OMG! Fox News Ties Hillary Clinton To Diabolical Donald Duck Conspiracy – No, Really!

Just in time for Halloween, Fox News has uncovered a frightful tale of horror. Naturally it implicates Hillary Clinton in a fiendish plot to destroy America. And this time she has recruited an accomplice with magical powers and no pants.

Fox News Donald Duck

The latest scandal to be revealed by Fox is that Clinton personally ordered Donald Duck to participate in a protest against Donald Trump (video below). That’s right, she’s pitting the two most famous Donalds against each other. And while they’re both quacks who suffer from fits of rage, only one is actually a billionaire (those Disney dollars are still rolling in). Another notable difference is that Mr. Duck is a responsible taxpayer. That was, in fact, the theme of the protest that mocked Trump for “ducking” his duty to release his taxes.

Fox’s Bret Baier led off the segment with an ominous declaration. He warned that “There is a new undercover video exposing direct links between the Hillary Clinton campaign and outside groups promoting her campaign.” The videos to which he is referring were supplied by the unscrupulous right-wing hack, James O’Keefe. His Project Veritas is infamous for doctoring videos to be deliberately misleading.

Baier then introduced Fox correspondent James Rosen to flesh out the story. Rosen parroted O’Keefe’s line saying that the “Donald Duck agitators…could have run afoul of the laws.” Donald Duck agitators? Now that’s scary. And according to Rosen, Clinton is the “mastermind” of their fowl movement. Continuing, Rosen portrays O’Keefe’s video as “a hidden camera confession” from Democratic consultant Bob Creamer. Then he describes Creamer as “A convicted felon who served time for tax violations and bank fraud.” Note: Creamer’s convictions consisted of writing checks with insufficient funds in order to keep his public interest group running. The judge acknowledge that Creamer was not acting out of greed, and all of the money was repaid.

For some reason though, Rosen left out the fact that O’Keefe is also a convicted criminal. He pleaded guilty to trespassing in the office of U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. On that mission O’Keefe intended to tamper with the Senator’s phone lines, but was caught before he could do so. Nor did Rosen disclose that O’Keefe’s organization is funded by Donald Trump. So Trump is bankrolling a convicted liar who releases doctored videos critical of Democrats. And those videos go from Breitbart News (whose chairman runs Trump’s campaign) to Fox, (whose ex-chairman is advising Trump). Hmm, the system IS rigged.

As it turns out, The Project Veritas videos actually debunked their own allegations. Rather than Clinton coordinating with the protest group, she merely responded that she liked the idea when someone mentioned it to her. That got back to the protest group who decided on their own to run with it. There was no order or coordination coming from the Clinton camp. By the way, even that would not have been improper unless the group was a corporate funded PAC. But nothing in the story indicates that was the case. Consequently, this is just another bogus bit of propaganda from O’Keefe & Co.

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This entire affair is either a sign of abject desperation or outright insanity. For Fox News to present this as a serious news story in the waning days of a historic presidential election just boggles the mind. Even for Fox this ranks among the scummiest perversions of journalism imaginable. They’ve obviously exhausted their supply of smears and are resorting to cartoon-based bullcrap that makes no sense at all. It’s kinda sad in a pathetic way.

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Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck UPDATE: Mickey Mouse Too

Who knew that Disney was so far ahead of their time. This cartoon captures perfectly the manner in which Glenn Beck and his ilk employ lies and fear to indoctrinate their congregation of the feeble-minded. Plus, it is F@%KING HILARIOUS. Enjoy it before the Copyright Cops take it down.

And a shout out to its creator, Jonathan McIntosh at Rebellious Pixels.

The Mad BeckUpdate: This video is getting a lot of attention, as it deserves. There were about 6,000 views when I posted it, and now it is over 200,000 (I’m sure I’m responsible for most of that). People clearly enjoy satirizing Beck. There is plenty of material there to work with. I have been down that road myself (see Malice in Wonderland)

I think it’s interesting that it has been featured at both the Huffington Post and Fox Nation.

The Fox Nationalists are aghast that Beck is being parodied. Some are vowing to boycott Disney. Seriously, they think that Disney produced this. That’s the level of their intelligence. Others think the ending is an incitement to violence, particularly an incitement to harm Beck. Someone needs to tell them that radios are inanimate objects. And, oh yes, that cartoons are not the same as real life.

At HuffPo there is a more generally sane reaction. They have an appreciation for the quality of the work and, of course, the good humor. I’m just glad to see this getting some exposure.

Plus…..Beck responds. On his radio show Beck made a point of weaving his conspiratorial delusions around this video and its creator. He spun a tale that entwined the federal government, the National Endowment for the Arts, and even the White House. Of course, without a hint of evidence. His paranoia knows no bounds.

“It is some of the best, well made propaganda I have ever seen.” […]

“If I’m not mistaken, some of these remix videos – it’s very interesting – I believe get federal funding. I believe it was…one these things that he’s involved in was one of the first to receive federal funding. We’re looking into the funding of this gentleman and the incredible propaganda against me, like you’ve never seen. using Disney and Disney cartoons.”

Listen to the whole thing yourself. His tone of voice is ripe with disgust, and his inflection on words like “social justice” and “Chicago” fill them with foreboding. And now Mickey Mouse joins in the fray:

The “incredible propaganda” against Beck is a wonder to behold. But no more wondrous than the propaganda he spews everyday on his own. Watch your back, Jonathan. Beck is “looking into” you.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.