Serial Liar, James O’Keefe, Releases Another Deceitfully Edited Video: ObamaCare Edition

Some people are just gluttons for punishment. Take James O’Keefe for instance. The petulant, wannabe ambush journalist has already been exposed as a purveyor of dishonest videos that are deceptively edited in order to slander his victims. He was caught trying to execute a perverse scheme to seduce a CNN reporter. He had to pay a $100,000 to settle a defamation suit brought by a former ACORN staffer. And he was convicted of criminal behavior in a stunt he tried to pull in Louisiana.

James O'KeefeSince then his projects have been few and even many of his former allies declined to promote them. But now he has a new video that purports to expose some malfeasance on the part of some ObamaCare “navigators” who are helping people to acquire health insurance. As I’ve noted before, O’Keefe’s inner sadist assures that his projects are almost always aimed at attacking people and programs that serve the less fortunate. That’s true in this case as well.

The ObamaCare association seems to have loosened up those who abandoned him in the past, including Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. However, his reputation for producing video fiction is fully intact. In the new video he sends in a shill to pretend to inquire about enrolling in a health care plan. In the process, the shill attempts to trick his unsuspecting victims into giving bad advice. However, we can’t know for sure whether they did that because the videos are so heavily edited that there is no way to discern the actual context. Also, the people O’Keefe’s shill spoke with weren’t certified navigators, but were in fact trainees. So the prospect of them making a few mistakes shouldn’t shock anyone.

In one case, though, it is apparent that the navigators did not do what O’Keefe accused them of doing. O’Keefe alleged that the navigators advised the shill to misrepresent his income. In reality, they simply told him to report on the ObamaCare website the same amounts he reported to the IRS. It’s his responsibility to file his income taxes honestly. But the conclusions drawn in the video conceal that. That’s just one example of how creative editing can distort the true picture of what occurred.

Given that Fox News is immersed in an obsessive campaign to cripple ObamaCare, they must have given the green light to O’Reilly to readmit O’Keefe into their good graces – sort of. O’Reilly devoted most of his opening segment to O’Keefe’s video, but without ever mentioning his name. That may have been wise considering the disrepute associated with O’Keefe and his band of dissemblers. O’Reilly only identified the video as the work of Project Veritas, which he helpfully explained to his viewers means “truth,” something with which O’Reilly and O’Keefe have limited experience.

Even Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze couldn’t post O’Keefe’s video without disclaiming that “It should be noted that the video is heavily edited and employs deceptive tactics in order to catch the navigators offering the shocking advice.” When Beck’s crew is disturbed by deceptive tactics, you know you’ve crossed a line that most charlatans never see in their whole lives.

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What’s worse, a United States senator, John Cornyn, Republican of Texas (where else?), also cited the O’Keefe video as evidence that ObamaCare needs to be stopped immediately. Cornyn said that “This behavior is unacceptable, and is yet another broken piece of a deeply flawed system. The Obama administration should stop this program immediately.” Obviously – if a trainee tells a dishonest, partisan shill something that isn’t quite accurate, in a video produced by a known liar and criminal, then an entire government program that was set up to help 48 million previously uninsured Americans get access to health care should be thrown out.

That’s the quality of the logic in use by Republican and Tea Party opponents of ObamaCare. And, as such, is more than ample justification for ignoring them completely. It also explains how the pathetically amateurish video fabrications of James O’Keefe get taken seriously by idiots in politics and the press.

[Update 11/14/2013] Another Fox News program is hyping the O’Keefe lies. Sean Hannity did a segment during which he also referred to Project Veritas as the video’s producer and never mentioned O’Keefe’s name. He also spewed other lies about the cost of the website, the navigators not getting background checks, and the scope of the people whose current plans will be terminated by insurance companies.


14 thoughts on “Serial Liar, James O’Keefe, Releases Another Deceitfully Edited Video: ObamaCare Edition

  1. …also sited the O’Keefe video…

    Oh? What server did he site (place) it on? Or did you mean that he cited (referenced) the video?

  2. Beckie noted that O’Keefe’s video uses “employs deceptive tactics”? Professional jealousy?

    • No doubt. How dare O’Keefe tread on Beck’s turf?!

