Bill O’Reilly Wants ALL Of Iraq’s Oil

As if Bill O’Reilly hasn’t given us enough evidence of his stupidity, he is now advocating a plan of his own design that, in effect, calls for Iraq to turn over 100% percent of its oil production to the United States.

“So far, the American taxpayer has forked over more than $500 billion – $500 billion – to give the Iraqi people a chance at freedom. That country’s now pumping 2.5 million barrels of oil a day. So why isn’t Iraq giving the USA an oil price break?”

OK, pay attention Bill. The U.S. consumes about 20 million barrels of oil a day. So if Iraq sent ALL of its oil to the U.S. for FREE, it would only meet about 10% of our needs. So how will a mere price break on just some of their oil impact prices? Obviously it would be insignificant. And that says nothing about the need for Iraq to use the revenue from their own natural resources to rebuild the nation that we destroyed. Without that revenue, who do you think will pay for that reconstruction? American taxpayers, of course, who have already footed the half trillion dollar bill that O’Reilly is so outraged by.

The media, as usual, is failing to provide context to this story. They continue to confuse rebuttal with balance. Juxtaposing facts with lies does not advance the practice of balanced journalism. So when it is factually reported that all of the untapped domestic offshore oil reserves would produce only 18 billion barrels of oil, and that that amount would last for just two and a half years, and wouldn’t even come to market for twenty years, it is irresponsible to counter those facts with the partisan statement of an ignorant president who asserts, without foundation, that new offshore drilling will result in immediate relief from our current gas price dilemma.

Plainly the media has no problem being irresponsible. And O’Reilly is the poster child of The Misinformation Generation.


2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Wants ALL Of Iraq’s Oil

  1. it is obvious to me at least ,that you have no idea of the REAL facts..let me educate you so that you don’t air your ignorance again, the fact is it would take 1 and a half years for the first barrel to be extracted from almost any reagion providing the infrastructure is in place, secondly, how do you know the psycological effect of finally getting onboard with getting this country off the dependance of foreighn oil would affect the powers that be in assigning the price of oil..and before you give that worn out misleading line that we need more alternative sources, i think we need that also..but i don’t believe our economy can or will survive until that happens..and by the way , THAT is the source that will take 10 to 15 yrears to develope and’ be clear when you misslead the public be aware that there are people that have the real facts and aren’t prone to party lies.

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