Fox News Hiring Karl Rove?

In a classic case of role reversal, Fox News is reportedly hiring George Bush’s former brain, Karl Rove. This completes the circular path from Rove’s previous position where he was the one employing Fox News to broadcast the Bush administration’s propaganda.

As a contributer to the network, Rove will be familiar with the process of news gathering and source management. He was previously a contributer to the New York Times’ Judith Miller, to whom he supplied classified data on Valerie Plame. Prior to Rove’s “contribution” Plame was a covert intelligence operative working to uncover Iran’s WMD program. Perhaps Fox could also snag Rove’s former partner Scooter Libby and pair them on their own show?

Rove’s new association with Fox is expanding his media reach on the heels of his recent engagement with Newsweek. He also closed a book deal last month with a reported $1.5 million advance.

Look out, Oprah. A new multimedia tycoon is grasping for your crown.