OMG! Fox News Ties Hillary Clinton To Diabolical Donald Duck Conspiracy – No, Really!

Just in time for Halloween, Fox News has uncovered a frightful tale of horror. Naturally it implicates Hillary Clinton in a fiendish plot to destroy America. And this time she has recruited an accomplice with magical powers and no pants.

Fox News Donald Duck

The latest scandal to be revealed by Fox is that Clinton personally ordered Donald Duck to participate in a protest against Donald Trump (video below). That’s right, she’s pitting the two most famous Donalds against each other. And while they’re both quacks who suffer from fits of rage, only one is actually a billionaire (those Disney dollars are still rolling in). Another notable difference is that Mr. Duck is a responsible taxpayer. That was, in fact, the theme of the protest that mocked Trump for “ducking” his duty to release his taxes.

Fox’s Bret Baier led off the segment with an ominous declaration. He warned that “There is a new undercover video exposing direct links between the Hillary Clinton campaign and outside groups promoting her campaign.” The videos to which he is referring were supplied by the unscrupulous right-wing hack, James O’Keefe. His Project Veritas is infamous for doctoring videos to be deliberately misleading.

Baier then introduced Fox correspondent James Rosen to flesh out the story. Rosen parroted O’Keefe’s line saying that the “Donald Duck agitators…could have run afoul of the laws.” Donald Duck agitators? Now that’s scary. And according to Rosen, Clinton is the “mastermind” of their fowl movement. Continuing, Rosen portrays O’Keefe’s video as “a hidden camera confession” from Democratic consultant Bob Creamer. Then he describes Creamer as “A convicted felon who served time for tax violations and bank fraud.” Note: Creamer’s convictions consisted of writing checks with insufficient funds in order to keep his public interest group running. The judge acknowledge that Creamer was not acting out of greed, and all of the money was repaid.

For some reason though, Rosen left out the fact that O’Keefe is also a convicted criminal. He pleaded guilty to trespassing in the office of U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. On that mission O’Keefe intended to tamper with the Senator’s phone lines, but was caught before he could do so. Nor did Rosen disclose that O’Keefe’s organization is funded by Donald Trump. So Trump is bankrolling a convicted liar who releases doctored videos critical of Democrats. And those videos go from Breitbart News (whose chairman runs Trump’s campaign) to Fox, (whose ex-chairman is advising Trump). Hmm, the system IS rigged.

As it turns out, The Project Veritas videos actually debunked their own allegations. Rather than Clinton coordinating with the protest group, she merely responded that she liked the idea when someone mentioned it to her. That got back to the protest group who decided on their own to run with it. There was no order or coordination coming from the Clinton camp. By the way, even that would not have been improper unless the group was a corporate funded PAC. But nothing in the story indicates that was the case. Consequently, this is just another bogus bit of propaganda from O’Keefe & Co.

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This entire affair is either a sign of abject desperation or outright insanity. For Fox News to present this as a serious news story in the waning days of a historic presidential election just boggles the mind. Even for Fox this ranks among the scummiest perversions of journalism imaginable. They’ve obviously exhausted their supply of smears and are resorting to cartoon-based bullcrap that makes no sense at all. It’s kinda sad in a pathetic way.

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The Democratic Path To Victory In The House

MurdochMuch of the media is already predicting a GOP takeover of the House of Representatives. They blast sensationalist headlines that declare a coming Apocalypse for Democrats. This view is being presented as if it is a foregone conclusion.

But there are reasons to suspect their confidence. Polling is notoriously dicey for midterm elections. The Tea Party has certainly fired up a segment of the Republican base, but it is doing the same for Democrats. The youth vote is being significantly under-represented in polling (most pollsters don’t even call cellphones). And the most potent force on the left, “Getting Out The Vote,” may turn expectations on their head as unions, African-Americans, Latinos, seniors, and other progressive constituencies mobilize their members.

Robert Creamer has authored an inspiring story to motivate voters and increase participation in GOTV efforts. Below are some choice excerpts and links to ways you can help.

The Democratic Path to Victory in the House
[T]o beat the odds and win, Democrats must be successful at four key tasks over the next five days.

1). Democrats and their allies must be successful at turning out larger than expected numbers of Latino voters. Polls show Latino voters breaking 65% to 70% Democratic, but their turnout in most Mid-terms falls well below both non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black voters.

2). Democrats need to successfully assure that two key issues are on the minds of the voters at the close of the race: Social Security, and outsourcing jobs.

3). In many districts it is especially important that Democrats are successful in emphasizing the strong personal relationship of voters – especially older voters – with their Member of Congress. And they must also be successful at disqualifying the alternative.

4). First and foremost, for Democrats to beat the odds next Tuesday, our get out the vote operations must function flawlessly. Basically, these operations must defy the “likely voter” models that have dictated the gloomy scenario in most polls.

