ObamaCars: The Latest Loony Fox News Conspiracy Theory

What do you do when you are the national mouthpiece for vile propaganda against a political party and a president that you were created to destroy, but all of your efforts have collapsed into a pile of bullshit due to the complete lack of evidence or even common sense? Well, just ask Fox News who have seen their every attempt to manufacture scandal blow up in their lying faces.

From Benghazi to the IRS, Fox News has struck out in their efforts to hang a juicy controversy around President Obama’s neck. So their answer to the question above is to trot out a brand new conspiracy theory that they invented from scratch: ObamaCars.

Fox News

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On Fox & Friends, the curvy couch potatoes were joined by radio shrew Laura Ingraham, Bush’s former press secretary, Dana Perino, and Rupert Murdoch’s personal lawyer, Peter Johnson, Jr. (the man with three names that are all synonyms for penis). In the course of their conversation they introduced a budding scandalette that they clearly believe will rip the heart out of their beastly foe in the White House.

What the Foxies are alleging is that, in the words of Steve Doocy, “there’s a provision in the Immigration bill that could be used to give free cars, motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicles, to young people.” Oh my. That would troubling – if there were even a scintilla of truth to it which, of course, there is not. This laughably ridiculous claim seems to have originated at the Official Birthplace of Laughably Ridiculous Claims, Breitbart News, where they extrapolated a nonsensical analysis of an amendment attached to the bill to allocate funding for youth job programs. The language that Breitbart and Fox found so offensive simply described that the funds were to be used…

“…to provide summer employment opportunities for low-income youth, with direct linkages to academic and occupational learning, and may be used to provide supportive services, such as transportation or child care, that is necessary to enable the participation of such youth in the opportunities.”

“Supportive services,” as regards transportation, are nothing more ominous than bus fare. They are certainly not promises to purchase vehicles for kids looking for work. Yet that is precisely what the conspiracy theorists at Fox have alleged. This delusion was directly refuted by Sen. Bernie Sanders, the author of the amendment, who said that…

“…the program has the option of providing funding for bus fare or subway tickets or other means of transportation. It is only the wild imagination that we have come to expect from Fox TV that would come up with this preposterous idea that we are buying automobiles for young people.”

This Fox fantasy was also refuted by Tea-publican Sen. Marco Rubio and was given a “Pants-on-Fire” designation as a lie by PolitiFact.

Where does the dementia end with these people? It would be one thing if this were a fringe newsletter published by radicals in robes and hoods, pretending to defend liberty from their wilderness camp in Idaho. But is this Fox News, the most-watched cable news network, and their leading anchors and contributors. The next thing we can expect to hear from Fox is that Obama supporters were found to be using their ObamaPhones while driving their ObamaCars which led to their need for emergency ObamaCare. Don’t laugh. I’m sure they are working on this story right now.


37 thoughts on “ObamaCars: The Latest Loony Fox News Conspiracy Theory

  1. All those new ObamaCars will come with ObamaPhones that have a preset # to auto-dail Planned Parenthood for free contraceptives.

    You know ACORN is involved in this too. They just have to be.

    Not to worry, “the curvy couch potatoes” are on the case!

    • Rob, stop being a moron

      Lifeline was first enacted by Congress in 1985, during the Reagan Administration. In 2005, the Bush Administration expanded the program to include cell phone service.

      • Chill out TI. RobJ was being sarcastic. And you’re right about the Lifeline program being started in the Reagan years. But now the wingnuts are jumping on it with absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

        Even James O’Keefe got into it with one of his most idiotic bits yet.

    • Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Can I use the Obamacar to drive to the county courthouse to get my free license for a gay marriage or eventualy a marriage

  2. This bill was authored and passed by Congress with many Republican votes but without much input from the Obama administration. How, then, can these cars be “Obamacars”? Why aren’t they “Rubiocars” or “McCain-obiles”?

    • Because you can’t gin up apocalyptic nightmares of socialist Muslim tyrants by calling them RubioCars.

    • To the right, the Obama prefix means ‘government thing you should hate’. It’s an automatic trigger meant to tell their viewers ‘No need to think about this at all, just hate it’. It’s a propaganda tool used to keep an audience ignorant and ensure they stay in line with the desired narrative. It’s a form of manipulation, the exact opposite of their slogan. They decide, they report, you swallow.

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could base our public policy decisions on actual facts, instead nonsense made up by republicans and their propaganda arm-Fox!

  4. So, how much is the trip to Africa going to cost this time?
    How many lies can Eric Holder tell, which are documented on tape, before the dumbass leader this administration fires him?
    How many new distractions (“Climate Control, oops, no more global warming, i.e.) before we wake up and realize were still $17 Trillion in debt and we missed it while dreaming of clean air?
    Isn’t it time we work on the United States and forget the other other crap?

    • While we’re speaking of Fox News zombies, look what shows up. I’m glad I was wearing my metal brain protector.

    • Hey Tom, the debt was caused primarily by Bush cutting taxes on the rich while putting two major wars on the credit card. Spending has actually DECLINED under Obama.

      Oh, and global warming. It’s real, and nobody has said, “Oops, it’s not real.” You know who says it’s real? Scientists. The people who, like, won World War 2, put men on the moon, and invented trains, planes, cars, computers, and modern medicine. But what do they know, right?

