Run Sarah, Run: Tea Party Trying To Draft Sarah Palin For Alaska Senate

This is the best news I’ve heard all year: Tea Party group hopes to draft Sarah Palin for Senate run in Alaska.

Sarah Palin

Where do I donate? Bringing back Palin to the campaign trail would be more fun than a barrel of Teabaggers. Her barely comprehensible English, her moronic mistakes, her persistent ignorance, her feverish hate-speech – all of these elements of her political style would combine to turn the election into comedy gold.

Never mind the fact that Palin doesn’t live in Alaska (her current residence is in Arizona). And set aside the polls that show her losing to the Democratic incumbent Mark Begich 54-38. Palin’s Tea Party appeal would thrust her into the loser’s circle with a boatload of mocking media.

Even if some unforeseen catastrophe occurred (i.e. Begich suffers a nervous breakdown and grows a Hitler mustache a week before the election) and Palin prevails, her presence on the senate floor would provide more laughs than America’s Funniest Home Videos. And we wouldn’t have to worry about her burdening the nation with idiotic legislation because she would likely resign after a couple of months when she finds out that she is required to do some work and the salary is under seven figures.

So here’s hoping that the Tea Party dimwits promoting her candidacy can lure her into the race. And let’s hope that the GOP throws buckets of cash into her campaign. As happy as I am that fringe characters like Allen West and Jim DeMint have been cast out of politics, it leaves a comedy void that is hard to fill. That’s why I’m counting on Palin to come to the rescue of political humorists everywhere and throw her asshat into the ring.


6 thoughts on “Run Sarah, Run: Tea Party Trying To Draft Sarah Palin For Alaska Senate

  1. Palin is a “star” in the alternate U.S.A. the Tea Party lives in, not so much in the real U.S.A. where most of us live.

  2. Brilliant photo shop work as always, Mark. I would have made the banner Statue of Vanity but Gluttony is good too.

    • Thanks. As for the gluttony, I originally did this in response to her CPAC appearance where she raised that Big Gulp as if it were a fisted glove of rebellion. So gluttony was more fitting at the time.

  3. The tea-party is fading away quicker than a spilled scoop of ice cream on a 90 degree hot summer sidewalk. NPR just ran a story about how the deficit has been trending downward fairly substantially. Now that their major cause for existence is disappearing so is their reason to exist and for any one to give a shit about them or Sarah Palin.

  4. Where do I donate, indeed. I believe a Palin run would make a primary challenge against Begich more likely in that anyone running to the left of Begich would still have an advantage over Palin. Plus those lefties who voted for Murkowski to keep Miller out will have a chance at redemption.

    However, I don’t think she’ll run. It would require a work ethic, dedication and commitment; principles she doesn’t possess.

  5. She would just drop out anyway when they inform her that Senator’s serve 6 year terms.
    On the bright side, Dems would have a chance to regain the seat in a run-off after 3 years(provided she lasted that long).

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