Fox News Host Rips Media Attacks on Women in Trump Admin – Ignores Abuse of Women By Trump

Kimberly Guilfoyle is one of the conservative co-hosts on the Fox News daily program “The Five.” She is a reliable mouthpiece for Donald Trump and his right-wing, Republican agenda. Last year she was even a candidate for the post of White House press secretary, but lost out to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Fox News, Donald Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle

In an interview for the uber-rightist website Daily Signal, Guilfoyle expressed her concern for traumatized children being separated from their parents on the border. No, wait, scratch that. How ridiculous. Actually Guilfoyle was expressing her concern for the poor, beleaguered women who work in Donald Trump’s White House. Some would say that they, too, have been traumatized. According to The Hill, Guilfoyle’s sympathies included these remarks:

“It’s sad because these are really incredible bright, strong, patriotic women serving their country, admirably, at great personal sacrifice,” […]

“They’ve been dealt an unfair hand by the media who’s just very dishonest in the way that they cover them, portray them, and really dishonor the sacrifice and the service that they give to all of us, each and every day.” […]

“I just wish [the media] were better about, in fact, being honest about what the accomplishments are, what the sacrifices are. And really, the personal attacks are just quite disgusting. I felt and experienced personal attacks myself based on beliefs and being a conservative woman.” […]

“I just think it’s unfair. It’s not building other people up, that’s for sure. I certainly don’t like it when other women do it to one another.”

First of all, the apparent purpose of both the women and the men in the Trump administration is to disseminate lies and glorify their leader. To the extent that the thanklessness and disrepute that go along with job is a sacrifice, it’s their own fault. And Secondly, when did Guilfoyle ever criticize her conservative comrades for the unfair and dishonest attacks against women like Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Samantha Power, or Susan Rice? Guilfoyle’s sudden sensitivity is glaringly disingenuous and hypocritical.

What’s more, Guilfoyle utterly ignores the fact Trump has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by at least sixteen women (see video below). He’s even admitted to criminal assault in the infamous Access Holywood recording. But apparently Guilfoyle thinks it’s worse to endure the criticism of partisan politics than the personal agony inflicted by a sexual predator.

What makes Guilfoyle’s complaints even more absurd is that she works for Fox News, a network whose corporate culture virtually encourages sexual harassment. Former honchos at the network (i.e. CEO Roger Ailes, President Bill Shine, Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, etc.) were examples of an atmosphere that was distinctly hostile to women. However, perhaps her concern is of a more personal nature. With speculation about Sanders’ quitting, Guilfoyle may still be in the running for a job in Trump’s White House. And boosting her prospects this time is the fact that she is currently dating Don Jr. That’s a relationship that would prohibit her from doing any commentary on her boyfriend’s father at a reputable TV network. But then, the operative word there is “reputable,” which has never applied to Fox News.

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SRSLY? Fox News is Now Promoting Itself as the Exclusive Network for Trump Propaganda

Anyone who has watched more than a couple of minutes of Fox News knows that it is a purveyor of non-stop Trump-fluffing. The program hosts are evangelists of White House doctrine, wholly devoted to the mission of the reality TV game show host currently playing the President of the United States. Fox News has succeeded in cornering the market in ultra-rightist blather and Trumpian sycophancy.

And now they have apparently decided to take some pride in their partisan bias by bragging about it on the air. This moment of self praise came during a rally Donald Trump headlined in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday. The scheduling of this rally was peculiar itself considering that Trump had canceled a picnic for members of Congress earlier the same day. His reason for the cancellation was that “it didn’t feel right,” due to the still roiling controversy over his policy of ripping apart immigrant families. But apparently it felt right enough to fly to Minnesota and appear at a campaign rally where he ranted incoherently about how awesome he is and how much he hates anyone who disagrees.

During the television coverage of the rally by Fox News, the network abandoned any sense of humility – and journalistic integrity – by placing a message on screen touting their undisguised fealty to Dear Leader Trump. The chyron read “Trump Rally Live & Only on Fox News. Other Networks Ignore Presidential Rally.”

Fox News, Donald Trump

So it’s apparently official now: Fox News is the Propaganda Ministry of the Trump Regime. Not only is Fox advertising that they will air every sacred word of their White (House) Messiah, they are also disparaging their competitors who choose to respect the conventions of professional journalism. Legitimate news outlets should only air live campaign events when there is something credibly newsworthy about them. No one can make that claim about a Trump event with a straight face. For the most part Trump has been delivering the same speech for months/years as if he were a washed up oldies band trotting out his hits from the seventies: “Lock Her Up.” “Build the Wall.” “Make America…” blah, blah, blah.

While Fox News whines that other networks are ignoring a presidential rally, what they are actually doing is ignoring a painfully unpresidential public psychotic breakdown. They are avoiding poisoning the airwaves with Trump’s flagrant self-promotion and insulting diatribes. They are refusing to provide free airtime for a partisan rant before an audience of glassy-eyed disciples. Which means that Fox News, by contrast, is willingly doing all of that with an unrestrained sense of pride and self-satisfaction. They are letting everyone see their undying loyalty to Trump and commitment to his warped, divisive, and anti-American mission.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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