Fox News Continues To Ignore Polls Favorable To Obama

A new poll by the Fox News house pollsters, Rasmussen, shows that President Obama has gained on Mitt Romney since the announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney’s vice-presidential running mate. That’s a striking achievement for Obama considering the notorious right-wing bias of Rasmussen. But first, a little background…

Last week I reported that Fox News was feverishly hyping pro-Romney polls while ignoring those that show President Obama in the lead. I noted that Fox Nation had posted an article showing the results of a Rasmussen poll with a headline that beamed “Romney Opens Up Lead Over Obama.” However they neglected to report any news of all the other polls that showed Obama ahead, including a poll conducted by Fox News itself:

Fox Nation

This week Rasmussen’s presidential daily tracking poll shows a significant five point swing in Obama’s favor. Last Friday, Romney led Obama 47% to 43%. Today he’s trailing Obama, 46% to 45%. That shift took place since the announcement last Saturday of Paul Ryan to join Mitt Romney’s campaign. So apparently Ryan’s addition to Romney’s team has not yielded any benefit in the polling by the GOP’s favorite pollster.

But What’s most notable about this news is that Fox News, who were quick to post the Rasmussen poll results last week, have blackballed Rasmussen this week. As of this writing there has been no coverage whatsoever of Rasmussen’s most recent poll results. Obviously Fox is afraid of presenting any information to their dimwitted audience that might cause them to fret about a socialist Kenyan being reelected. And they certainly don’t want their glassy-eyed viewers to get wind of the fact that Ryan is being received as a dud. As I noted last week, this is…

“…the sort of biased cherry-picking that is the hallmark of Fox’s “news” charade. […It’s] a crystal clear message to pollsters from Fox: If you want to be covered, you better say what we like.”

Last week Rasmussen’s results pleased Fox and they were rewarded with front page coverage. This week Rasmussen’s results upset Fox and they were given the silent treatment. This is further evidence of why Fox viewers are repeatedly shown to be more ill-informed than all other news consumers.


4 thoughts on “Fox News Continues To Ignore Polls Favorable To Obama

  1. They have their own version of everything-science, history, news, facts in general and of course polls favorable to their causes and candidates.

  2. I’m seriously starting to wonder about these clowns: when Obama wins in November, will they decline to report on that as well? Maybe they’ll dig up some poll from right before the election that shows Romney ahead, and just keep talking about that into eternity, a perfect moment frozen in time …

  3. I find it very surprising that they even the Fox News poll with Obama up by 9. I guess they do some of these things so that they can still make a claim of being a real news organization. They release the poll with Obama up by 9 but then ignore it.

    It’s interesting to watch the way the right wingers (not just Fox News but all Republican politicians) spread their lies. Right now the lies they are telling about Medicare for example… they are truly remarkable.

    They keep repeating over and over again that Obama “cut Medicare by $716 billion” when in fact not a single dime in benefits was cut and the life of the program was extended by 8 years. They do this to confuse voters… they don’t want voters thinking about the fact that the Ryan Budget changes Medicare into a voucher program.

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