Hollywood’s Conservative Crybabies

A couple of weeks ago the Washington Times published a story about beleaguered conservatives in the entertainment industry. Just the fact that the story appeared in the Washington Times would normally be enough reason to laugh it off, but the article gets even funnier than one might imagine. It begins:

“A group of politically conservative and centrist Hollywood figures organized by actor Gary Sinise and others has been meeting quietly in restaurants and private homes, forming a loose-knit network of entertainers who share common beliefs like supporting U.S. troops and traditional American values […] The group, whose members call themselves “Friends of Abe” after Abraham Lincoln [are they sure it’s not Vigoda?], was organized as an underground movement because of fears that prominent industry titans with outspoken liberal views would retaliate, said participants. They often were reluctant to name members of the group in interviews for fear it would hurt their careers.”

To the extent that this shadowy conclave of rebels was willing to shed their reluctance to name names (behavior with which conservatives should be familiar), they thoroughly undermined their stated mission. Those courageous enough to step forward include some of Hollywood’s biggest stars:

  • Gary Sinise
  • Pat Boone
  • Jon Voight
  • Kelsey Grammer
  • Lionel Chetwynd

And this list doesn’t include big conservative names that have not been associated with Friends of Abe:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Bruce Willis
  • Tom Selleck
  • Patricia Heaton
  • Adam Sandler
  • Mel Gibson
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Chuck Norris

Conservatives are desperately trying to carve a place for themselves in a Hollywood they believe does not want them. There have been at least three articles in the Washington Times on the subject. It has also been taken up by the Los Angeles Times, the National Review, and Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard did a cover story on it.

But can they really be serious about alleging discrimination, and fear of retaliation when, by their own accounts, they are enjoying stupendous success and popularity? Of course they can. Fealty to the truth or reality has never stopped a conservative before. It’s what the Bush administration relies on whenever they describe programs like “Clear Skies,” “Healthy Forests,” or “iraqi Freedom.” It’s what allows John McCain to complain that the media is unfair to him, or that Barack Obama is a flip-flopper. It is a strategy wherein you assert the polar opposite of what you actually mean – what actually is. This round of bitching is emblematic of right-wing methodology in politics.

It is also ironic that these efforts to exalt celebrity should bubble up at a time when the McCain campaign is mocking celebrity with juvenile ads about Britney Spears.

So it should surprise no one that conservatives would assert that, if they were to disclose their views in Hollywood, they would never be successful, and then trot out a bevy of successful Hollywood conservatives to make their case. This is the way they work, and they pray that the American people are stupid enough to fall for it. I think that’s what they really mean by a “Faith-based Initiative.”


25 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Conservative Crybabies

  1. I can see why there are no comments on this article up this point – how can you address stupidity? Liberals ALWAYS talk about their open-mindedness. What a joke? If you are so “open minded”, then why do start having knee-jerk reactions to conservative views? To quote a stupid liberal who kept having run-ins with the law, “Can’t we all just get along (and put McCain in the White House)?”

    • Thanks for posting a comment that doesn’t substantively address even a single point that I made above. You just toss around insults and ignore the issue. A typical conservative response.

  2. I think whoever wrote the above article is naive as to think that conservatives aren’t bashed or disrespected in Hollywood for daring to have an independent thought. Apparently they’ve never worked in Hollywood.

    I agree with the comment above that liberals being open-minded is a total joke. I’ve found certain Hollywood Democrats to be the most narrow-minded, vitriolic, ignorant sheep who wouldn’t dare to consider both sides to an issue for fear that their viewpoint might be proven wrong.

    Those who are pushing Obama simply because he’s a Democrat are going to be in for a rude awakening should he make office.

    • Another comment that fails to offer a counter to any argument I’ve made. And this one presumes to know what my work history is.

      Just answer this simple question: If conservatives are so disrespected in Hollywood, then why are so many of them amongst the top stars (see list above)? I doubt you can answer that because you’re too busy being a narrow-minded, vitriolic, ignorant sheep.

