America is Exhausted: Joe Biden Should Embrace Trump’s ‘Sleepy Joe’ Nickname

The presidency of Donald Trump has been marked by failure after failure. His tax scam provided benefits only for corporations and the wealthy. His tariffs burdened American businesses and consumers with higher costs. His foreign policy focused on embracing our enemies (Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un) and alienating our allies.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Furthermore, Trump’s negligence and ignorance with regard to the coronavirus pandemic resulted in more than 112,000 deaths (so far). It produced an economic catastrophe that is only just beginning. And his inbred racism is inflaming social unrest throughout the country. Trump’s nauseatingly unpatriotic response to this is to deploy the American military against American citizens.

One of the few skills for which Trump has been recognized has been his instincts for marketing and branding. It comes with having been a reality TV game show host for fourteen years. He has a way of connecting with the most dimwitted demographic in American society with infantile nicknames and insults. It’s important to note that he isn’t impressing anyone with either intelligence or insight. He’s just adept at appealing to the lowest common denominator, a demographic category to which he also belongs.

In the current presidential campaign, Trump has taken to referring to his Democratic opponent as “Sleepy” Joe Biden, a label that Trump hopes will convey some sort of mental infirmity. Unfortunately for Trump, it applies more accurately to Trump himself than to Biden. Trump has been peddling this branding since April of 2019, with no discernible impact on Biden’s campaign. To date he has tweeted it 113 times. Yet every poll still shows Biden with growing leads nationally, as well as in most of the crucial swing states.

Nevertheless, Trump persists with this campaign despite its being about as effective as a flyswatter against a rhinoceros. So this might be good time for Biden to grasp a hold of the moniker and lob it back at Trump. Biden could say something like this…

Am I “sleepy”? Well, I sure as hell am tired of listening to Donald Trump’s lies about virtually everything. Yeah, I’m tired of him lying about me, but more importantly, I’m tired of him lying to the American people about his record of failure, bigotry, and imaginary achievements. I’m tired of him dividing Americans from one another at a time when we need to be united more than ever. I’m tired of seeing thousands get sick and die due to his ignorance total lack of competence or compassion.

And that’s not all. I’m tired of watching our country lose respect internationally and become the laughingstock of the world. I’m tired of seeing our leadership on issues like climate change, nuclear disarmament, and trade, be abandoned to foreign competitors. And if listening to Trump babble on and on about himself doesn’t make you sleepy, you might have a serious sleep disorder.”

That’s just for starters. It should also be pointed out that Trump’s banal and repetitive rhetoric could put a meth addict to sleep. He repeats more often than episodes of Friends. And his cult followers have been asleep from day one, in a hypnotic stupor – a cognitive coma – that shields them from facts, truth and reality.

So yes, Joe is sleepy. America is sleepy. And Trump is the nation’s sedative. But we are developing a resistance (that’s right, resistance) to Trump’s injections of verbal anesthetics. More Americans are waking up every day, and we’re ready to flush Trump down the drain in November.

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