LOL: Fox News Reports that Trump Has Launched His (Pitifully Lame) Alt-Twitter Site

About six months ago Donald Trump was booted off of several social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. His exile was prompted by his relentless lying, particularly about the COVID pandemic and his delusional “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him.

Donald Trump Walking the Plank

Ever since then, crybaby Trump has whined that he’s a victim of a clandestine techie cabal determined to silence him. He also promised that he would eventually return to the InterTubes with his own social media platform. And now, according to Fox News, that time has come. The announcement was made on the Fox website in an article headlined: “Trump launches new communications platform months after Twitter, Facebook ban.” It began…

“Former President Trump on Tuesday launched a communications platform, which will eventually give him the ability to communicate directly with his followers, after months of being banned from sites like Twitter and Facebook. […] The space will allow Trump to post comments, images, and videos.”

However, a link to Trump’s new “communications platform” reveals something decidedly underwhelming. Firstly, it’s just a subpage of his current website. Secondly, it’s nothing more than an old school blog. And even at that it’s lacking the standard features that exist on every other blog, including the ability for visitors to post comments. As Fox News describes it…

“The space allows Trump to post, and allows followers to share the former president’s posts to Twitter and Facebook, however, the new platform does not have a feature to allow users to “reply” or engage with Trump’s posts.”

WOW! This highly advanced technology was produced by Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, who is currently under investigation for stealing $40 million from Trump’s campaign.

In addition to the pathetic implementation of this alt-Twitter farce, the claim that it was just launched is also untrue. Trump already has posts going back to March 24. Although the most recent post is short video that hysterically oversells the blog, saying that…

“In a time of silence and lies a beacon of freedom arises. A place to speak freely and safely. Straight from the desk of Donald J. Trump.”

Sure. A place to speak freely, but only for Trump, since no comments are allowed. And as a Trump property, you can rest assured that it will fulfill its mission to be a beacon of lies. But, for the most part, it’s primarily an outlet for Trump to vent incoherently the way he used to on Twitter. So far his posts have lashed out his critics, praised his sycophants, and always – ALWAYS – promulgating the “Big Lie.” that he’s the “real” president being oppressed by an imaginary cabal of “Deep State” usurpers.

So it’s really no different than a Trump cult rally. The same anger and hostility, The same undeserved bragging. The same feeding of his voracious ego. And the same constant avalanche of flagrant falsehoods. All wrapped up in a sorry little 1990s style weblog that isn’t even marginally interactive. It’s just another sad and humiliating failure for America’s Biggest Loser, the former reality TV game show host, and the current leader of the Republican Party.

UPDATE (Still failing): NBC News is reporting that: “The ex-president’s blog has drawn a considerably smaller audience than his once-powerful social media accounts.”

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16 thoughts on “LOL: Fox News Reports that Trump Has Launched His (Pitifully Lame) Alt-Twitter Site

  1. There has never been a shortage of lies & liars in the world, or in this Country but, just like hatred, racism & bigoted assholery, Mr. Trump-a-chump has made it no longer something people keep under wraps. Now, thanks to the Lyin’ King, it has reached pandemic proportions & the lies are constant, repeated & spread like an out-of-control virus. And there appears to be no consequences for the hateful lies, nor for the Big Lie ~ that lie caused a violent mob of “Trumpies” to storm the Capitol planning not only to stop Congress, but to overturn valid election results & to harm or kill certain members of Congress. Other members – indeed a whole Rethug Party of them – are now fulky engaged in spreading that lie, shouting it from rooftops & 3 networks are also pushing this big, fat, dangerous lie. A very quiet voice is all that speaks truth & it’s drowned out! Using that lie to raise campaign funds & to distract from UNdemocratic, anti-voting laws that same Rethugs are putting in place in almost every State. Why aren’t we doing anything about it? Why are Senate Rethugs allowed to come right out & say that there will be NO Rethugs voting for Biden’s next 2 proposed pkgs to help this entire Country?
    Congress GOP has supported the insurrection attempt at overthrow — nothing done to remove them! They are openly taking away the right to vote from millions of mostly (D) & (I) voters as a result — nothing is done to stop them! Seems to me that both Parties are too corrupted to take a stand against those who flagrantly violate our laws, our Constitution!
    If this is true, then it’s already too late to save us. We’ve already decided to concede to the anti-democracy forces within gov’t at State & Federal levels. We will rue the day “we” chose to do nothing to those wanting to end democracy & rule over all themselves instead!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more when you lament that no one is doing anything to stop the work the Republicans are doing (and they are VERY busy!) to set the States up for a future voting system guaranteed to keep Democrats from winning. I’m disgusted and frightened by the fact that, as usual, the Democrats are missing the long game. Everyone seems to just be relieved that Trump is gone (he’s definitely not gone!) and are insisting on living in the moment. While there’s some good in this “live for now” philosophy, it’s really obvious that we Liberals are sadly lacking in any long range plan on how to keep the power we have. My worst nightmare is that the Democrats will act surprised in 2022 when they lose the House and then bumble their way to a second, and much, much worse Trump presidency.