      And can you speak to those who are pushing McCain simply because he’s a Republican? That includes some of the most prominent conservatives who, during the primaries, swore they would NEVER support McCain (i.e. Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Romney, etc.).

  3. Stephen Baldwin has been told that he has been removed from potential acting parts due to his conservatism. (Interview with Phil Valentine) I can hardly believe that his is the sole incident. Hollywood has presented too many cases where they show they believe that the United States is a horrid place and that the state of the world is our fault. But to paraphrase Ann Coulter, Liberalism is essentially where one set of rules applies to everyone else, and a different set of rules apply to me. I break this down as that liberals claim to know how to run my life better than myself. Their biggest problem is the US Constitution that is suppossed to guarantee individual rights. As far as liberal hatemongering, I receive it daily at work. I’ve been declared a racist simply by saying it would be in a terrorist’s best interest to vote for Obama since he is weak on national defense. Their logic, (this was actually explained to me) is that since Obama is black, I am calling all black people terrorists. Huh?

    • I’m sure Baldwin would like think that his dismissal was political as opposed his lack of talent. And the fact that he would whine about this to arch-conservative Phil Valentine is not surprising. Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Drew Carey, etc. have no problem finding work.

      And just as a reminder, it is liberals who are the defenders of the Constitution and conservatives who seek to undermine it (Patriot Act, suspension of Habeas Corpus, unitary executive, etc.).

      And if you don’t see the hatefulness of asserting that terrorists support Obama, I feel sorry for you. Obama is for a stronger, more effective national defense than McCain. One that focuses on real threats, rather than the lies served up by Bush and McCain.

      • This message is for mark and all the other lemmings. bo is a corrupt, socialist, fraud. All of his medical/birth records have been sealed, and all of his school records have been sealed. All of the evidence against him grows as he maintains no response. Philip Berg will prevail in court. Now, for those supported the fraud,and do not understand how dangerous this administration is to AMERICAN FREEMARKETS. The “STIMULUS” that has just been passed is the writing on the wall. It’s a JOKE and a stepping stone to socialism. Take note when you fill out your taxes this year. You will see a min.increase of 5-7% in the following years. when the BUSH tax cuts end, that were put in place for prosperity and worked, in 2010 the hyperinflation will set in. hyperinflation is the affect of printing money the US does not have! Thanks to the housing act of 1992 that was put in place and abused for at least 12 years! Next you should hear how raum emanual wants to move the census from commerce to the white house so he can redraw the districts in favor of the demoncrats, add to that the blanket amnesty for illegals, welfare checks and jobs. This will change the demogaphics forever in favor of the demoncrats. If you do not pay taxes you will receive placating money(welfare) and you will never prosper or rise above to create your own wealth. You will remain in the low level,uneducated status throughout your life and your kids life. the health care part of the “stimulus” is how the corrupt administration will dominate the “change” to socialism. The majority of America is filled with FAT, LAZY, STUPID people that vote! Young idealistic voters are great, too bad they never learned what socialism is, but you will not get the truth when you INDOCTRINATE students for 20yrs. You will have to do some WORK to learn the truth. All of you LEMMINGS should start ASAP because you are way behind! GOOD LUCK SUCKERS HAVE FUN BEING KEPT DOWN BY THE MAN I’LL BE PROSPERING IN THAILAND! CALL ME![**********]

        • I was going to delete this comment because it is thoroughly off-topic, but I decided to let it stand as a testament to utter stupidity.

          Mike still believes that Obama was not born in the U.S., even though the people who started that nonsense have recanted.

          Mike thinks that Bush’s tax cuts brought prosperity. I guess it’s that kind of prosperity that looks like a depression.

          Mike thinks that moving the Census Bureau into the White House will affect redistricting. Of course the Census Bureau merely counts the population. Redistricting is done entirely at the state level, the Feds have nothing to do with it.

          Mike thinks that the majority of America is filled with FAT, LAZY, STUPID people. He must be using himself as an example.

