Glenn Beck’s Radio Station Lineup

Glenn Beck recently compared scores of murdered Norwegian teenagers to the Hitler Youth. It’s not the first time he’s disparaged victims of an atrocity. He previously called Katrina victims scum and said the survivors of 9/11 made him sick. This disgusting hate speech must not be tolerated.

Below is a list of the radio stations carrying the Glenn Beck Program. It was relatively current and accurate at the time it was posted, but due to the nature of radio broadcasting, some stations may have added the program and are not listed, and some on the list may have dropped the program.

Hopefully this list will rapidly shrink to zero. And with your participation that goal can be realized. Contact the station in your region and express your dissatisfaction with the station for putting a lying racist on the air. And pass this list on to your friends and family. Here are some more examples of Beck’s repugnant rhetoric:

Glenn Beck Unhinged


[Editor’s note: It has come to my attention that Glenn Beck fans have been accessing this page to locate radio stations in their area so that they can continue to fill their heads with Beck’s demented ravings. Since that defeats the purpose of publishing this information, I moved the data and am providing new links below that will take readers to an appropriate destination for their specific situation.]

If you are looking for radio stations that broadcast Glenn Beck so that you can fill your head with his sickness, click on this link.

If you realize that Glenn Beck is an ass and you want to contact his radio affiliate in your area to complain, click on this link.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Radio Station Lineup

  1. The employees and anyone affialited with this site should’ve listening to Beck! This site is brain dead liberals who parrot the repeated BS talking points from the left. Be proud it is the left who started the KKK, Jim Crow laws, destroyed the Freeman group the republicans formed to help the slaves AND today, support and defend cutting babies up to sell their parts..Be ashamed and learn how destructive is to society, Your site sucks!

  2. You are a leech driving your own ego off someone else’s fame. You don’t like his views,fine and dandy. Use just your own name to drive you’re narrow perceptions of “this is how things ought to be” and see how much traffic this god awful site pulls in.

  3. Where can I find you in Portand, ore. AM radio stations , and what time ??

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