Trump Will Be Met By Massive Protests – And a Giant Inflatable Baby Trump – When He Visits Britain

Last year Donald Trump was expected to make a diplomatic mission to Britain. It was called off after he advised Prime Minister Theresa May that he wouldn’t want to go if there would be large-scale protests aimed at him. He tried to get May to insure that no such protests would occur. Of course, she couldn’t do that. And other British authorities, including the leader of the Labour Party and the Mayor of London, both expressed their desire to see Trump’s visit called off. It was.

Donald Trump, Blimp Baby

Several months later Trump was again trying to put together a trip. But this time it was canceled after he tweeted a series of flagrantly racist, and provably phony images directed at Muslims.

Earlier this year Trump himself called off a planned visit to the UK due to reports that protesters were prepared to take the streets and greet him at every stop. This time he sought to blame the cancellation on President Obama for a totally absurd and blatantly false reason:

Ever the persistent world traveler, Trump is now trying to organize a British vacation for early July. However, the British people are no more interested in his presence on their soil than they were before. Demonstrations are being planned to let him know exactly how they feel about him. According to The Guardian as many as 100,000 people will be taking to the streets:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are expected to march in London, Scotland and elsewhere during his trip, which takes place amid a growing transatlantic trade war and global dismay at the treatment of immigrant families at the U.S. border. […]

“Mass anti-Trump marches have been more than a year in the planning, after May first extended an invitation for Trump to visit the U.K. in early 2017. The largest are planned in London, where organizers of Together Against Trump estimate up to 100,000 people, including labor unions and rights groups, will march through the center of the city to Trafalgar Square.”

But that aint all…

“A quieter but eye-catching protest is planned by Leo Murray, 41, who wants to float a helium-filled blimp of Trump as a baby during the visit.”

‘Moral outrage has no affect on Trump because he has no shame, he’s immune to it,’ said the climate campaigner. ‘But he has a tremendously fragile ego so ridicule is an effective form of protest,’ he said. ‘So we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him.'”

This is pretty much the reception that Trump would get anywhere he traveled in the world. With the possible exceptions of Russia and North Korea, where the leaders and the people share his affinity for totalitarian bullies. And if Trump thinks that he’ll be received with cheers and get to ride in a golden carriage, he is going to be bitterly disappointed. But he will likely say that he was treated like a king, and his followers in the U.S. who are watching him on Fox News, will believe it.

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Trump’s Child Abuse is Politicized By Fox News Hacks in the Most Idiotic Way Possible

The right-wing defense of Donald Trump’s heinous policy of ripping apart families of immigrants is continuing into it’s third week. And as it progresses it gets ever more callous and offensive. Just this week we’ve seen conservatives characterize the baby prisons as “summer camps,” or excusing the horror by saying that the immigrant children “aren’t our kids,” or dismissing these human rights abuses because kids aren’t being gassed, or belittling the harm by comparing them to American urban communities.

The extreme contortions that these shills have to make to twist Trump’s grotesque policy into something that his glassy-eyed disciples will embrace is a feat that defiles humanity. And when they aren’t being overtly racist, they are peddling theories so ludicrous as to be monuments to searing political stupidity.

An example of that was provided on Saturday by Jesse Watters of Fox News. On his program he engaged in an exchange with his Fox colleague Ed Henry (note: both of these paragons of virtue were recently outed for cheating on their wives) that revealed their utter disdain for decency. Henry began by casting immigration as an issue that Trump “can carry into the midterms,” falsely charging that “Democrats care sometimes more about illegal immigrants than citizens.” Then, after trying to conflate the issue of children being separated from their parents with crime, the discussion became even more political (video below):

Henry: The President is on the right side when he is talking about enforcing laws, which is pretty obvious, pretty basic. He got elected on that. And cracking down on illegal immigration. The problem is when you put the kids into the middle of it, it enables Democrats and the media to exploit the policy in a way that blows up in his face. He should have thought through that part a whole lot more.
Watters: I agree. And the Democrats think they can run on these child migrants, but I don’t think it’s necessarily gonna move votes, because it doesn’t necessarily affect the average citizen. Yes, it’s sad. It tugs at your heart strings, but it’s not like gas prices, it’s not like taking away your healthcare, it’s not like jobs. It may make you feel bad for the moment, but this isn’t a major issue that I think people, especially independents, are gonna be voting for in November.

Really? Henry thinks that the problem Republicans have is that abusing the human rights of children and families of immigrants is all about the optics, not the welfare of the children. And that Trump’s mistake was not thinking through how awful tearing families apart would look. But how it looks isn’t what is sickening the American people.

Watters went even further to openly discuss the issue in terms of how it would impact the election. And his conclusion was that it wouldn’t hurt Trump or the GOP because American voters wouldn’t care. It’s just a little heart string tugging is all. Not nearly as important as what they pay for gas, or losing their healthcare.

It’s not bad enough that Watters and Henry regard Americans as so selfish that they care more about a few pennies difference in their gas bill than they do about suffering babies. But apparently they havn’t seen what the price of gas is lately either. The national average has increased by 25.6 percent in the past year. What’s more, Trump’s deliberate sabotage of ObamaCare, combined with the GOP tax plan, is predicted to result in as many as twenty-one million Americans losing their coverage. Then there’s also the Republican efforts to do away with protection for people with preexisting conditions and cut seven billion dollars from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

So Watters and Henry are offering an analysis of the upcoming election that is startling stupid. They are arguing that Americans are heartless heathens who are only interested in their own pocketbooks. But at the same time they ignoring that the pocketbook issues they raised slant heavily against the Republicans and Trump. It’s a good thing that their analysis is only being aired on Fox News, because those viewers are the only ones sufficiently brainwashed to believe any of that crap. The rest of the country is poised to oust Republicans specifically because of their policies that hurt average people, as well as their hideous human rights abuses directed at immigrant families.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.