Here We Go Again: Sarah Palin Pretends To Run For Alaska Senate Seat

The election gods may be smiling on Democrats next year. During an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday, he asked Sarah Palin whether she would consider running for the senate in Alaska. Palin, in her version of run-on, word-salad English, mumbled something about Washington needing new blood. As usual, there is no better way to convey Palin’s message than to let her speak for herself:

“I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it. But I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping, there again, that there will be some new blood, new energy, not just picking from the same old politicians in the states that come from the same political families that have reigned up there for so many years because too many of them have been part of the problem.

“Any American with a heart for service has to always have in the back of their mind that they would do anything, everything that they could to help the cause, even if it’s something that doesn’t look necessarily appealing, or necessarily fitting in with the conventional plan that they would try to orchestrate for themselves and their families, I along with anybody would have to say that I would do whatever I could to help, and if that was part of that help it would have to be considered.”

And who can forget how devoted Palin was to helping when she quit her job as governor barely half way through her first term so that she could pound fish and shoot caribou on cable TV? Clearly she has demonstrated that she is an American with a heart for service, so long as that service involves lining her pockets and doesn’t require any actual work.

Sarah Palin
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If the people of Alaska would seriously consider voting for someone who previously betrayed her promise to work on their behalf after begging for their support, then Alaskans will deserve the ineffectiveness and incompetence they would get from Sarah Palin. But the nation’s comedians would get a goldmine of new material that could help to reduce our political satire deficit.

Not to worry, though. There is virtually no chance that Palin will throw her tea bag festooned hat in the ring. In a poll earlier this year Alaskans voiced their deep disapproval of Palin. She would lose by a 16 point margin to Democratic incumbent Mark Begich (54-38), and her appeal in the state is dismal with only 34% of voters viewing her positively to 59% who have a negative opinion her.

Furthermore, Palin is famously averse to doing any real work when sponging off of her deluded followers will net her more income. It’s much easier to peddle ghost-written books and make a fool of yourself on cable reality shows than to actually study the law and build the legislative coalitions required to get a bill passed in congress.

What’s more, Palin just signed a new contract with Fox News and they are not likely to appreciate it if she were to bail out after they were kind enough to rescue her from obscurity. Even though Fox has a history of employing Republicans who are actively running for office, Palin’s pattern is to pretend that she is a candidate for something in order to keep people talking about her. Without such speculation there is really no reason to pay her any attention. It isn’t like she has anything newsworthy to say about any subject. So if she can keep pundits tongues wagging with phony hints of candidacies that never materialize, that’s what she’ll do. But why anyone cares about that is also a mystery.


5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Sarah Palin Pretends To Run For Alaska Senate Seat

  1. She would have to take a pay reduction if elected. I don’t see that happening.

  2. Oh good grief. The woman must not be getting enough money donated to her PAC.
    Time to wind them up again–huh Quitta.

  3. What is the possibility of running and winning?

    Mark Sanford
    South Carolina

    Need we say more?

  4. Why is Sarah Palin even still spewing her hateful brand of bigotry she calls politics? Since she quit her post in Alaska, she hasn’t run for public office but acts like a politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

  5. If Sarah runs, Sarah will embarrass herself and will stymie any hope of a Republican winning in Alaska. I don’t support her, but am oddly drawn to listen to her ramblings.

    Mark, I must say, your use of ‘word-salad English’ fits swimmingly.

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