More Context Mangling By The Romney Camp: Joe Biden Edition

The Romney campaign has made grabbing snippets of President Obama’s speeches and contorting their meaning the central strategy of his campaign. Yesterday they expanded their strategy to include Vice-President Joe Biden.

Fox News on Joe Biden

Fox News and its community web site Fox Nation, leaped on Biden after he delivered a speech saying pretty much the same thing that Obama has been saying for years. The extracted snippet that Fox is blasting as if it were somehow significant is “Yes we do.” Fox then elaborates by placing those three little words next to “want to raise taxes.” But that is not what Biden said. Here is the complete quote in context:

“On top of the trillion dollars in spending we’ve already cut, we’re going to ask, yes, we’re going to ask the wealthy to pay more. My heart breaks. Come on, man. You know the phrase they always use? ‘Obama and Biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars.’ Guess what? Yes, we do in one regard: We want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn’t have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super-wealthy.”

Clearly Biden was reiterating Obama’s long held agenda to let Bush’s tax cuts for the rich expire. There is nothing controversial about demonstrating consistency in political ideology, which is what Biden did. Yet Romney, with the help of Fox News, is twisting these comments to imply that Obama is planning to raise everyone’s taxes. They know that isn’t true, which is the definition of a lie. If Romney wants people to stop calling him a liar, all he has to do is stop lying.


2 thoughts on “More Context Mangling By The Romney Camp: Joe Biden Edition

  1. He’s pathological. I don’t think he can stop. He wants to be President even more than he wanted to be a Harvard cheerleader! since he can’t relate to 75% of the country, I’m not sure whya he wants to be President except that ‘it’s his turn.’ When is it my turn? My daughter has a law degree and graduated magna cum laude…when is it her turn?
    Fortunately, most of the nation sees him for what he is, and I think we’re even seeing a turning away from the hate of the GOP toward anyone not male, straight (although multiple marriages and nonpayment of child support and rape are all fine and dandy) white, and rich. That ignores the people who will decide the election. How Romney plans to totally remake himself in 4 weeks shoudl be entertaining. And Joe should have some fun with Paulie, can’t keep his story straight either. Wanna bet he is NOT against all abortion on Wed? Wanna bet he thinks we do need some revenue to chip away at the debt and still maintain programs? Wanna bet he says he really LIKES Medicare and reallY LIKES the poor and wants everyone to roast marshmallows together and just trust them. THEY know what’s best, and they have to keep it a secret or the liberals might steal their ideas!!!

  2. I read on CNN that 7500 drones now compromise the US inventory of unmanned aerial vehicles. Wait for the airspace near you to be covered 24 hours constantly. In Maryland or some military research design center a mechanical cheetah has been created that can run at very high speeds on a treadmill. Don’t Tread on Me! Fahrenheit 451 is a warm thought. FoxNews is run by people who obviously have no problem with pathological lying to advance their, and other patron’s goals. They do not see the parallels with Goebbels, and other well known people operating under the guise of journalism. These are just three examples of the decline of the human species. I think a little apocalypse is in order. It might put our perspective in order. Just think of the world in which the total money spent on an election, that should be free and fair, might be more than the entire GDP of some small third-world countries currently struggling with the same issues of corruption and friends. It’s sickening to watch this stuff because someone like Romney (he’s my example b/c he’s running) has no inherent feeling of goodwill towards his fellow man, is concerned with making money, and is above all trying to attain a level of power that will cement the current status quo. This status quo is going to crash, and hard, and it is going to hurt everyone. People like him are living with blinders, no one is using their good horse sense, but rather being led though life without a sense of what’s important, and the little guys and whatever is on the right or left be damned!

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