  3. Dude is too young to be acting like an old T-Tard fool. Too bad, so sad for O’Keefe.

  4. If the logic employed here by the right were valid, then the entire US military would have to be dismantled, and so would the majority of corporate America. I’m confused about their being pissed off that it isn’t working as planned anyway, didn’t they want that? It’s phony outrage about a portion of a program’s bumpy rollout that they wanted to be bumpy….the way they’re acting know it seems like they’re playing that they wanted it to work….

    • No one is even suggesting they wanted it to work except those who actually wanted this in the first place – it was a disaster from day 1. Everything that is happening is just history repeating itself – the government is not capable of running anything EFFICIENTLY – just accept it. If we’re lucky, this will doom the single payer – national healthcare – hopes and dreams. Oh – and don’t forget the president lied over and over again to convince you to support it. How does it feel? Pretty shitty I bet, I can sympathize with you on that after GW Bush and his lies.

  5. The bloom really has come off the rose hasn’t it – this is sympathy for you Mark and your minions. This piling on from the right (and left) is so similar to how it was in GW Bush 2nd term – when his lies, deceit and incompetence finally was so clear and evident and impossibly to ignore. We’re here again with BHO – I sympathize because I know how hard it is to accept that everything you put into this guy – the president – was based on such high hopes and ultimately lies – it’s just too hard to accept. I still haven’t forgiven that bum GW Bush and the republican party – you’ll get there too. James O’Keefe may not be credible, but in the end – your guy, Barack Obama is a proven liar now so what little credibility O’Keefe may have is all due to Lies, Lies and Lies told by this president – and it’s clear in the polling that shows his support going the direction of GW Bush – welcome to tea party frustration.

    • I believe that all politicians lie. Why we continually accept it is multifaceted and for another time.

      You though are dead set against Obama regardless I think. He’s just not your guy.
      So who is? Who in your terms is capable of being the President we need (not the one we want)?

      You despise government, always saying it cannot do anything right.
      Well, how would you make sure it does to things right or are you the type that believes privatization and the invisible hand of the ‘Free Markets’ will cure all ills?
      I’m interested in hearing your plan.

      • Specifically health care? I would actually get the people back to paying for their own health care – no more of this copay nonsense and/or insurance companies running health care. I like some of the law – pre-existing conditions, within reason, keeping a person from being covered is good is a good area for Government to be involved – which most people agree.
        So it would be a mix of the good parts of the ACA such as that one example noted and some real market based solutions – none of this individual mandated stuff. 900+ pages for a new law is ridiculous. Actual competition and consumer choice would go a long way to fixing the problem and reducing costs. Focus the government efforts on the wrongs that are done to people, not trying to manage every aspect of the healthcare market – thereby removing consumer choices and decisions.

        • The entire ACA was left to the Health Care Insurance industry to write. The Mandate was a Republican ideal later promoted by The Heritage Foundation. Is the Mandate the right thing to do? The industry loves it and so do politicians depending upon who’s advocating. I think that its’ functional at this point but not overall, for the long haul.
          Competition and consumer choice I believe are misnomers. They simply don’t exist. We as consumers are given the appearance of choice but in the end are not all the widgets being offered the same just with varying degrees of advertising?

          If the government were to go after those who wronged others, deceived, mislead, lied to, stole from, then Washington DC may end up completely devoid of politicians. The halls of Congress would be empty. Can you imagine the media circus if one party stood up and demanded that Government actually do its’ job and protect the people from predatory business?
          Thanks for the input.

  6. Wow, this site is crazy, what a whack-job. Get help, this is worse than Alex Jones stuff.

  7. Four of those navigators have been fired or otherwise disciplined. O’Keefe’s track record is pretty bad, but this time it looks like he got it right.

    • First of all, only one person was fired and it wasn’t a navigator:

      “The Urban League said the person fired was a “part-time receptionist trainee” who was not authorized to speak on behalf of The Urban League or act as a Navigator.”

      Secondly, people were fired in previous O’Keefe ambushes that were later proven innocent when the full context was revealed. And on of them won a $100,000 defamation suit against O’Keefe.

      Third, there will always be bad actors in any human endeavor. That doesn’t prove the endeavor is wrong or corrupt. There are dishonest cashiers at WalMart, but no one is calling for all WalMart’s to be shut down. And because of O’Keefe’s demonstrated dishonesty, we simply can’t believe him. There may have been 50 people videotaped before he found one that did something wrong. The other 49 are all on the cutting room floor at his deceit factory.

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