To volunteer, go to OFA.BO/GOTV
To call swing districts: That will automatically give you a targeted list of voters in a swing district.
To volunteer with MoveON with a campaign near your home, go here:
If you want to call from home, go here:
If you want to go to a MoveOn campaign event, go here:

Wednesday morning, don’t say to yourself, “wow, we only lost the House by one seat – and only by a few votes – and I could have changed that.”

There is a pathway for Democratic victory, but it requires we hit on all four of these key cylinders. Too much is at stake to allow any stone to remain unturned. Pick up the phone as soon as you finish reading this. We have five days to change history.

Good advice. Creamer lays out details for each of the points above that are important to know and to relay to your friends and family. The value of your participation in GOTV is incalculable. And it increases exponentially for everyone you persuade to join you.

Don’t let the media decide this election. Don’t let Rupert Murdoch and Fox News get away with installing a far-right cadre of some of the most dangerously demented candidates in history. If we prevail the Tea Party will be over. They can call it a day. And that alone would make the effort worthwhile.

The Felons Of Fox News: Glenn Beck’s Blind Spot

For two days now, Glenn Beck has aimed his goofball dementia at what he hopes will be his next Van Jones. Beck is employing all of the same smear tactics that prodded a weak White House into jettisoning Jones even though the circumstances are not remotely similar.

Chief amongst these tactics is calling your target a convicted felon over and over again as if your audience were mentally incapable of grasping a thought without repeated hammering. Well, Beck obviously knows his audience. However, Jones was never a convicted felon (which Beck recently acknowledged after months of lying), and Robert Creamer, Beck’s latest target, can’t be fired because he doesn’t work for the administration.

Robert Creamer is longtime activist and the author “Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.” He is also married to Democratic representative Jan Schakowsky (whose name Beck thought it would be funny to mock). The double infraction of being a progressive and related to a Democrat was all that was needed for Beck to go bonkers.

On a tip from his pet propagandist, Andrew Breitbart, Beck laid into Creamer for having been convicted of financial charges in connection with a non-profit organization that Creamer ran. As per Beck’s modus operandi, he related a thoroughly dishonest version of Creamer’s past, accusing him of stealing from the group he was heading. In fact, Creamer pleaded guilty to check kiting in an attempt to help his struggling organization to continue providing services. The judge even cited the fact that none of Creamer’s unlawful activities benefited him personally as justification for a lenient sentence. But far be it from Beck to let facts get in the way of a good smear campaign.

Now, this being Glenn Beck, it certainly is not enough to slander and lie about an obscure activist and author. To really make it worthwhile it has to be tied to a global, socialist conspiracy, preferably involving the President. This is where Breitbart comes in with his tip that Creamer had attended an event at the White House. That was all that was necessary for Beck to connect the dots and conclude that Barack Obama is fraternizing with convicted felons (in addition to the radical communists and the terrorists he has been known to pal around with).

Glenn Beck, of course, is pure as the driven snow in this regard. He would never associate with convicted felons. Never mind that he himself is an unconvicted felon, as he has admitted to using copious amounts of drugs. He never got caught, and therein must lie the difference. And he had this to say on the subject of felonious literature:

“Obama – He must read a lot of books, cause I read a lot of books and I don’t usually get to the ones that were written by…uh…felons, that were written in prison.”

That’s too bad, because Beck must therefore not have gotten to books written by Martin Luther King, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Malcolm X, or Nelson Mandela. He must also have missed the literary musings of people like St. Paul, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus Christ, all of whom have suffered incarceration and have either written, or been written about, extensively. These are the sort of people that I’m sure Beck would object to being on a White House guest list.

Here are a few more books Beck must not get around to: Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau, Letters and Papers from Prison by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Le Morte d’Arthur, by Sir Thomas Malory, Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan, A Hymn to the Pillory, by Daniel Defoe. It’s safe to assume that Beck is not particularly literate.

So that brings us to the caliber of people for whom Beck does have high regard. People like convicted felon, Oliver North; convicted felon, G. Gordon Liddy, and convicted felon, Mark Fuhrman. All of these folks not only have criminal records but they are also Beck’s colleagues at Fox News. Liddy is the spokesperson for one of Beck’s most frequent advertisers (a gold scam). Other Fox personnel who have had brushes with the law include Judith Miller and Shepard Smith. And I wouldn’t want to leave out prostitute toe-sucking pundit Dick Morris. These are all people with whom Beck has ongoing relationships, not casual encounters at a party. I wonder when he will do a couple of days of programs about any of them.

Beck appears to be obsessed with the prison aspect of this story. Aside from repeating it incessantly for his addle-brained viewers, he now calls the health insurance reform bill being debated in Congress the “Prison Bill,” because it has something to do with the book Creamer wrote, which was allegedly written in prison, and is somehow the basis for the bill, except that that’s not actually true, and…oh…I don’t really have any idea why he calls it that. I’d need more background in clinical psychology to be able to figure out Beck’s labyrinthine thought processes. He probably just liked the sound of it, and thought it would make a good cudgel with which to bash the President. Any deeper analysis of Beck’s psychosis will have to come from a professional. I sure hope he finds one.