12 “Pants On Fire” Myths About ObamaCare

Yesterday the Tea Party Texan, Ted Cruz, wrapped up a 21 hour talk-athon during which he couldn’t articulate a single fact that might convince an open-minded person that ObamaCare is the nightmare that he alleges. Rather, he rambled aimlessly through Dr. Seuss recitations, White Castle burger recollections, and Nazi references.

The truth about the Affordable Care Act is something that Republicans are deathly afraid of – that it will be effective and popular – which is why they lie about it so often and so flagrantly.

What Cruz could not do in 21 hours, PolitiFact has summed up nicely in a few paragraphs. They posted an article that contains sixteen “myths” that have been promulgated by right-wing disinformers, complete with links to detailed explanations that expose the brazen dishonesty of the health care law’s opponents. Included are familiar lies like “the health care law rations care, like systems in Canada and Great Britain,” and that “Congress is exempt from Obamacare.” But it is notable that of the sixteen lies listed, twelve of them earned the worst award that PolitiFact gives, the “Pants On Fire” designation.

As a public service, I have created a handy infographic with the 12 worst lies about ObamaCare as documented by PolitiFact. Please share this with your Tea Party infected friends and family.

ObamaCare Myths

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30 thoughts on “12 “Pants On Fire” Myths About ObamaCare

  1. They lie because they know once the law is fully implemented people will benefit from it. These are people that don’t like social security Medicare. Look they are trying to demonize SNAP recipient as lazy free loaders. Recall the Fox news special report this summer on food stamps in a clip where they highlight one surfer dude on food stamps and used him as an example of waste.It was a despicable biased rotten attempt at journalism.

    • Can you honestly say – one way or the other – that people will be better off with this. There is NO way to know given the enormity of the program. And who even knows what kind of other things may or may not be affected. Maybe the anti-Obamacare propaganda is reaching some, but no one can even come close to saying what the true impact on people will be in the long term – positive or negative.

      • Has there EVER been a program that you could HONESTLY say would help people BEFORE it was tried?

        This is the most inane reason for opposing anything. Conservatives have NO proof that “lowering taxes will create jobs” but that hasn’t stopped a single one of them from supporting the idea. Conservatives have NO proof that outlawing abortion on demand will stop abortions, but that doesn’t stop them from supporting such laws. Conservatives had NO proof that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 or stockpiles of WMDs but that didn’t stop them from backing the invasion. Conservatives have been shown OVER AND OVER that, in the past 20 years, there have been only a handful of documented, prosecuted cases of voter fraud–in the entire country (much less their own states)–yet they constantly use the idea that voter fraud is widespread when they develop new voter ID proposals (that “just happen” to target Dem-friendly demographics) and not a single conservative has shown any REAL evidence of genuine voter fraud at the levels they claim.

        You want to pull this “can you honestly say” crap? Well, when you do that to conservative proposals and demand that THEY prove their plans and programs will work EXACTLY as they say they will before they’re implented, then we’ll talk. Otherwise, blow it out your backside because that’s obviously from where you pulled your comment.

        • Damn, Joe. You totally nailed it! You nailed it right to the wall!!

        • Depends on your view of the role of government. As mine is to absolutely minimize it – I would prefer to NOT do this or anything like it because it’s not the role of the government to fix everyone’s problems. And healthcare is NOT a right. So in the end, my expectation is that this whole thing will lead to shared misery as most government programs do.
          Rather than just want to burn this to the ground – here is a more reasonable option – just create the insurance exchanges only – get rid of EVERY OTHER rule or requirement in the law that tries to dictate any requirement to any individual or company. Your defense of just trying something at the federal level is stupidity as it will only serve to reduce our individual choices and freedom as written and will result in more oppression for the individual by the Federal Government in the end. But then you don’t really care about those things – right? I’m sure I’ll be much lighter in the wallet when it’s all said and done – guaranteed.

          • When I see “absolutely minimize it”, I interpret that as a sound desire to reduce waste / cost and increase options.