          Have fun in Thailand Mike. America will be better for your having gone.

  4. I’ll light a candle tonight for Stephen Baldwin at the candlelight march I’m holding. Afterwards, it’s my house for coffee and doughnuts.

  5. Most of the actors you list were already established when they “outed” themselves as conservatives (although some of those identify more as libertarians). Hollywood always bows to the bottom line. If producers think they can make one extra dollar with an actor because of name recognition they will use him/her no matter what. However, God forbid a newcomer or unknown try to get a job while expressing conservative views.

    The only person you list that is actually associated with FOA who could still be considered successful and having a solid career is Gary Sinise. Jon Voight maybe.

    Even Arnold’s career had started tapering off before he became Gov.

    By the way terrorists DO support Obama (Hamas Hezbollah and other Islamic fascist fundamentalists voiced their hope that he would win). How is Obama for stronger defense? That is the most igonrant and idiotic claim I have heard yet.

    You say dems are the ones that defend the constitution? I’ll remember that when they pass the “Fairness” Doctrine (which Obama supports). Also why are they always the ones trying to disarm citizens? I seem to remember there being something in the constitution about that.

  6. You are right about only one thing – Hollywood always bows to the bottom line. That’s why conservatives and liberals are treated equally. Then you veer off into nuttiness like Obama being supported by terrorists.

    And your claim that Obama supports the Fairness Doctrine proves how little you know about the man or these issues. Earlier this year he voted for a bill that opposed any consideration of reinstating the doctrine.

    Try again after you’ve done a little research before you come here spewing Republican talking points that have no basis in reality.

  7. As of the most recent reference I can find (6/25/2008 6:25 PM http://www.broadcastingcable.com/CA6573406.html) Obama does NOT support the First Amendment smashing ‘Fairness Doctrine.’ Mark is right on this point. Yet since that can change in a split second with a signature on a presidential fiat to the FCC, we’ll just have to just wait and watch. Obama’ll be under such strong pressure from others in his party (Pelosi, Kennedy) who love that censorship (the choice of forced broadcasting of boring opposing viewpoints or no viewpoints at all) that to get some of his legislation through, Obama may have to reestablish the ‘Fairness Doctorine.’

    That guy who wrote: “Most of the actors you list were already established when they “outed” themselves as conservatives…” he is correct. To say you can show up on a director’s doorstep as a new talent who is an unabashed conservative and get work… well you better get used to slinging hash in some Hollywood greasy spoon or washing cars to feed your family cause you ain’t gonna find any acting work!!

    Q: Does Hamas support Barack Obama?
    A: A top adviser to the militant group has spoken favorably about Obama’s candidacy.


    Q: Does Hezbollah support Barack Obama?
    A: The leader of Hezbollah is warning supporters not to get their hopes up because of the election of Barack Obama.


    OK, Mark. To salvage your thesis, your next move is to try to discredit my sources. (No, they aren’t FOXNEWS or NEWSMAX).

    Have a good week.

    Jim Boyd

    • Thanks for your comment, Jim, and for actually addressing the issues in a thoughtful way (unlike some of the previous knee-jerkers) and for doing some research.

      As to the Fairness Doctrine, please note that there is no effort on the part of Congress to reinstate it. Even Pelosi has stated that it is not on the agenda. So it is unlikely that Congress is going to pressure Obama on this matter.

      As to “new talent” conservatives getting acting work, since when do unknown actors declare their political views at an audition? Liberal actors don’t do it either. Generally actors don’t express their views until after they are known, because who would care about the views of some novice they never heard of?

      As to terrorists supporting Obama, I could find just as many quotes from the KKK or neo-Nazis supporting Republicans, but what’s the point? No politician can control every nutcase that latches on to a campaign. I don’t consider repugnant groups who exploit candidates to be supporters, especially when the candidate repudiates them.

