Fox News Promotes Rush Limbaugh’s Attack On Fox News

For the second time today, Fox News has attacked itself. Earlier this morning Fox Nation posted an article meant to disparage MSNBC, but also included a quote saying that Fox News is “ridiculously fact-free.” But apparently they weren’t through self-flagellating because this afternoon they decided to heap more punishment on themselves.

Rush Limbaugh
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The incident began when Rush Limbaugh took a call from a particularly incensed dittohead who was in a frenzy over something he heard on Fox News. The caller whined furiously for several minutes about the “Alinskyite Obama Democrats” who are “steeped in Leninism with their Global Warming.” Amongst those to whom he was referring were Fox contributors Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, and Julie Roginsky. Limbaugh didn’t know who Roginsky was, and when told that she was on Neil Cavuto’s program Limbaugh said…

“Oh, somewhere on Fox. You know, you need to stop watching these people. Because they’re not gonna change. […] Your blood pressure is gonna suffer if you keep watching these people. They’re designed to get you ticked off. They’re designed to make you question your sanity. You’re gonna watch these people and you’re gonna say ‘How in the world can we have such idiotic people?'”

Let’s set aside for the moment the ironic projection that Limbaugh is engaging in by portraying others as idiotic people designed to tick you off. That may be the best description of Limbaugh I’ve ever heard. But the real point here is that Limbaugh has just told his listeners to stop watching Fox News. That bit of unintentionally worthwhile advice led to a swarm of media stories noting this brazen blasphemy.

It didn’t take long for Limbaugh to lash out at these reports and to deny that he was telling people not to watch Fox. Read the quote again and decide for yourself.

However, an even more absurd development occurred when Fox News itself took up Limbaugh’s retort saying that “Rush Limbaugh squashes claims he told listener to tune out Fox News.” The problem with this is that Limbaugh didn’t squash anything. In fact, by getting Fox to comment on it, the whole affair just escalates. And even if you buy Limbaugh’s explanation, the best you could say is that he only told people to stop watching the alleged “liberals” on Fox. That would be an interesting thing to observe. Would they have to sit there with the remote and mute the TV anytime Alan Colmes came on?

In the end, Fox came to Limbaugh’s defense in a matter that blasted their own pundits as idiots. So Fox is now on record as advising their viewers not to watch certain members of their staff. Sean Hannity? OK. Juan Williams? No way. Hand me the remote. You really have to wonder what those lefties on Fox must be thinking to continue to appear on the network. If fake liberals like Beckel and Roginsky serve out their contracts, they are admitting that they are idiots. And this begs the question, why would any self-respecting liberal ever go on Fox News in the first place?


10 thoughts on “Fox News Promotes Rush Limbaugh’s Attack On Fox News

  1. They go on because they get paid handsomely to be the ‘balanced’ part of the Fox equation. Only they aren’t. They are not liberals.

  2. The caller was definitely talking about Fox News and so was Limbaugh. This is one of the worst attempts at walking comments back that I’ve seen.

  3. In a recent fair and balanced FOX discussion, LeVar Burton Reading Rainbow) successfully educated O’Reilly that big fat privileged, blue-eyed, misogynist white boys like Rush (a racial profiling of domestic terrorists) have…wait for it…HISTORICALLY abused blacks and other minorities. O’Reilly magnanimously agreed, but counteracted that prisons are over-populated with blacks. Good one O’Reilly! This is because blacks can’t handle crack the same as the Indians could not handle alcohol!

    That was as close to fair and balanced as I have ever seen.

  4. Remember, Fox News is fair and balanced: morons on one side arguing for the Republican position and liars on the other side defending the Republican position. See, fair and balanced.

    So what side is El Rushbo on?

    • Curious – do you use the word “morons” because they are defending the republican position or because they are actually morons? Or is the word “moron” synonymous with republican in your book?

      • If they stop demonstrating it, we’ll stop calling them that.

        • That doesn’t clearly answer my question, but I’ll take your response as – republican and moron are synonymous – just trying to understand the mind of a lib/progressive name caller – I can’t hate that much, so it’s hard for me to understand, so thanks for the response.

      • Sean Hannity is actually a moron. So are Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. I do not consider Bill O’Reilly a moron, however, he’s just a windbag.

        • Do you watch these people so you can make that judgement? – I can’t imagine – I’ve tried and just can’t do it and I’m pretty conservative – more libertarian than neocon which is probably why they are not watchable to me.

  5. Ah well, guess you people really don’t understand when Rush uses absurdity to portray the absurd! Of course, when Rush says things like that it’s to show how the progressive liberal mindset works. What he said was pretty much spot on a reiteration of what Obama said a few years back when he tried to get people to turn away from Fox News as a legitimate news source!

    Be learned…and you’ll understand!

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