Fox News Publishes Phony ObamaCare Attacks From Koch Brothers Funded “News” Service

In their three year effort to prevent Americans from getting affordable health care, Fox News has partnered with numerous conservative propagandists in the media, partisans in politics, and professional lobbyists and think tanks. However, recently they have begun incorporating the most extreme right-wing opinions disguised as journalism and originating from a blatantly self-serving source.
Be Sure To “LIKE” News Corpse On Facebook is a right-wing, propaganda-spewing project that is funded by the Koch brothers through their Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. It is an unabashedly partisan source of slanted opinions and attack pieces. And Fox is now utilizing it as an affiliated reporting service. In effect, the Koch brothers have co-opted Fox to get their Tea Party agenda disseminated to Fox’s national audience.

In just the past month, has blasted out a flurry of fiercely critical articles about ObamaCare. In every case they contained significant distortions of the truth and omissions of fact. But in no case did they disclose that they are flunkies of Koch Industries.

There have been 27 articles published by Fox just this month with bylines. Many of them were hit pieces on unions and environmental science, two issues that deeply interest the Koch brothers whose businesses have fought workers rights and have contributed to dirtying the air and water of every place they have a presence. But at least ten of them were dedicated to ObamaCare, which they have been vocal in opposing. For instance…

  • What’s wrong? It’s been a week, and ObamaCare website still not working
  • Plenty of Oregonians interested in ObamaCare, but none can enroll online
  • Hype over ObamaCare small business tax credit is misleading
  • Blue Cross hires temp workers to deal with ObamaCare glitches
  • ObamaCare effect? 9 companies exit Nebraska’s health insurance market
  • You know that one guy who successfully signed up for ObamaCare? He didn’t
  • Healthy young, key to Obamacare, aren’t buying it
  • Reports of ObamaCare fraud emerge in Tennessee
  • Some Nebraskans’ premiums to triple under ObamaCare
  • New ObamaCare advertisement features a keg stand

Koch/Fox NewsFox News has always been a megaphone for rightist doctrine. But now they have upped the ante with their embrace of the brazen biases of an activist corporation with vested interests in the stories they pretend to cover. The network that celebrated the repugnant Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United that transformed corporations into persons, now also regards corporations as journalists. And if, like the Koch brothers, you can afford to create your own fake wire service, you can get fake news networks like Fox to distribute your PR.


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  1. The last one, which features the keg stand, is the real deal in Colorado. Kinda cute and effective if you ask me. “Brosurance” they call it.

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