The Republican March To Church OVER State

Today’s Republican Party has become little more than an evangelical off-shoot of institutional Christianity. The Party’s leaders and followers alike demand unfettered adherence to the religion’s precepts and they require some form of faithfulness expressed in every public utterance. Illustrating the extent to which this applies is an article posted this morning on the Fox News community site, Fox Nation, with the headline Obama’s 9/11 Proclamation Does Not Mention God.”

Fox Nation

So what? What exactly would Fox like for Obama to say about God in his statement to a diverse nation about 9/11? Should he have asked why God would permit the slaughter of so many innocent people? Should he have condemned the God of the terrorists? Should he have questioned God’s allegiance to the Judeo-Christian west by siding with the extremist Muslims who attacked us? After all, if a football team regards their victories as having been blessed by God, then what must Al Qaeda think?

Is it now required that God be mentioned every time the President speaks, regardless of the context? And what other official proclamations would Fox criticize for having no mention of God? Will we soon be seeing headlines like:

  • Obama Fails To Credit God For The Doubling Of The Stock Market
  • Obama Leaves God Out Of Remarks In Praise Of Girl Scout Cookies
  • Obama Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom To Bob Dylan But None For God
  • Obama Makes No Mention Of God While Bowling At Campaign Event
  • Obama Refuses To Note God’s Role In The Rise And Fall Of The Unemployment Rate
  • Obama Takes First Dog Bo For Walk On White House Lawn Without Mentioning God

The GOP’s domination by evangelical zealots is all encompassing. It extends to its presidential nominee Mitt Romney who, while stumping on the campaign trail yesterday, made a delusional suggestion that Obama is planning to remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. coins. He never said anything of the sort. Romney also met with televangelist Pat Robertson yesterday.

The media is just as complicit in this unconstitutional melding of church and state. And leading the way is Fox News. Fox tried to turn a trivial platform issue at the Democratic National Convention into a high grade scandal when the DNC’s platform committee left God out of their document. They attacked Democrats incessantly without ever explaining why God should be in such a document in a country whose Constitution prohibits the “establishment of religion.” Yet they never gave the President credit for personally intervening to reinsert God into the platform.

It remains to seen what religion’s impact will be on the election. Many Republican’s mistakenly believe that Obama is a Muslim. And while Obama is certainly not the first choice of evangelicals, neither is Romney who, as a Mormon, is considered to be a member of a satanic cult by many mainstream Christians. And all of this debate, fanned by a fair measure of ignorance, is exactly why religion ought not to have a role in politics. But just try telling that to a Tea Partying fundamentalist.


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  1. Which of the many Mormon Gods did Obama fail to mention?

  2. In other news, Obama failed to talk about Zeus during thunder storm….

  3. Obama wins reelection, smugly thanks God.

  4. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is gonna get him for this.

  5. I’m with Jon Lennon and the Dalai Lama.

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