Dunkin, Malkin And Terrorist Scarves

When exactly is it appropriate to send in the guys with the butterfly nets? Ultra-conservative pundette, Michelle Malkin is mortified at the thought of extremist islamo-fascists infiltrating America and hypnotizing its citizens with ….. SCARVES!

In a recent advertisement, Dunkin Donuts featured Rachel Ray in what Malkin, and other right-wing alarmists, believe is a symbolic scarf that is signaling Al Qaeda sleeper cells in the U.S. And as if it isn’t bad enough that her paranoid delusions are foisted upon an incredulous world, the folks at Dunkin are actually taking this so seriously as to yank the ad for fear of the proposed Malkin-led boycott.

Well, NewsCorpse has conducted an extensive investigation and discovered that the terrorist conspiracy extends much farther than previously disclosed. In fact, it goes straight to the top of the present government and, potentially, the next (see photo evidence above).

Where does it end? No one can say for sure. But the Dunkin Do-NUTS may see their boycott fears come true. I, for one, will not be patronizing their cowardly, unpatriotic, spineless establishments for the foreseeable future. I will not support any business that appeases insane, domestic terrorists – like Malkin. And maybe I’ll lose a few pounds too.


6 thoughts on “Dunkin, Malkin And Terrorist Scarves

  1. I don’t know how anyone could seriously believe Rachael Ray is a terrorist. That doesn’t sound like a real news story, it sounds like one of those awful Saturday Night Live skits that goes on way too long…

    • Reality has trumped satire. We are in Bizarro world now.

  2. I don’t know which is more disturbing to me, that Michelle Malkin equates a keffiyeh with terrorism, or DD just caving in and pulling the ad.

    I don’t know the answer to this so this is why I am asking: has FOX had Malkim on to discuss her position on this since the whole story broke?

    PS – I enjoy both your blog and your postings on TVNewser…

    • Thanks.

      I haven’t seen Malkin on Fox to discuss the Donut Affair, but I haven’t seen her on to discuss anything in quite a while. She had a falling out with O’Reilly who will not host her anymore. But she had been on other shows after that. I don’t know where she’s been lately.

      As for what’s worse…Definitely Dunkin caving in. I expect Malkin to be batshit crazy, but it would be nice if businesses behaved like responsible corporate citizens instead of validating delusional 3rd rate pundit wannabees.

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