Trump Unleashes More ‘Witch Hunt’ Victim-Whining Over Criminal Probe in New York

Throughout the one-term presidency of Donald Trump, he has been implicated in numerous criminal activities. They include making hush money payments to porn porn stars, collusion with Russians seeking to interfere with an election, obstruction of justice, financial and tax fraud connected to his real estate business, swindling his charitable foundation, and more election misconduct in Georgia.

Donald Trump, Witch Hunt

Now out of office, the legal perils of the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host continue to unfold. The New York Attorney General’s office has announced that that office’s civil investigations of Trump have been escalated to include criminal offenses. This significantly increases the severity of the charges against Trump and the potential sentences. Consequently, Trump is responding in a measured, rational, and intelligent manner to this difficult situation.

Just kidding! Naturally, Trump is flying off the handle with unhinged outbursts and preposterous countercharges. He posted his vexatious Temper TanTrump™ on the lame and poorly visited blog that he launched after being booted from Twitter and Facebook for lying. His rant began…

“I have just learned, through leaks in the mainstream media, that after being under investigation from the time I came down the escalator 5 ½ years ago, including the fake Russia Russia Russia Hoax, the 2 year, $48M, No Collusion Mueller Witch Hunt, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and others, that the Democrat New York Attorney General has ‘informed’ my organization that their ‘investigation’ is no longer just a civil matter but also potentially a ‘criminal’ investigation working with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.”

First of all, the news of the criminal probe wasn’t “leaked.” It was released to the press publicly by the New York Attorney General’s office. However, it was nice of Trump to remind everyone of some of his flagrant misdeeds. It was also a nostalgic trip to the not-so-distant past to hear Trump yammering about the “Witch Hunt” again. Trump’s tediously long post also complained that…

“…the District Attorney and Attorney General are possessed, at an unprecedented level, with destroying the political fortunes of President Donald J. Trump and the almost 75 million people who voted for him.”

The evidence that somebody else wrote this for Trump is clear in the use of the third person to refer to Trump. This screed is also attempting to divert attention away from an investigation focused of his own perfidious behavior, to some kind of attack on those who voted for him. That’s pretty delusional, but not quite as delusional as his closing:

“Working in conjunction with Washington, these Democrats want to silence and cancel millions of voters because they don’t want ‘Trump’ to run again. […] No President has been treated the way I have.”

If Trump and/or his voters were “canceled” (a vapid and overused buzzword that has lost all meaning), it isn’t by this investigation. It was by the 81 million people who voted for President Biden. Trump still can’t accept that reality. So he continues to propagate the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him. That inflammatory rhetoric – which incited a deadly insurrection in Washington, D.C., – is all over his blog, even as his Republican sycophants in Congress obediently regurgitate it.

At least Trump is consistent in his ambition to be the most whiny and cowardly president in the history of the United States. He never stops playing the victim despite having been a privileged, trust fund crybaby who never worked a day in his life. How anyone can regard this relentless bellyacher as a leader with strength is confounding.

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