Malice In Wonderland: Fox News Through The Looking Glass

Tea CrusadesOver the past year the Tea Party phenomenon has attracted a lot of attention from the rightist media. From the beginning Fox News took the lead sponsoring and promoting Tea Party events, dispatching their anchors to literally host Tea Party rallies, and donating hundreds of hours of airtime to Tea Party spokespeople and supporters. Fox News is the de facto Tea Party Channel.

Despite that massive PR push, the Tea Party remains quagmired as a niche clan of exclusionary cultists and corporate dupes. But that hasn’t deterred Fox News from their campaign to Tea Bag America. This morning Fox Nation declared that Tea Parties are going on high alert, and posted recruiting calls for Joe the Plumber’s Tea Party Tax Revolt.

All of this got me to wondering where it will all end. With a major so-called “news” network advocating on behalf of the delusional flank of the conservative crusade, it seems to me that the right stumbled into an abyss and has consumed some mighty potent mushrooms. So, with apologies to Tim Burton, I present…

Malice In Wonderland, Fox News Through the Looking Glass:






Later this month a new Tea Crusade will commence in the form of another AstroTurf sponsored bus tour. The thrid Tea Bagger Express will conclude in Washington on April 15. On August 28, Glenn Beck will headline his “Restoring Honor” affair at the Lincoln Memorial. That’s an ironic event considering the obvious lack of honor of the host. He just starting claiming that it’s a fundraiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, but he originally promoted it as the launch date for his next book “The Plan.” Also, the date is the anniversary of Martin Luther’s King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the same location. A couple of days ago, Beck called King a “radical socialist” and questioned whether we should be celebrating a holiday in his name. Now Beck seeks to muddy King’s memory by usurping this historic anniversary to hawk his book. In September Beck’s second annual 9/12 rally will take place on 9/11. This gives Beck another opportunity to tarnish a sensitive anniversary.

Expect all of these events to be aggressively promoted on the Tea Party Channel (i.e. Fox News). And expect there to be more coverage of, and interviews with, Tea Baggers and there proxies in Congress. And above all, expect more confusion, mischief, and deceit on the part of Fox and the right-wing politico-media complex.

I must say that I have to agree with Alice when she said:

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”


8 thoughts on “Malice In Wonderland: Fox News Through The Looking Glass

  1. The horrific aspect of the right wing power grab is that they take pride in their deceptions, as if honor should be bestowed upon people of little or no integrity.

    • Precisely right — as in Rove usurping the word “courage” in the title of his book.

  2. I find it very unsettling that we have a media machine of a global scale dedicated to empowering ignorance, unfounded dissent, and violence against the very country it requires to function. I too wonder when it will stop.

  3. Could it be true, what I heard about the Tea Party members? That someone came up with a statistic that 90% of them, are on the dole from the government, in one way or another?

    That would make their theme: We don’t want no soshalizzem, for anyone but ourselves.

    It makes sense: can you imagine someone with a JOB, asking their boss for time off to travel to another part of the country, make a sign to carry around that has several spelling errors, and waste several days yelling to one another that they don’t like living in a country with a black President?

    Yeah, as an employer of several people, I’d be sure to put my business in jeopardy, to support a cause THAT worthwhile.


    • Most Tea Baggers couldn’t define socialism if you asked them. And they would be shocked to discover the socialist foundations of this country (i.e. social security, public libraries, fire and police, roads and bridges, etc.).

      Thomas Paine advocated giving every citizen a parcel of land as well as a a guaranteed annual income.

  4. I just saw Alice and wrote a review of sorts on my blog about the uncanny similarities between the Red Queen and Sarah Palin.

    Your photoshops are priceless!!!

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