Tax Cheats: Bill O’Reilly And Roger Ailes

The anti-Keith Olbermann blog OlbermannWatch has been pounding the pavement with a bogus story of tax evasion on the part of MSNBC’s star host. Now the Associated Press has picked up the item citing OW as its source. The network responded to the allegation prior to the AP’s report:

“MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines called it a bookkeeping disagreement between Olbermann’s accountants and the state and said it was resolved months ago.”

That didn’t stop the AP from going forward with the dubiously sourced story. And it certainly hasn’t put an end to OW’s squawking. But I have to wonder whether either will follow up their accounts with the news that Fox News chairman Roger Ailes also has a warrant that was issued three years ago for his Ailes Communications, and is still unsatisfied. Not only that, but Ailes’ star bloviator, Bill O’Reilly, had a warrant issued in July of 2002 that was not resolved until April of 2004. For the record, Olbermann’s tax dispute was concluded in less than one year. And then there’s O’Reilly’s favorite guest, Fox News commentator Dick Morris, who owes a whopping $280,000, and is on the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services’ top 10 list of tax delinquents.

The truth is that, with the exception of Morris, all of these are non-stories. These sort of disputes arise routinely in business as accountants wrangle over tax law interpretation and taxpayers seek to minimize their burden. But if the media is going to report on any of it, they should get the whole story and not rely on obviously biased sources with an agenda to peddle.


2 thoughts on “Tax Cheats: Bill O’Reilly And Roger Ailes

  1. It’s funny, J$, one of the serial bloggers over at Olbermann Watch loves to jump up and down at critics of Fox News, such as myself, as filled with “hate.” Yet, here we have him and Robert Cox shooting off like Roman candles over $1,039.15 (according to their blog or $2,269.50 according to AP). Judging by all the smoke they’ve blown up you’d think Olbermann was going to jail for mega-million dollar tax evasion.

    It appears to be a minor bookkeeping error blown up into the crime of the century by J$ and Cox. Of course, their motives couldn’t be hate. 😉

    • They’re grasping at straws. They just want to bash Olbermann and they haven’t got any substantive arguments to stand on.

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