Trump’s Vile Attacks on Joe Biden’s Mental Health Blow Up In His Face

While America and the world are struggling to cope with a deadly international pandemic, Donald Trump is crassly exploiting the crisis for his own political aspirations. His appearances at the daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings are thinly disguised campaign events where his presence is worse than unnecessary, it’s dangerous. He just wastes time dispensing flagrant lies and false optimism, mixed with pompous self-flattery.

Trump Fear

As “president” Trump should have more important things to do than act as an MC for the knowledgeable doctors and scientists whose views are interrupted by his need to be the center of attention. He appointed Vice-President Pence to head the task force, but he’s too egocentric to let Pence do that job while he attends to other critical – but less media-focused – presidential duties. This is behavior that affirms that Trump is – as always – only concerned about himself and his desperate craving to hold onto power.

To that end, Trump continues his politicking on Twitter. He frequently posts accolades and endorsements of his bootlicking Republican comrades, while lashing out with dishonest assaults on Democrats. And on Wednesday morning Trump unleashed one of his most repulsive attacks on his likely 2020 opponent Joe Biden.

Trump tweeted a vile video (which will not be linked here) of Biden that was purposefully edited to give the false impression that Biden is mentally unfit. That’s an ironic position for Trump to take considering all the evidence of his own mental infirmities for which there is abundant confirmation. See: The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

What’s more, if Trump wants to play the sanity game with video clips, he is far more vulnerable to that sort of attack than Biden. For instance…

And then there’s this…

And this late addition that features Fox News shills spliced in…

And that’s not all. Joe Scarborough put together another compilation on his MSNBC program, Morning Joe. All of this proves that there is really no shortage of evidence that Trump is psychologically compromised. In fact, there was a conference at Yale University that featured testimony from numerous psychiatric professionals attesting to Trump’s unfitness for office. And an analysis of Trump’s behavior fits the diagnosis of senile dementia.

Consequently, Trump’s berating Biden for a few verbal gaffes (by someone who has suffered since childhood from stuttering), is both absurd and a textbook example of projection. And Trump has been doing it for a year with his infantile nickname “Sleepy” Joe. It would be inadvisable for Biden or other Democrats to lower themselves to Trump’s level. However, the Internet community of “Resisters” should feel free to post these videos every time Trump makes assertions about Biden’s mental health or calls him “sleepy.” Because there really is no competition between Trump and Biden with regard to mental acuity. As Trump is so fond of boasting, he definitely wins at being more riddled with dementia.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Vile Attacks on Joe Biden’s Mental Health Blow Up In His Face

  1. OK. Just for the record, here’s the link to Trump’s putrid tweet. But don’t feel obligated to use it.

  2. I say this again, never let any Republican deny their responsibility for Donald J. Trumpf (R) in the United States’ White House. “The Family Values Republicans” will deny, and then blame the Democratic Party for Trumpf (R) being in Office. Those Fake Americans willingly accepted over $50 million from the Russians to sway an American Election. The Republicans will put him up for Nomination, although they fully know he is destroying the Nation for Vladimir Putin, the man who does in Fact have Nuclear weapons aimed at American babies, and the elderly. The elderly are the ones the Republicans are now saying should die for the “economy”. The Lt. Governor of Texas wants elderly people of color to die, for his Family Values Republican’s brats on Spring Break!! He should set a Republican example for Republicans to follow, and prove his theory, by Publicly shooting himself, for the “good of the economy”. If he does, he will show the Republicans who they really are.

  3. I know Biden is a few years older but remember his debate with the now(finally!) forgotten moron Sara Palin? He had to be so nice to her in that debate to be careful not to be accused of being a sexist bully. He won’t have to do that with the moron Trump. He’ll be able to let loose on the dimwit and I look forward to that.

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