Macho Poser Tucker Carlson’s Journey from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to ‘The End of Men’

Apparently serving as the Fox News spokesperson for white nationalism and America’s racist hate community wasn’t enough for Tucker Carlson. So he launched a documentary production venture that commits his most toxic conspiracy mongering to film. He began with a crocumentary asserting, without a sliver of evidence, that Donald Trump’s January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C., was an FBI “false flag” operation.

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Now Carlson has released the trailer for his next preposterous project entitled “The End of Men.” By all appearances it seems to be an in-depth exploration of Carlson’s deep-seated insecurity about his pitifully lacking masculinity and flaming impotence. Judging from the trailer, Carlson has produced some sort of soft-core gay porn paean to the supremacy of patriarchy and male bonding. He introduced it saying that…

“One of the biggest stories in our lifetimes is the total collapse of testosterone levels in American men. Those levels are declining by roughly ten percent per decade, completely changing the way people are at the most fundamental level. NIH does not seem interested in this at all. Not a big deal. We think it is a huge deal, and we want to know what’s causing it, and what you can do about it. That’s the topic of our upcoming documentary called, ‘The End Of Men.’ Here’s a look at the trailer.”

Carlson’s project praises what he says are the “Hard times [that] produce men who are tough, men who are resourceful, men who are strong enough to survive. They go on to reestablish order.” Naturally, in his bitterly misogynistic view it is always the men who are responsible for order and control. But even in his brief introduction, he manages to get everything wrong, as usual.

Setting aside the absurdity of saying that declining testosterone levels are “One of the biggest stories in our lifetimes,” Carlson elaborates by asserting that such a decline is tantamount to “completely changing the way people are at the most fundamental level.” He never explains why that would be the case. It’s just his innate fear that the pseudo-machismo that he aspires to is a waning factor in modern America.

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What’s more, contrary to Carlson’s clownish mockery of the National institutes of Health (NIH) as having no interest in this, the NIH has actually been actively studying it. Their research has defined the potential causes that include increased obesity, declining exercise and physical activity, diabetes, smoking, and environmental toxins. Ironically, those factors could be countered by advancing public programs to improve health care and clean up the environment, both of which conservatives like Carlson fervently oppose.

Carlson’s embrace of this issue is inherently paradoxical. It’s not like he is anyone’s model of masculinity. And if he were truly concerned about the changing fundamentals of manhood, you would have to wonder why he draped himself so daintily when competing in “Dancing With the Stars.” It was a performance that garnered an appropriate review by a true American hero, veteran and senator Tammy Duckworth:

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Carlson’s latest outrage is just another example of his hatred for women and his fear of inadequacy. So he needs to reassure himself that he is master of his domain by embracing misogyny and homophobia. It’s an old story that is repeated often in conservative politics by posers like Carlson and serial sexual harasser, Donald Trump.

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