            However, privatizing healthcare results in the wealthy and market forces leading to higher costs and the shared misery of unaffordable procedures, price gouging, fraud, and the best part a system mostly incentivized to not improve overall health but rather react to emergencies. (hotspots being a notable exception http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/doctor-hotspot/)

            All this along with the highest health admin costs in the Western world to track coverage and money. At one time firefighting was private, but the result was a costly, ineffective, fragmented system where resources weren’t centrally managed; and fires being left to burn as the home wasn’t signed up with the first battalion to respond. It’s a decent analogy to the current healthcare chaos in the U.S.

          • On what basis do you say that “health care is not a right”? The Constitution says that people have an inalienable right to life, but if a person with cancer is refused a treatment that will save her life because she doesn’t have the money to pay for it, what good is her “right” to life?

            The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and **medical care** and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

          • The role of government is whatever the people that make up the electors that vote that government in, say it is.

            That more than 50% of voters elected a man who ran on a platform of affordable socialized medical insurance should tell you that’s what the people want.

            Your Libertarian wet dream of minimizing government has never worked, anywhere, ever. You can want whatever you want, but without hard work, it will invariably fail. That’s the problem with you youngsters. You are from the ‘I want’ generation and for some reason think your opinion is as valuable as someone else’s.

            But it’s not.

            Your opinion is valuable in a ration based on it’s erudition and thought and factualness. Yours, for example, is worth about a .16 compared to mine at well over 3.3.

            You could have kept yours in whole numbers, but your adoption, adherence and recounting of Libertarianism as anything other than an unworkable fantasy automatically puts you about on a par with those people who have secret stashes of unicorn meat ready for the end times bring-a-plate.

        • Wow, Kudos…what a completely understandable way to put that all together…well done…!!

      • Actually, I can. Personally, it will mean that my wife and I can actually get insurance and not be denied because of “preexisting conditions”. It will also mean that we’ll pay no more than $400 a year for our insurance, which means we can actually afford it instead of debating which bills we’d have to skip.

      • Yes. I can honestly say that people will be better off with Obama Care. If there are young people who have a pre-existing condition–anything from asthma to Cystic Fibrosis to cancer, they will now be able to have health insurance, whereas before they could not get it.

        If a young person is uninsured, their parents can keep them on their policy–thereby providing good health care to thousands of young adults.

        My own health insurance costs just went down from $400 to $40 a month! This is my portion of my employer-paid insurance. The amount the company pays stayed the same–the cost vastly decreased.

        So, what have you got, besides lies!

      • Yes, I can honestly say that people are better off with health insurance than without it.

    • o its going to be wonderful. well the cuts have started on medicare my 92 yr old mothers 2014 medigap ins came in yesterday well he co pay went up $10, specialists Up $15.00 hospital stays up $100 a day, out of pocket !1700.00 more yearly tear 1 up was free tear 2 up they did keep the premium the same waiting to hear what medicare part b is going to be it will go up

      • Oh really? And you blame this on the ACA, that doesn’t change the rates until January 1st? Have you ever thought that maybe it’s the insurance company trying to get its money before the caps? The cap for how much you pay for your insurance is between 2% if you’re at 100% of poverty up to 9% at 400%. And this isn’t from anyone telling me. This is from going to the calculators and putting in my information.

      • Why doesn’t you mother, or you for her, check out Humana or AARP ins for the elderly. I have AARP and don’t pay anything! My cost for all my prescriptions each month is only 2.65. Doc visits NOTHING, do pay 10.00 for a specialist. Jose is right, you’re increases right now have nothing to do with ACA it’s the insurance companies trying to get all they can before the cap takes affect. Wisen up and help your mother instead of complaining about nonsense!