  8. Mark,

    If we were to compare notes, we’d probably find we disagree on many points. So the information I’m about to give you (a great political nugget and maybe the basis for one of your future columns) might be considered as ‘aiding the (political) enemy.’ But sometimes the concerns of our nation over-rule any kind of transient and superficial political affiliation. I’d write a column based on this information myself, but I’m on page 32 of a 120 page screenplay. If I don’t finish that screenplay first, my wife may lose faith in me. Without her faith, I’ll not be able to go on. So here’s your nugget.

    A ‘whois’ search reveals:

    Creation date: 15 Jul 2004 07:10:37

    Creation Date: 19-jan-2007

    Creation date: 15 Jul 2004 07:10:37

    Created on: 20-Jan-07

    There are those out there who wish to start another country destroying, muck-raking ‘Impeach’ campaign, without any justification whatsoever! Look at the dates… Someone out there has been on this since long before the election.

    Mark, I didn’t vote for Obama. I don’t like Obama. But he was honestly elected in a certified election so I’m willing to give the guy (and our nation) a chance. If he turns out to be another Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush, we can turn him out in 2012, if we still have a United States.

    Have a good week.

    Jim Boyd

    • Interesting, thanks. And good luck with your script.

  9. Liberal Pretzel Logic is what conservatives view as dangerous. And there is plenty to go around. It’s a cancer that is represented in every government program. Just look no further then Freddie Mac and Fannie May scam still in operation I may add.

    writers like this one are real nuts. How can anyone say a conservative say the opposite of what they do? If that were true he would like us. Probably an Acorn recipient of tax dollars for deception and propaganda. Obama has many including the black pantthers that his henchman hoder just let off the hook.

  10. As a single mom of three I struggle every month to make ends meet. Yet I don’t expect the government to give me anything. Because of my income, I qualify for food stamps and medical assistance for my kids. While I am thankful for the help, I am a receipent of “socialized medicine” There are only certain doctors I can take my kids to, there are only TWO dentists in the whole city that take “medicaid”, there is only ONE eyedoctor in the whole city that I can take them to. Guess how long I have to wait to get them in???

    I look forward to the day when I can support my kids on my own. I am teaching all three of my kids to think for themselves. They have (because I have focused on it at home) a pretty good grasp of American History and the founders. They look at what Obama is doing and they can see that many of his policies go against what the founding fathers intended. If a 9,11 and 13 year old can figure it out, many of the American public can too.
    (BTW: Obama’s speech to children SOUNDED great…if only he actually believed it.)

  11. I have to agree with alice3161’s post. If that makes me someone who resorts to name calling and someone who missed the point, well, I guess I am…at least in your narrow, blinder applied view. That’s fine with me because that’s the way liberals handle things with which they disagree. Typical liberal response.

    Now, as to the issues you raised, why shouldn’t Hollywood conservatives fear for their livelihood? After all, Hollywood, the film industry in general, and the small screen is fairly much dominated by those of the liberal (albeit wrong) persuasion. More time is devoted to the views of helium-headed Hollywood elites such as Janeane Garofolo, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Woody Harrelson, etc., than to the opposing view.

    Alec Baldwin famously exclaimed that he’d move out of the country if George W. Bush was elected. W was – but Baldwin is still here. What troubles most of us Conservatives is when famous liberals decry this nation and blame it for the world’s ills. These libs rail about how bad America is & yet they seem to forget that it is America that has provided them a substantial livelihood. I doubt they’d be as well off financially if they lived in other countries.