      • Your worst nightmare is mine also! Most awful thing is that it’s a predictable possibility. All too possible.
        I want to believe that Dem Party officials are not just “Rethugs-Lite”, but my thinking brain won’t allow me to. There are too many things/times where I do not see the effort put forth that surely could & should be brought to the task. Half-ass efforts & “sternly worded letters” are simply NOT good enuff! There are a handful in Congress – from both major Parties – that are there for the right reasons & represent their Party’s values, but they are badly outnumbered by the corrupted who have often stayed in office too long & for wrong reasons.

        We need new, additional Parties – 1 being Independents – cuz’ the main 2 have “lost their way” & I sincerely believe cannot be rehabilitated at this point. The obscene amounts of money now commonplace in U.S. elections has corrupted the entire process beyond repair. The money is far too powerful a force & will not allow the changes that would be required!
        We must push for new Parties to truly represent “We The People” — conservative, liberal & working class values — none of which are honestly represented in the current forms.
        As if those in moneyed power positions are going to allow that! We will need to push, hard & quickly, before it’s too late!

  2. Sunny, I share your outrage but not your view of “both parties.” There are many people of integrity and honesty within the Democratic party, and they are working to undo the flagrant fascist attacks on free elections being waged by the Repugnicans. Trump and McConnell haven’t totally corrupted the Judiciary either, and that arm of government will be the weapon which is most useful against illegal and unconstitutional abuses of election laws. You’re absolutely right that we cannot concede in the face of such blatant disregard for the norms of democracy, or we will indeed echo and repeat the failures of the short-lived German democracy of the 1920s.

    • Yeah, I felt kinda’ bad about linking them all together, as if Dems are all the same. Dems are allowed to have their own opinions (mostly), unlike the other Party! There are (D)s workin’ hard to get good things done & trying to be heard above the static & noise. They aren’t being heard tho! (Bernie does get heard, more than most; is Ind.)
      Maybe 2 decent (R)s left & a couple more went Independent ~ if there are more good (R)s, they should change Parties, maybe go Ind. Will get pushed out by the lying slime that has taken over & are now proudly Rethugs, Trump-thumpin’, lying seditionists, & anti-U.S. democracy. “Anti everything” it seems! Money & power over-rules any morals, ethics they may have had.
      Some individual Dems ARE there for the right reasons, but some are corporate-owned & corrupted by $$$. I think maybe got tired of being “party of the poor” while GOP had all the big bucks to use against ’em. DNC/DCCC are now dirty, corrupted.
      I realy, truly think we need new Parties! The Parties were s’posed to evolve with changing times. Instead, money & power rule…& not equally, for all.

      There are some Dems willing to fight the good fight, but aren’t ones with power, I guess. By the time they are, could be too late! A 3rd Party would break-up the 2 Party stalemate in Congress & better represent real people & issues. This shit ain’t workin’! But yeah, I shouldn’t have lumped all Dems into 1. Frustrating as hell when 1 Party running amuck & obviously doing shit that’s destroying our democracy, so they can take & rule over all. No one in power, is doing anything to stop them! We have the people who back the Big Lie & Jan 6th still in Congress! Look what they’re doing to voting rights, etc! Those who voted to overturn election based on known lie, should’ve been removed from office, censured, something! But no. We will pay the price.

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