Fox News Admits Ted Cruz Isn’t Ready To Be President (Or Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio)

The Fox News community web site and Fib Factory, Fox Nation, posted an item this morning that sought to discredit President Obama’s qualifications to be president. In the process they not only disqualified several Tea-publican presidential hopefuls, but they demonstrated what a laughably unserious source for news Fox has become.

Fox Nation
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NBC News had nothing to do with the article about Obama’s readiness to be president. They certainly did not “admit” anything of the kind. It was Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, a Republican host and pundit, who made the comment that “Barack Obama has proven over the past five years that he wasn’t ready to be president of the United States.” Of course, that’s a position that GOP pundits have held since before Obama ever took office, and can hardly be considered breaking news.

The funny thing is that Scarborough’s reasoning behind his opinion is that “Obama ‘came out of nowhere’ as a freshman senator […] with less than a full term in the U.S. Senate, also unimpressive. Most of his time there seemed to be spent running for the presidency.” That description fits freshmen senators and prospective presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio, as well as it does Obama. Therefore, we can assume that Fox also regards these Tea Party darlings as unfit for duty in the White House.

And just to drive home how fiercely Fox News is competing with supermarket tabloids for the Batboy-loving news consumer, they juxtaposed the article about Obama with one featuring a reporter being groped by a monkey (insert Schwarzenegger joke here). If this doesn’t send a message about Fox’s credibility as a news enterprise, I don’t know what will.


18 thoughts on “Fox News Admits Ted Cruz Isn’t Ready To Be President (Or Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio)

  1. Juxtaposing a reference about a baboon with a reference about Obama. Yep, Fox’s racist creds remain valid. Surely the combination wasn’t an accident.

    And we’re talking about credibility issues?

    • I just checked the Fox nation website to see if they put those stories side-by-side. THEY DIDN’T. MARK DID THAT. He just pulled the wool over you guys once again.

      And we’re talking about credibility issues?

      • Actually, Scott. When I looked at Fox Nation, the article for Obama was right above the article for the Baboon. Perhaps it’s your feed. I did do a print screen and save the image, but I don’t think I am able to load it onto this comment. Otherwise, I would prove what a loud mouth moron you really are.

        • A horizontal scrolling of the blogs looks much different than a vertical scrolling. Besides, this the placing of these blogs don’t prove anything.

          And with your name-calling, you just lost another debate.

  2. Let’s see if anybody else spotted the hypocrisy here. Mark claims that Fox Nation is an official mouthpiece for Fox News – and yet he refuses to apply that same standard of “official mouthpiece” to Joe Scarborough and NBC.

    No credibility – yep, that’s Mark.

  3. Wrong Scott! I just checked the faux site and the stories are side by side like Mark said. In fact, the image which he provided is a screenshot! It would be you who has no credibility.

    • No. You and Mark are wrong. They are one on top of the other. They are not side-by-side. I checked it again.

    • David, thanks for your support but Scott is one of the most ignorant trolls on my site. He apparently doesn’t know that news stories get updated throughout the day and that these stories were adjacent to one another when I took the screenshot, but they don’t stay that way forever.

      • Ignorant, my backside. I repeatedly destroy your silly little arguments.

        • A legend in your own mind. It’s not working for you, dude.

          • I don’t think he knows what the words ‘repeatedly’ or ‘destroyed’ means.

  4. Wow, the ignorance among the teabaggers here is deep and very, very disheartening. Whenever I see Fox “News” on a television in public (I will not allow that boil on the media’s collective butt in my home), I’m astounded by the fact that people actually believe the bile that it spews forth. Then I see comments like those from the conservative RWNJs above, and I want to cry for my nation. FUD, I guess, is hypnotic to a certain mindset.

  5. Ignorant Troll? Shows how much you know dumbass! Trolls live under bridges and I live in mom’s basement. As for ignorant, I finished tops of my class in 4th grade – so as you can see you just lost another argument- so there…

    • LOL Top of your fourth grade class, now there’s some learning. 🙂

      Come back when you’ve graduated college little boy.

    • Don’t sweat it Scott, I’ve been called similar names and it doesn’t really matter. He’s just mad everyone isn’t blindly praising him for being a proud little progressive while he tattles on anyone in media he doesn’t like. You’re not in their club so you must be an idiot.

      • Hey Steve, in case you’re wondering – That is a different Scott. Somebody who is pretending to be me. Typical of Mark, he doesn’t bother to put in some kind of a filter to keep that crap from happening. (Although if somebody signed in as “Mark” and started to post hyper-conservative comments, methinks that Mark would remove those comments too sweet.)

        Anyway, thanks for backing me up.

        • Oops. Meant to type in “toot sweet”.

  6. Fox is a good source for comedy material for comedians and not much else.

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