The Real McCain: Derailed

This new video from Brave New Films does an outstanding job of exposing John McCain as the flip-flopping, knee-jerk, conservative sycophant that he is.

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2 thoughts on “The Real McCain: Derailed

  1. The “real” McCain. The “real” Clinton. The “real” Obama. Are any of them any darn good?

    The good news is you could randomly pick a person off the street and they’d be a more competent president than George Bush. The man’s an embarrassment. So any of the above are an improvement. However, as political leaders, are any of the above what the country needs?

    McCain is less the poster child for poli-evangelicalism and not quite the libertarian-lite Shrub is but we’re looking at pretty much 4 more years of the same-old, same-old voters have rejected with a 71% disapproval rating.

    Clinton is done, put a fork in her, so I won’t waste bytes on her.

    Obama has liberals I know goo-goo eyed like a teenager on a first date. Fast-forward a few years and are we in divorce court? Obama’s popular because he makes nice speeches (even when they don’t make much sense, the soaring rhetoric is memorizing) but we don’t know what kind of leader he’ll be.

    I do know if we put a moratorium on him making new promises he’d go mute. Just about every speech I hear him making he’s off promising some new multi-billion dollar idea that’s being paid for from the same over-milked well: windfall oil profits, the wealthy (Bush tax cut repeal), or ending the war in Iraq.

    Any thought of using those sources to balance the budget instead? Naw, I didn’t think so.

    Note, Congress is already milking that cow passing a pork-filled election year agricultural bill, a flag-waving new GI bill, and, last time I checked, was working on a 6-digit billion bailout of homeowners facing foreclosure.

    IMHO, both sides don’t have a remote clue the real challenges America faces and how to get us back on course. It’s just politics as usual. Demonize the other side to stir up your base and bribe enough independents with a rich smörgÃ¥sbord of pork in the middle to join your cause.

  2. Oops. That’s 3-digit billion as in $300 billion (if I recall right). My proof-reading skills aren’t improving it seems. ;(

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