      • Are we still blaming Bush after almost 5 yrs. REALLY????

        • I suppose we should stop all this crazy blame thing on John Wilkes Booth too, huh? If it happened in 07 and 08, and we were there and we knew it in 09, then why would it not still be a part of reality NOW ? Your cognitive thinking is what keeps Fox alive and well…..Duh

        • Don’t get your panties in a knot, Linda, we only blame Bush for the trillions in debt he actually accrued with terrible policy decisions, tax decreases, cash refunds for all (I put my $200 stimulus check in the bank & paid bills, big whoop), his coupla wars & don’t forget his greatest piece of legislation, the unfunded No Child Left Behind. And we must give him some credit by deregulating financial institutions & letting them run amok for the global financial crash that made it so terribly difficult to recover, but it’s true, his bad ideas weren’t the only bad ideas that brought that about. He’s just not smart enough to do that all by himself.

        • You and I both know, Linda, that sometimes things that we do have long lasting effects, and that the damage isn’t always easily ameliorated, so there’s no use for us to pretend that these kinds of things don’t happen. I’ve been a participant and observer of American politics for over 40 years and I can say without a doubt that every presidential administration makes missteps and has to deal with problems. If they didn’t, we’d have perfect presidents, but because they’re human, we can expect them to make mistakes, just like we make mistakes.

        • Yes, just like right-wingers still talk about Carter even though he’s been out of office for over thirty years. Only Carter didn’t drive the country into debt, start two wars, and ruin the economy. That sort of stuff takes a little longer to clean up.

      • Tom knows that what you are saying is true; he just chooses not to believe it. Oh, and let me add that the Bush tax cuts actually resulted in a NET LOSS of jobs in the United States during Bush’s two glorious terms.

        What a relief it will be to Tom and his friends when a “White, Befuddled, Retrograde-50’s Daddy” type like Reagan is back in the White House. Then they can go back to sleep knowing all is safe and sound…

    • If you did not call every trip bush took out of the country a VACATION – SHUT THE F***k K UP

      • Yeah… that was when he _could_ travel out of the country, eh? Tries it now he gets popped for a war criminal!

      • The implication, of course, is that Obama is takes a lot of time off because he is lazy and he is lazy because he is black. Whereas we know that Bush’s many, many days at the ranch were “working vacations” (giggle).

    • Oh, and Tom, let’s talk about this working on the United States. So why won’t Republicans raise taxes on the rich and corporations so we can do that? Improve education, repair our infrastructure, invest in scientific research and technology. Working on global warming IS working on the United States. Investing in clean air and clean water and clean energy is one of the best damn things we can do for our country and economy. Apparently, YOU think the best thing for us is to have some kind of dark Blade Runner future.

    • Tom~A breath of fresh amidst all the numbskull liberal blah, blah, blah…..Really, they are so bent on making FOX (thank God for FOX!!) look bad, that they comply ignore the poor leadership and feeling of entitlement that their great leader seems to have. Horrible President.

      • FYI: Making Fox look bad doesn’t take much work. Fox does most of it themselves. What’s really sad is that there are people like you thanking God for Fox. Well, God told me that He didn’t have anything to do with it and doesn’t want the blame.

        • What always amuses me, Mark, is that the same people who thank God for Fox News claim to be Christians. It would seem that knowing that the Foxheads regularly break the 9th Commandment by lying to their viewers and exposing the network’s lies would motivate these Christians to abandon the network. I don’t think embracing lies and disobeying one of God’s commandments at the same time is very logical. LOL. Just saying.

          • Logic and religion don’t and can’t mix. Not possible. Ignorance is a command given by god, (given the story of the tree and all), ‘lean not on your own understanding’. Religious adherents believe in magic, asking them to be reasonable or think about anything critically is folly.

      • “Feeling of entitlement” is a dog whistle that even non-racists (unlike yourself) can understand. You need to work on that.

    • And…….Tom, please give us a road map to Nirvana. You seem to have much to say, but no plan to help. This will be fun. Everybody stay tuned. Tom has all the answers forthcoming, and what’s really cool, is he doesn’t know the questions. Please Tom, save America! We await your wisdom. this will be fun….just wait. come on Tom. You got nothin…..do ya? Didn’t think so.

    • You might laugh at the Lexus comment, but when they started giving cell phones to the so called needy, it was trac phones, now, its iphones. So yes, sign yourself up for a Lexus!!!

      • You need to check your “facts.” No one is giving away any iPhones. The Lifeline service is a barebones program. You can add features, but you have to pay for them yourself.

        And as for your question above, yes, we’re still blaming Bush. And we’ll keep blaming Bush until the deficit he created is paid off.

  5. Really Tom. Oops no global warming. What rock you living under. Proven scientifically. Sorry move on Republican.

  6. Guess Tom’s been brainwashed by Fox…

  7. Does anyone else remember the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA)? It’s from the ’70s, and operated under both Republican and Democratic administrations. And it had the exact same provisions.

    Funny, but nobody was ranting then about NixonCars …

    • I remember the program, Miguel, because many of my high school students got summer jobs under the program. IMO, it was a very successful program.

  8. Can a fox news viewer please tell me where I can go to have someone force me to have an abortion? I’m desperate!

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