RidicuList: The Wingnut Ranking Of The Most Influential People On The Right

If you have ever wanted an itemization of what’s wrong with contemporary conservatives, your prayers have been answered. The ultra-right-wing web site Townhall has very generously provided the perfect explanation for how a political movement gets corrupted by demagoguery and ignorance, and sinks to the level of its lowest bottom-feeding imbeciles.

Rush Limbaugh
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Townhall has compiled a list of what they regard as “The 25 Most Influential People On The Right For 2013.” The list could not be more revealing of the moronic mentality that infects the worst of the Teabagging mindset. Their idea of “influential” is almost entirely comprised of fringe-dwelling loudmouths who populate the far-right media. Here are just the top 10. In what horror story fantasy land are these people considered to be the most influential?

  1. Glenn Beck: Beck is a loser with a video blog and a radio show that doesn’t air in the nation’s biggest markets.
  2. Ted Cruz: Cruz is a freshman senator who doesn’t even have the respect of his GOP colleagues.
  3. The Koch Brothers: These guys are actually pretty influential on the basis of the cash they throw around. But their scope of influence is limited to the the Tea Party faithful.
  4. John Roberts: As the Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roberts is powerful, but not particularly influential. He isn’t out there advocating on policy positions.
  5. Sean Hannity: Hannity couldn’t influence a drowning man to get out of the water. He is a GOP shill who has never had an original thought, and he just lost his primetime show on Fox. [Update: After this article was posted, Fox announced that Hannity would be moved back an hour to 10:00pm, still primetime]. He also lost a major radio syndicator.
  6. John Boehner: If Boehner was influential in the least he wouldn’t be such a laughingstock on Capitol Hill. He can’t control his own caucus, and he is presiding over the most unproductive congress ever.
  7. Karl Rove: After his numerous losses in 2012, Rove has lost the respect of his establishment cronies, while at the same time earning the distrust of the cantankerous Tea Party flank..
  8. Sarah Palin: Influential? Are you friggen kidding me? Try incoherent, insubstantial, or intolerable.
  9. Matt Drudge: Yesterday’s snooze.
  10. Rush Limbaugh: Bingo! I’ll give ’em this one. Limbaugh is the Gulliver of Republicanism. He towers over the Lilliputians in the party who are too timid to challenge him.

These are not just some of the right’s players, these are their biggest stars. These are the bright, shining lights about whom they are most proud. Let that sink in a minute. When they brag, they bring up these losers. No wonder the Republican Party is suffering the lowest favorability ratings in history.

The top ten features four Fox News critters. The expanded list contains more public embarrassments like Mark Levin (12), Rick Perry (16), Greg Gutfeld (23), and Michelle Malkin (25). And genuine influential types like billionaire Sheldon Adelson, and Fox News CEO Roger Ailes walked away with mere Honorable Mentions. This is not so much a list of influentials as it is a hall of shame. Yet somehow, Ted Nugent, Michelle Bachmann, and Alex Jones didn’t make the cut. Hang in there guys. There’s always next year.


8 thoughts on “RidicuList: The Wingnut Ranking Of The Most Influential People On The Right

  1. “8. The Koch Brothers: These guys are actually pretty influential on the basis of the cash they throw around. But their scope of influence is limited to the the Tea Party faithful.”

    But, but, all the Teabaggers SWEAR that they’re “independent” and that they don’t take any money from billionaire donors. (Of course, considering the fact that the Kochs send their investments–I mean, donations–through shell groups who, in turn, send to other shell groups, who then pass the money to a PAC which then splits the money among its members who then turn around and send the money to the ‘bagger groups of their choice, the ‘baggers can claim they’re “independent” and still keep a straight face.)

  2. Looks like merit is not something the right cares about anymore. In fact, it looks like they dug their party into a hole with who they now like to elect. People who openly advocate doing damage to government processes and goals; it’s gotten so bad that now the two sides’ versions of ‘getting something done’ is totally different. One side wants to govern and do more for the people, while the other is anything but covert in its desire to ‘throw a wrench in the machine’ and bring shit to a violent and damaging halt. They apparently don’t give a rat’s flaming asshole that the people fucking hate a congress that gets nothing done. They aren’t intelligent or aware enough to know that they’ve set themselves up to fail. Or, I’m wrong and they are, so they go after voting rights and gerrymander everything to rig it up in their favor. Like I said, merit means dick to the right in the new century. If it did, they wouldn’t be fucking with the system like they are. It all adds up to show a disrespect of democracy and the republic. And what did it to them? Two things, a black president and money money money. History will see them as myopic and immovable, with no desire to elevate the best and brightest among us or to further perfect the union as we move forward into the new era. Everything about them screams a decay of relevance and an active desire to be left behind as the rest of the species moves forward. This is what happens when an entire political organization allows the lowest vices mankind can experience to dictate its outlook and mindset. They should’ve known better.

  3. What, Scalia and Stupid Allen West(tm) aren’t on the list? And Sarah Palin makes it that high? Wow, that must be particularly galling to these creatures. The fact that there are people who actually take Sarah Palin seriously says a lot about the level of intelligence of the human race…

    We’re not surprised about Limbaugh. He is perfect, after all – he says so himself all the time. Vicodin can do that, I understand…

  4. “…Sean Hannity just lost his prime time show on Fox…”

    Wrong once again. Hannity is moving into Greta’s time slot, 10P Eastern. Greta will be moved up to 7P Eastern. And Megyn Kelly will take over Hannity’s previous 9p Eastern slot. Excellent line-up.

    • Is 10pm still considered ‘Prime Time’?

      isn’t most of Fox’s main demographic in bed by then?

      • “..in bed by then…”

        You are forgetting the other three time zones. Furthermore, go ask any of the alphabet soup networks; they will tell you that 10pm is part of primetime.

    • That’s right you set him straight Scott. Care to set the record straight on the others,1-5 and 7-10?

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