Trump’s Relentless Election ‘Fraud’ Whining Only Exposes His Irrelevance and Impotence

Relax America. The Whiner-in-Chief is on the job. Donald Trump is vigorously discharging his duties at his luxurious Palm Beach golf resort while the rest of us are struggling to put food on the table, pay our rents and mortgages, and avoid contracting the deadly coronavirus. At least we can rest assured that Trump – who regards his “duties” as bitterly complaining about how terrible he is treated – can whine better than anyone else. He said so himself, bragging that “I am the most fabulous whiner.”

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Donald Trump, King

The problem for Trump is that his whining is having no effect whatsoever on those to whom he is directing it: the press that tells the truth about him; the public that decisively rejected him; and even his own Republican comrades who don’t listen to him. In fact, Trump’s obsessed whinery is so witheringly ineffective that it only serves to make him look more feeble and eminently ignorable. Which is what he is experiencing today by the barrel full.

So you have to wonder why Trump continues his impotent griping when it is so obviously useless. Just in the past week he has posted these plaintive wailings that have succeeded in getting him nothing at all:

The only message Trump is sending with this non-stop blathering is that nobody – not even his “friends” in the wingnut media and Republican Party – are paying any attention to him. They surely are not complying with his demands or he wouldn’t have to repeat them so frequently – and desperately. With the exception of a few ultra-cultist Trumpies (i.e. Louis Gohmert, Josh Hawley, Kelly Loeffler, etc.), he is being brushed off like an unwanted fleck of orange-stained dandruff. And yet, he keeps crying out for attention and obedience that he isn’t getting. Which further proves how weak he really is.

Is this the image of a strong leader that Trump hopes to present? Do his dimwitted disciples see how pitiful he is in the eyes of his assumed allies? Is he completely oblivious to the fact that this incessant whining reveals the pathetic loser that is hiding behind his transparent facade of machismo? Or is he just too lost in desperation and the fear of what awaits him – financially and legally – in civilian life?

Either way, Trump is displaying more of the lack of character that has been his hallmark for most of the past half century. So why would anyone expect anything different now? And for good measure, Trump also tweeted this woeful whine on Wednesday morning as if to affirm his laughable inadequacy:

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s Relentless Election ‘Fraud’ Whining Only Exposes His Irrelevance and Impotence

  1. Yes, Trump is bad…even for a whining baby and its antics, but yet, the supposed GOP grown-ups are even worse in totally ignoring the antics their wailing and screaming child is carrying on with…

  2. What I truly will never understand is how the Tyrant STILL retains his mindless worshipers. It doesn’t matter a fetid dingo’s kidney how strong their all-consuming worship of Their Beloved God is. Tyrant will turn against his worshipers the second he believes that worship is NOT as powerful as he WANTS it to be. And it ALWAYS happens. Fux Spews should know that intimately — it happens to Fux Spews ALL THE TIME!

    That’s obvious to everyone … except a Tyrant Worshiper.

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