  12. Now that some time has passed since this story was written by the person who didn’t leave a by-line, let me ask a question. Now that we’ve all seen what kind of egomaniacal Marxist socialist we have in the White House, how are all of you liberals who’ve written anti-conservative comments living with yourselves after voting for “the One”?
    FYI, the Nazi movement was based on socialist ideology, look it up. The Republican party has always supported the rights of the individual, not the “collective” as Obama has. I was a Democrat and voted as such for 32 years until he spoke. The phrases he uses are those of the Marxist socialist agenda. Those who voted for him and are regretful now, didn’t listen to the words he used during the campaign. Socialism is the antithesis of American values and the Constitution. I suggest that some people need to go back and read it as well as the Federalist Papers, which were written by the same men who drafted the Constitution. Those writings were meant to fully explain the intentions of our founders. They knew that socialism is like a monarchy in that the central government has more control over the people than they have over their own destiny.
    I must answer to Mark. Perhaps you might pick up a few books by Thomas Sowell. He has clearly explained how our economy collapsed and that yes, indeed, tax cuts do spur economic growth. Read a study published in October by two Harvard economists, Alberto Alesina and Silvia Ardagna. They studied 20 countries from 1970 to 2007 and came to the same conclusions. Social programs funded by over-burdening the tax payer always stifles economic growth while, tax breaks for business owners and lower taxes for all will greatly contribute to a country’s prosperity. Have you ever heard of FA Hayek? Look that one up too.
    Mark, Obama said what he thought would get him elected. He is the enemy of the Constitution as you might have seen in this last year. You won’t really know if he’s violating the Constitution until you read it. What say you about giving terrorist caught on the battlefield a civilian trial, knowing well that is unconstitutional? How about trying to pass health care bills that not only will make the government bigger and more intrusive but will cost the taxpayers through the nose (realistically over $1 trillion) at a time when our economy is in a hole? How about passing a “stimulus bill” that was bogus? Across the country there were reported 400 invented congressional districts that “saved or created” jobs. They made claims of 2 million jobs. Now, look it up, the jobs were already government positions, not one private sector job. Most of the money went to university grants that were “studies” for overseas projects. You know, I’m getting pretty darned sick of the spending. You CAN”T defend that when our economy is in the tank. I don’t know about anyone else but my parents didn’t rear me to believe that I could spend my way out of debt.
    I wish Obama would take the advice of Putin from a few months ago when he directed this statement to him in a speech, “Socialism doesn’t work”. Sheeples.
    For too long Hollywood has produced movies with a hard socialist slant, that smacks of anti-Americanism. I applaud these folks who are making an attack against the slimey mess.
    One other thing, look at who he has surrounded himself with, look at what organizations they belong to. I’ve opened my eyes and I see them trying to do just as they promiced, to “fundamentally transform” America and I’m going to fight like hell to stop them.

    • I’m not going to bother answering everything in your comment because I haven’t got time to school you and you don’t sound like you’d be receptive to facts anyway. If you really think that Obama is an “egomaniacal Marxist socialist” it’s obvious you drank all of Glenn Beck’s Kool-Aid.

      I will say that studies prove that the economy performs better under Democratic administration than Republican. That’s just a fact, so your whining about spending and deficits (which are the work of the GOP) just doesn’t wash.

      You can crawl back under your bed and shiver at the thought of phantom Marxists trying to infiltrate our government if you want. I’m not afraid. And trying terrorists under our Constitution isn’t unconstitutional. It’s an affirmation of our principles and strength. It’s too bad you don’t have faith in them.

  13. Thanks for the in flight entertainment. It’s always interesting to hear a lefty try to distort and use smoke and mirrors to make a point. Speaking of which, what was your point, you didn’t seem to address any in your tripe? Please advise, FYI I’ve attended a meeting and they are not a “secret society” Think they haven’t been discriminated against? Look at the list and see their careers while we watch continual, liberal Hollywood losers, getting drunk, stoned, die, and tossed in the loony bin. You might enjoy coming to one of their lunches, you might learn something,if you are at all capable. LOL. I’m Jim

  14. Thank you Jim. Everything you said is true. It seems it is a prgressive-liberal right of passage to become a notorious substance abusing loser these days. It seems the diritier and more felonious one is, the better chance they have at success in the entertainment business. Perhaps if more of these floks sat down with the folks from Friend of Abe rather than their ipods, something useful could be accomplihed in this country.

    • “…notorious substance abusing loser…”

      Why bring Rush Limbaugh into this?

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