Meet Ralph Peters: The Fox News Senior Douchebag And Treason Advocate

Over the years Fox News has given their airtime to some of the most disreputable and irresponsible sleaze merchants to ever appear on television. From Ann Coulter to Erick Erickson to Glenn Beck to Sarah Palin and so many more. But it is hard to find anyone that sinks to the disgustingly low levels of the loathsome Lt. Col. Ralph Peters.

Fox News
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Peters is an unabashed hater of American principles and will stoop to any depth to slander those with whom he disagrees. His past commentaries have included arguing that the United States should fight back against our enemies with the same tactics they use against us – by which he means terror and torture. Peters also yearns for the blood of journalists whom he regards as terrorist worshiping infidels. He literally called for military attacks on media targets saying that…

“Rejecting the god of their fathers, the neo-pagans who dominate the media serve as lackeys at the terrorists’ bloody altar. […] Although it seems unthinkable now, future wars may require censorship, news blackouts and, ultimately, military attacks on the partisan media.”

And in a fit of treasonous lust, Peters even took the side of our foes in Afghanistan by suggesting, without evidence, that a missing American soldier was a deserter and that “the Taliban can save us a lot of legal hassles and legal bills,” presumably by killing him.

So it should come as no surprise that Peters has opened his repulsive crap-hole to utter more idiotic inanities, and that Fox News gave him the platform to do so. On this morning’s edition of America Live, Peters was invited to discuss the terror attack in the mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Of course, he is entirely incapable of focusing on any subject without diverting to some outlandish and imbecilic assault on President Obama or any of his other ideological enemies. Today was no exception when he went off on the President saying…

“You cannot deny that Al Qaeda is out to kill Christians and Jews and, by the way Shia Muslims, and any Sunni Muslims who don’t live up to their standards. It’s one of the most murderous cults in history and the Obama administration is still looking for common ground with these guys.”

From what chasm of bile-soaked stupid did Peters get the notion that Obama is looking for common ground with Al Qaeda? But he wasn’t done there. Peters went on to smear millions of people when he referenced what he called the “American left” and maligned them all as “apologists for terror.”

Obviously there are crackpots like Peters all over the place. They show up regularly on Glenn Beck’s cavalcade of crazy, or over at WorldNetDaily, or in Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory bunker. But for Fox News to repeatedly feature someone this revolting is inexcusable. Peters makes a habit of spewing the most abhorrent and nauseating rhetoric, and he keeps getting return invitations from Fox.

This is more evidence that Fox is not in any way a credible news enterprise. They have no more integrity than Beck or Jones or Coulter or the deranged troll that lives under Rupert Murdoch’s porch (oh wait, I already said Beck).


13 thoughts on “Meet Ralph Peters: The Fox News Senior Douchebag And Treason Advocate

  1. This is more evidence that Mark has no credibility or integrity whatsoever.

    • That’s a lot of evidence you laid out there, Scott. That is just more evidence that Scott has no credibility or integrity whatsoever.

  2. This is why the FCC should start regulating cable, because then they could force Fox News off the air.

    • Dream on. It’s called “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press”. We believe in those concepts; you apparently don’t.

      And we are not like you. We don’t go around demanding that MSNBC be taken off the air. We simply let that network’s lies and hate do the free market dance. The result? Nobody watches that network.

  3. Lt Col Ralph “Small” Peters is one of those people who demonstrate their ignorance for all to see

  4. Assholes have freedom of speech too. The proper response to a deluded fuckwit is do exactly what NC does: call them on it, publicly. It’s a sorry state of affairs that most of the large news media outlets can’t or won’t simply do their jobs and report that Peters and his ilk are completely full of it. Thanks for stepping up, News Corpse, although in a functional and sane media culture you shouldn’t have to….

  5. Glenn Beck is another treasonous troll who should be incarcerated; where is the question. Prison or a mental institution?

    • Neither. And you don’t believe in freedom of speech. Shame on you.

  6. Peters called for an assault on partisan media? Wouldn’t, by any standards, Fox News be the chief target. Given the way it is degrading the public conversation in America I couldn’t think of a worthier target for the Lt. Colonel’s proposed bombing campaign.

  7. Peters seems like he is the result of his mother’s failed back-alley abortion. This is what can happen if abortion is outlawed as is happening in many red states. If only Ralph’s mother would have had access to legal abortion we wouldn’t have to listen to this brain damaged idiot.

  8. I am a political atheist and don’t believe in either the Democrats or Republicans, they are both failures. But I do believe in the Constitution and the Government has shredded we the people’s rights guaranteed under that document. You are absolutely right about Ralph Peters who is an apologist for Government Tyranny. He, and people like him, are the real traitors and Edward Snowden is the real American hero for revealing crimes being carried out by the US Government. He should be given amnesty, brought back to the US and testify in open hearings and then put at the head of the NSA to clean things up. What will all the talking head traitors say if and when the Supreme Court rules the NSA has violated our constitutional rights. Why Fox News has this talking idiot on their program I have no idea.

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