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I created the Sarah Palin Watch widget to record the elapsed time from her entry into the race, until she agrees to answer questions in a fair, independent, national media forum. There is simply no other way to assess the ability of the GOP’s new rock star to perform the job she now seeks. A candid give and take with probing journalists reveals more of a candidates knowledge and insight than a speech that was probably prepared by aides. The job she wants is far too important to give to an unknown quantity who arrogantly declines to open herself up to the people she would serve.

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4 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin Watch Widget

  1. “untill she decides” hate to break it to you but its NOT up to her
    and the longer it is the longer obama has a breath left in his misserable campain

  2. Obama faced BillO; if Palin’s ready to lead than she’s ready to talk to a few meager journalists, no?

  3. People have it right from across the spectrum. The groundswell of curiosity and intrigue will grow exponentially as entertainment, competing with the meltdown of the US economy reveals the ugly truth about Palin. McCain’s first decision as President says it all. Even Karl Rove uttered of McCain’s VP choice:”It was clearly a campaigning decision, not a governing decision.” Wow.

    The feverous effort to avoid Palin’s inevitable crash and burn by the right wing press and the GOP weenies is instructive, another effort to prop up a cardboard crony with lies, obfuscation and fluff. Those unable to discriminate between a reality show and a major election will continue as Palin groupies, ignoring the salient facts, vacant as to the consequences. As Colbert says: “Facts have a distinct liberal bias.”

    Palin’s day are numbered. In the voting booth, most folks are just not going to pull the lever for McCain-Palin. Their lies, distortions and lack of substance for solving real problems is already very telling. Barack’s case will be made BEFORE the debates. People will look around, to their own lives. Say goodbye GOP!!!

  4. STILL NO BASTARD? It is 12/29, after all.

    Was Sarah LYING again?

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