Indian-American Miss America Brings Out The Racist In Fox News Host

Last night’s crowning of the 2014 Miss America produced a milestone for the event with the selection of Nina Davuluri, the first Indian-American winner. Unfortunately, it also produced a flurry of ugly comments in social media that attacked Davuluri, a native of Syracuse, New York, as un-American, a terrorist, and as “Miss Al Qaeda.”

Fox News
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Not surprisingly, the racist culture at Fox News was prominent among the critics of Davuluri’s victory. Fox’s Todd Starnes, a notoriously repugnant religious bigot and homophobe, took to his Twitter and Facebook accounts to bash a young woman who had just realized her American Dream.

Starnes on Twitter: The liberal Miss America judges won’t say this – but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values.

Starnes on Facebook: Americans were backing Miss Kansas — but the liberal Miss America judges were not interested in a gun-toting, deer-hunting, military veteran.

The nauseating bias expressed by Starnes is typical of his lack of decency. It is also typical that he bases his hatred on idiotic and unsupported assertions. For instance, he has no idea why the judges did not choose his preferred contestant, Miss Kansas. Consequently, he makes up reasons from his own deranged prejudices and implies that Davuluri does not represent American values. If Starnes’ version of American values include his cretinous loathing of America’s diversity, then here’s hoping that no one embraces the values that Starnes represents.

Starnes also states that “Americans were backing Miss Kansas.” He must have pulled that statistic from the same body part he uses for analytical thought – his humongous posterior. What’s more, Starnes’ accusation that the judges were all liberals was another invention sprouted from his vile ignorance of reality.

Starnes has a history of repulsive statements, yet Fox continues to employ him. It is an indication of their approval of such bigotry. It is a part of their mission as a propaganda outlet that abhors the real America that comprises people of all races, nationalities, and creeds. It’s the Fox way.


9 thoughts on “Indian-American Miss America Brings Out The Racist In Fox News Host

  1. Within 50 years, the average American citizen will be colored and female — everything Shlox Snooze despises (well, apart from its overarching hatred of the atheist, Muslim, Communist, Fascist, secretly gay, Kenyan native from Australia illegally serving as president, of course). Also, extremely intelligent. Shlox will hate it.

  2. Lol, that twitter comment was made BEFORE miss New York was announced to be the winner. Good thing this article doesn’t have a Liberal Bias

  3. The nauseating dishonesty from Mark comes spewing forth again. Nowhere in those tweets does he attack Miss New York. And yet Mark tries to inject bigotry into a comment where none exists. It’s the Mark way.

  4. In fact, Mark’s dishonesty on this thread was even worse than I thought. Behold:

    Todd Starnes point out that his tweets of him supporting Miss Kansas were sent out before Miss America was crowned. Furthermore, Miss Kansas was eliminated before the final round, further proving that his tweets were not directed at Miss New York at all.

    When Starnes pointed this out to both CNN and NBC, the only response was CNN quietly revising their story. No statement of correction was issued.

    • Behold: That link is to Starnes defending himself without any evidence to back up what he says. I wouldn’t trust him. And it’s pathetic that you would use as a source a Fox News article by the Fox News host to defend his own prejudices.

      That said, it doesn’t make any difference when he posted the Tweet. He’s still saying that Miss Kansas represents “American values,” as opposed to the other contestants. He’s still saying that she lost because of a conspiracy of liberal judges. There is no getting around the fact that he’s a dickwad. Which explains your deep affection for him.

      • And now I get to destroy your pathetic little arguments once again. Todd Starnes offered up a damning little piece of evidence: The time stamp.

        “…it doesn’t make any difference when he posted the Tweet…”

        Oh yes, it does. His tweets were sent out before the winner was announced. That makes it crystal clear that he was not aiming his comment at Nina or the other finalists. It was a show of support for Miss Kansas. Period.

        “He must have pulled the statistic from the same body part…”

        Starnes cited his source – an ABC online poll. That’s right, not an online poll from Free Republic or Newsmax or the Huffington Post or Democratic Blunderground, but ABC.

        So then in the last paragraph of your reply, you back away from the bigotry accusation, because you know you can’t prove it. Ranks right up there with Harry Reid’s bald-faced lie about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. You are thusly left with nothing but namecalling.


        Yet another reminder that your brain exhibits the same amount of intelligence activity as you will see with walkers on “The Walking Dead.’

        • This is your idea of destroying arguments?

          Where is the time stamp for when Miss America was crowned (not the Tweet)?

          Online polls are NOT scientific and represent nothing.

          And if you say that one contestant represents American values – even if you aren’t specifically talking about the other contestants – you are making blatant inferences about them.

          You can have the last word, Scott. Because you are the best argument against yourself – and because I get bored debating you. It’s a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

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