Who Asked This: “Do You Think Obama Is A Crypto-Muslim?”

I’ll give you three guesses. No, it was not Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.

So that pretty much leaves about 700 other extremist, evangelical, Tea-publicans and rightist media hacks. However, it does narrow it down one particularly delusional Christo-fabulist whose identity I just hinted at in the previous sentence.

That’s right. It’s God’s own press agent Pat Robertson, who still wonders where President Obama was born, and who advises his manly followers to beat their wives. On his 700 Club broadcast yesterday (video below), Robertson took a break from blaming natural disasters on gay marriage to delve into the gnawing mystery of whether Obama is concealing a clandestine plot to deliver America to his Islamic brothers and bring an end to the Judeo-Christian western civilization that he obviously despises.

Robertson: What is it with the Obama administration? Do you think Obama is a crypto-Muslim? What’s the story?
CBN’s Erick Stackelbeck: I think he is a revolutionary leftist. […] If you have that mindset, in my view, you will work with other entities that you may not agree with on everything. You will work with other entities against a common foe. For the hardcore left, for the hardcore Islamists, the common foe is Judeo-Christian western civilization.
Robertson: Chilling. And ladies and gentlemen, I wish it weren’t TRUE!

Robertson has a point. Have you ever noticed all the shocking similarities between American progressives and Muslim fundamentalists? It is downright uncanny.

Tea Party Taliban

Oh, I’m sorry. I was confusing American progressives with Tea Party Christianists. As it turns out, it is the American right-wing that is joined inseparably with the ideological mission of the Jihadi crowd. So, Never mind.