      • This is their last ditch effort to gain more money from elderly who are to frail or not able to seek medigap from e exchange…

      • The pluses will out weigh the minus 100 to 1, my sons are very happy not having to have extra cash taken from their checks for health care and being able to still be on their dads till 26…it is giving them a little more to have to handle expenses…just dumb people not even knowing what they are talking about…JR23

  2. I know for a fact it has helped people already. The point of this article is the damn lies and mis-information about ACA. There will be glitches it’s going to happen. No difference when Medicare was rolled out.

  3. The ACA was a response to the American people who want something done about health care access and affordability. Obama was overwhelmingly elected to do something about that demand in 2008 and overwhelmingly re-elected in 2012 to get it implemented. The repubicans are refusing to let democracy work by trying to destroy the ACA with lies, disinformation and now blackmail by letting the govt. shut down and default. Shutting down the govt. and defaulting on the debt are completely and totally unnecessary and is their way of punishing the entire country for supporting this President. It is a level of hatefulness in full view for all to see.

  4. We have personally benefited from ACA. Last February we both had our physicals, blood tests and my mammogram. It cost us $0 and our deductible wasn’t met. It saved us over $1000 Thank You Obamacare

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  6. I can already tell you that my fiance, myself, and several other people I know are already hurting from this healthcare stuff. If you are working 30 or more hours a week, your employer has to provide you with healthcare under this. So, their way around that expense is to cut everyone’s hours to under 30, which is hurting the little people that work low-wage jobs where we need those 30+ hours. It really almost feels like we are being punished for not being able to afford our own healthcare. And before you say I don’t know what I’m talking about, Travis got his hours cut from 35 to 40, to barely scraping an average of 27. His paychecks have gone from 4-500 dollars to barely breaking 300. Several other people I know have also suffered these severe cuts in hours and therefore paycheck amounts..

    • I was told the same thing. I work at a Subway chain. The owner of my store owns a total of 29 stores. No one but the Managers and Assistant Managers are allowed to work over 30 hours a week, if we do we get written up. In other words he does not want to pay for our health insurance. I make just over minimum wage. I’ve looked into the prices here in Washington for health insurance and unless they go down even more on October 1st I’m still looking at upwards of a couple hundred bucks a month if I want to have prescriptions coverage. President Obama tried and I applaud him for that but I think the Republicans stopped this bill from doing the best that it could for this country for those of us that are nearest to the poverty line or even below it.

      • Well at least i hear some blame going toward the right (no pun intended)and yes in october, the exchange will be available, nothing you have priced out has been a part of that…and with the exchange there are also some tat will be eligible for additional subsidies…and just for the conversation, my job has kept me under 19 and 1/2 for 12 years for the sole reason they would have to offer health ins(NJ)and if we were offered it and opted out, they would have to pay us that portion of their part of the health care and guess what Obama and the ACA has/had nothing to do with it…ps i work for a school district…did you know that school is a business where the bottom line is more important than the kids

    • Walmart/papa john’s and the like are rich beyond anyones wildest dreams and they don’t care if you are living an nightmare…They are money mongers who have forgotten their own humble beginnings…you put blame in the wrong place…

  7. one thing is for sure. it will tax the healthy and reward the sick. and we will be one step closer to losing it all.

    • Losing what exactly? Many others can deliver healthcare thru a variety of public (Canada), private (Japan, gov. sets pricing), and hybrid (German, Taiwan) systems effectively and in Taiwan’s case universal coverage at 6% GDP vs. non-universal U.S. at 16% GDP. (done thru a central health database, keeping admin / fraud costs at a minimum)

      In these systems, especially Taiwan, you have the freedom to choose. In Canada’s case the options available aren’t great (this has improved with 2-tiered options public and/or private), I certainly prefer that over the tyranny of corporatism pumping money into media outlets / lobbyists spreading outright lies. In the past they linked healthcare reform to communism calling it un-American etc.

      They have no shame and simply want the status quo of recession proof profits to continue while the baby-boom generation begin to truly experience the cold costs of the current inefficient system. But… hopefully an AI system like Watson can help with that! USA! USA!

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