpaio’s record. He is also being investigated by federal authorities for having neglected hundreds of sexual abuse cases while he has been otherwise occupied with his birther obsession.

The fact that this story appears prominently on the Fox News web site, however, is evidence of something significant. It proves how devoted Fox News is to slandering the President and to helping Mitt Romney to change the subject from his business and personal corruption. Even Fox Nation hasn’t posted an article on this (yet). No doubt this non-event will likely pass into the ether in a matter of hours. Arpaio has neither evidence nor credibility. But Fox’s participation in promoting such obvious silliness should not be so quickly dismissed.


10 thoughts on “Fox News Reports: Obama Birth Certificate ‘Definitely Fraudulent’

  1. The world we live in is only getting smaller.
    Obama is a product of our nomadic society in that he lived in various places around the Nation and the world.

    Sooner or later, the GOP will field someone for President that lived abroad at some point in their life. The question for me is this; will they treat that person the same as they do Obama?

    • George Romney Mexican Immigrant

      Mitt Romney chicken hawk punk ass bitch lived in France. Of course, when Mitt was filling out his Visa application he retroactively meant French-Indochina when he wrote down France because he really wanted to serve in Vietnam…

  2. Well this certainly explains what Arpaio considers evidence and thus adds credence to claims he is corrupt.

  3. If that were true, then Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson, Chester Arthur, James Buchanan, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were all ineligible to be President.

    Also, the issue of “natural born citizen” does not apply to the nationality of the parents, but to where the actual birth took place. This was decided by SCOTUS in 1898 (US v Wong Kim Ark). It was ruled that the 14th Amendment guaranteed citizenship to all persons born in the US, regardless of their ethnic heritage. From the decision, “The fourteenth amendment affirms the ancient and fundamental rule of citizenship by birth within the territory, in the allegiance and under the protection of the country, including all children here born of resident aliens…”

    • BTW, I learned this from my son, who learned it from his HS Government class. Go figure. Public education works.

  4. When will the Romney campaign apoligize for this outrageous bullshit? Arpaio has publicly endorsed Romney for POTUS and Romney publicly accepted that endorsement. Now the Romney camp, that was so outraged over what they said were falsehoods about his tenure at Bain(eventhough everything pointed out about that was true)demanded an apology. Will they issue an apology for this? The republican governor of Hawaii, who I’m sure has publicly endorsed Romney, said the bc nonsense is just that-nonsense! Why would someone from their own party who has publicly endorsed Romney make that up? Why is a sherriff investigating a sitting President? Who the hell does this guy think he is? The sight of this fraud makes me sick. I hope the federal investigation into his activities gets him what he deserves. Then he can be hauled away to the loony bin where he belongs.

  5. That correction made me laugh so goddamn hard.

  6. If Romney HAS to show past tax returns then Oboma should show birth certificate

    • How many times, Wendy?

      Which is to say, he has. Several times. Verified by every bureaucrat in the State of Hawaii. Not to mention several Federal Judges, most of whom were appointed by Republican administrations.

      Let it go.

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