Fox Nation Ignores Polls By CNN, Reuters, And — Fox News

It must be hard being the PR agency for the Romney campaign (aka Fox News) when the real world is constantly interfering with your efforts to distort reality. Nevertheless, Fox News soldiers on to try to spin the gloomy prospects of Mitt Romney’s Circus of Desperation into something passably positive.

Today Fox Nation featured a story on the campaign horse race that blasted the headline: RASSMUSSEN: Romney Opens Up Lead Over Obama. Rasmussen, a notoriously partisan right-wing pollster, showed Romney ahead 47% to 43%. It’s no surprise that Rasmussen gave the edge to Romney because that’s what they’re paid to do. What you did not see if you were reading Fox Nation is that three other polls were also released, and all three of them put Obama significantly ahead of Romney.

Fox Nation Polls

CNN’s poll had the race at 52% for Obama (notably above the 50% mark) and 45% for Romney. The poll also has Obama ahead 53% to 42% with Independents. And significant majorities believe that Romney favors the rich (64%) and that he should release more tax returns (63%).

The Reuters poll placed Obama up 49% to 42%. In addition, Reuters reports that 46% of registered voters say Obama is stronger on jobs and the economy, compared with 44% for Romney. And on tax matters, 49% saw Obama as stronger, compared with 38% for Romney.

Most striking, however, is the poll from Fox News itself. Fox is giving Obama a 49% to 40% lead. That’s a nine point advantage that is larger than any of the other polls just published. The lead is even greater among Independents who favor Obama by 11%.

The surprising part of this is that Fox Nation reported only on the Rasmussen poll that showed Romney ahead. They couldn’t even bring themselves to report on their own poll conducted by their own pollsters. That’s the sort of biased cherry-picking that is the hallmark of Fox’s “news” charade. And even with their pet pollster Rasmussen, last week, when they had Romney down a couple of points, Fox Nation left it out of their coverage. That’s a crystal clear message to pollsters from Fox: If you want to be covered, you better say what we like. And that goes for Fox’s pollsters as well.


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  1. Hey, I bet Romney made a deal with them. They can only report on a poll that shows him ahead, even if they have to make one up. So soon there will be zeo reporting on polls about Romney. Cool.

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